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Introduction: Whether you're printing marketing materials or annual reports, choosing the right paper for the job can mean the difference between legible and memorable. Select the best option for each of your printing projects.

Key paper features

HP paper with paper size, finish, and weight circled
When purchasing paper, remember that the paper's finish, brightness, and weight will affect the look of the finished project.
Learn when and how to choose the right weight, finish, brightness, and size of paper for each of your print projects.
Finish: Consider the look you want before choosing the finish of your paper.
•  Glossy finish will allow color photos to really pop.
•  Matte can make text documents such as proposals easier to read.
•  Satin finish will give photos or brochures a professional look.
Brightness: The brightness of your paper refers to the amount of light reflected from the surface. Choose brighter paper, such as HP Bright White Inkjet Paper for higher contrast, crisper text, and more vivid images. Bright paper is great for these projects:
•  Color brochures
•  Flyers
•  Proposal covers
brochure from HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus
When creating brochures or proposal covers, choose brighter paper for higher contrast, crisper text, and more vivid images.
Weight: The thickness and weight of a paper determines the sturdiness and crease resistance. Heavier paper is ideal for artwork and pieces that are frequently handled:
•  Business cards
•  Brochures
•  Postcards
Size: HP offers a variety of sizes such as standard 8.5"x11" paper, 4"x6" and 5"x7" photo paper, as well as wide format and legal paper. HP has the right paper sizes to create:
•  Postcards
•  Resumes
•  Proposals
•  Signage
Paper with ColorLok Technology delivers brighter colors, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. ColorLok is now the standard in many of HP's most popular Everyday Papers, including HP Multipurpose, Office, and Color Inkjet papers.

Multipurpose printing

For general office printing, a simple, multipurpose paper is your best bet. HP has a collection of everyday papers just right for your business!
Paper type Printer type Ideal usage Description
Multipurpose Paper ›
Inkjet General office documents such as copies, faxes, and e-mail
•  Professional- looking bright finish
•  Smooth surface
•  ColorLok technology
Office 8.5"x11" Recycled Paper ›
Inkjet, LaserJet Everyday documents, from single-use items to high-volume projects
•  Matte finish makes text easy to read
•  30% recycled fibers
•  ColorLok technology
LaserJet Paper ›
LaserJet General office documents, especially those that combine text with spot colors.
•  Bright finish
•  Thicker than standard paper
•  High opacity prevents show-through

Color printing

For business documents that really pop, choose one of HP's papers specifically designed for color business printing.
Paper type Printer type Ideal usage Description
Brochure and Flyer Paper›
Inkjet Brochures, flyers, and presentations
•  Heavyweight paper resists general wear and tear
•  Matte finish for sharp print quality
•  Available pre-scored for easy folding
•  Coated for printing on both sides
Premium Presentation Paper ›
Inkjet Professional presentations, newsletters, proposals, and resumes
•  Professional-weight paper adds a level of sophistication
•  Bright white matte finish for vibrant colors and sharper text
•  Coated for printing on both sides
Laser Glossy Brochure Paper ›
LaserJet Brochures, flyers, and presentations
•  High-impact, glossy finish for a more professional look and feel
•  Thicker than standard paper
•  Two-sided finish
•  Consistent color, clarity, and finish
Premium Photo Paper ›
Inkjet Perfect for high-resolution digital photos, or business documents with photos
•  The look and feel of traditional photos
•  Bright white finish and studio-quality thickness

Special media printing

Create customized reports and catalogs, or even embellish a T-shirt with a professional logo. With HP special media, the opportunities are endless.
Paper type Printer type Ideal usage Description
Iron-on Transfers ›
Inkjet T-shirts, bags, caps, and other customized items for your business
•  Easy to print, iron on, and peel off
•  Bold colors stand up to washing
Laser Cover Paper ›
LaserJet Perfect for creating high-impact proposal covers, booklets, post cards, and sales tools
•  HP's heaviest laser paper: 75 lb. cover
•  Ultra-bright matte finish for high-impact color and monochrome documents
•  Designed for double-sided printing
Premium Photo Paper ›
Inkjet Perfect for high-resolution digital photo projects or portfolio pieces
•  The look and feel of traditional photos
•  Bright white finish and studio-quality thickness
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