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HP.com utilizes the » character or right double angle bracket to produce a specific visual effect when formatting links. The right double angle bracket character will be found preceding links throughout the HP site.

In early testing of the HP.com look and feel this character was found to cause some problems for users of screen readers. To alleviate the problem HP strongly recommends that screen reader users who frequent the HP site disable the reading of this character. Directions to accomplish this using JAWS are provided below.

To disable the reading of the right double angle bracket in JAWS

  1. Make JAWS the active application
  2. From the "Utilities" Menu Select "Dictionary Manager"
  3. In the JAWS Dictionary Manager select "Add Dictionary Definition"
  4. In the "Add Dictionary Definition" dialog enter "\187" in the "Actual Word" field
  5. In the "Add Dictionary Definition" dialog enter a single space in the "Replacement Word" field
  6. Press "Ok"
  7. Exit the JAWS Dictionary Manager
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