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Global Citizenship

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HP Global Citizenship

HP’s commitment to being an economic, intellectual and social asset to society

HP is committed to being a leader in global citizenship. We are proud of our efforts to help reduce environmental impacts, raise standards in HP's global supply chain and invest in communities to help people learn, work and thrive. We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and strive to live up to every one of our commitments to our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. To learn more, access the HP Global Citizenship brochure, the HP Global Citizenship Report or the 20-page HP Latin America Global Citizenship Customer Report.

» Environment
Commitment to reducing environmental impact across all aspects of our business
» Community Investment
Help address some of the most urgent needs in communities where HP operates
» Supply Chain Responsibility
Investments in supply chain social and environmental responsibility (SER) and supplier diversity
» Business Ethics and Privacy
Belief that trust, respect and integrity are among the key components to the success of a company


HP is committed to reducing its environmental impact across all aspects of our business. To meet this goal, our HP Eco Solutions program focuses on reducing the energy needed to manufacture and use our products, lowering the amount of materials used in our products and creating equipment that is easier to upgrade and/or recycle. We offer a range of product reuse and recycling solutions in many countries that help our customers lessen their impact on the environment. And we set high environmental standards in our own operations and those of our supply chain through comprehensive environmental, health & safety policies, strict environmental management and worldwide environmental programs and services.

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» Costa Rica Planet Partners Return and Recycling Program
» Puerto Rico Planet Partners Return and Recycling Program

Community Investment

HP believes that community investment is a key way to demonstrate our commitment to being a good citizen. We use our strengths – our technology, people and profits – to benefit those communities that have the most urgent needs and where we feel we can have the most impact. Through global investments of HP technology, expertise and resources, we are able to strengthen our relationships and improve our reputation with communities, customers, governments and other stakeholders, and enhance employee satisfaction.

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» HP Global Community Investment  
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Supply Chain Responsibility

HP knows that investing in supply chain social and environmental responsibility (SER) and supplier diversity reflects our global citizenship principles and meets our stakeholder expectations. We believe that treating workers with dignity and respect, while implementing high standards for health, safety, the environment, and ethics leads to higher quality products and reduced costs. This belief is reflected in our Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy and HP’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which extends our commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility to our supply base. In addition, HP promotes diversity in its supply chain because diverse suppliers have fresh ideas, offer innovative products and processes, and contribute to the economic strength of the communities in which we operate. 

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» HP Supply Chain Responsibility Programs

Business Ethics and Privacy

HP was founded on the belief that trust, respect and integrity are among the key components to the success of a company. HP continues to be a company that is known for its leadership in corporate ethics, responsibility and privacy. HP respects the privacy of its customers, partners and employees and is committed to protecting that privacy. We believe that high data protection standards are vital in developing and maintaining trusted relationships and helping to prevent fraud and identity theft. We foster an environment that is open and transparent. And we encourage employees to report things that don't seem right and continue to develop world-class tools to help employees ask questions and raise values-based, ethical or compliance concerns.

Awards and honors
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