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HP Z2 Tower G8 Workstation Desktop PC

Cut through your 3D design, video editing, rendering, simulation and visualization projects with a powerful entry desktop. The Z2 Tower provides high performance and impressive expandability so you can upgrade when your demands change.


Your New Benchmark for Entry Workstation Power

Unleash the full power of professional graphics and high-frequency processing on compute-heavy projects. With support for PCIe Gen 4 and unthrottled performance, render in real-time and visualize projects faster.

Up to 8 cores 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 - including K-Series - or Xeon® W CPU1

Get high frequency performance on single and multi-threaded applications with the latest generation Intel® processors.Avoid system crashes in the middle of your workflow with Error Correction Code (ECC) memory that detects and corrects soft errors in the memory system on the fly.2

Up to NVIDIA RTX™ A5000 or AMD Radeon™ Pro W6800 GPU3

Bring your ideas to life quickly. Seamlessly render, design, and multitask with your choice of professional graphics and better performance in visualization with PCIe Gen 4.

Software Certified

ISV Certified

Work with confidence knowing your desktop is certified with leading software applications to ensure peak performance even with complex projects.

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Up to 128 GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM

Experience fast performance when working on complex design tasks with up to 128GB DDR4 memory at an increased memory speed of up to 3200MHz.4


Up to 30 TB5

Store massive amounts of data with up to 3 hard drive bays and 3 M.2 SSD slots. With increased storage bandwidth enabled by PCIe Gen 4 and double the external storage speed, you can download and access large files quickly.

Power Supply

Up to 700W6

Multiple PSU options, including the 700W PSU, enable increasing need for GPU, even with the highest power CPUs and rich configurations.6


Built to

Expand. Power

to Grow.

When your demands change, you have impressive expandability. With your choice of Intel® Core or Xeon® processors,1 professional graphics, 128 GB memory, 32TB5 storage, 4 PCIe card slots,3 and a flexible I/O module16 — make an investment that will last.


Rely on Your

Work with confidence knowing your desktop has undergone 360,000 hours of rigorous testing, military-standard testing,7 is certified for industry-leading software, and is built to run your heaviest workloads 24/7.

Virtual Reality

Work, Play, and
Create in VR

Elevate your workflow with a VR-ready desktop. Develop lifelike content with professional graphics and processor performance, and transform how you design, train, and collaborate. And when paired with the HP Reverb G2 VR Headset, you get stunning immersion with full-resolution rendering.8

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Keep Cool Under
Any Workload

Maintain peak processing power through your heaviest workloads with

our innovative thermal technology solution

The Workstation for Your Workflow

Realize your most ambitious ideas. Easily and smoothly manipulate 3D designs and models, and render with real-time ray tracing in your 3D CAD and BIM workflows.

Third party software sold separately.

Speed up your design projects. Create 3D models and designs, and get advanced rendering capabilities with real-time ray tracing — all with reliable, lag-less performance.

Third party software sold separately.

Work without slowdown while developing games and interactive media or creating ads, shorts, and feature-length films in HD or with 4K proxy editing.

Third party software sold separately.

An excellent choice for entry-level AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Work effortlessly with tabular text files, numerical datasets, predictive modeling, prototyping, and data analysis and visualization.

Third party software sold separately.

Multiple Ports to
Maximize your Productivity

  1. Universal Audio Jack

  2. 2x Type-A USB 5Gbps Signaling Rate
  3. 2x Type-A USB 10Gbps Signaling
  4. Type-C® USB 20Gbps Signaling Rate
  5. SD Card Reader 4.0 (optional)
  1. Audio Line In/Out
  2. 2x DisplayPort™ 1.411
  3. Optional Config. Port
  4. 2x USB 480Mbps Signaling Rate
  5. 2x Type-A USB 10Gbps
    Signaling Rate
  6. RJ-45 (network)
  7. 1x Type-A USB 5Gbps Signaling
    Rate; 1x USB 480Mbps Signaling Rate
  8. Second Serial Port (optional)

More About Z by HP

• Security

Peace of Mind

Security is our commitment – so you can focus on driving results. Find total confidence with HP Wolf Security for Business12.

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• Sustainability

Better for People,

Better for The Planet

Help protect our shared future with the world's most sustainable PC portfolio.13

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Additional Features

Windows or Linux®

Support your unique user needs with a choice of Windows 1114, 15 or Linux® operating systems.

Tool-less Access

Evolve your work. With tool-less access to the interior, you can customize your Z to fit your needs.

Flexible I/O Module

Configure to the needs today and adapt to the future. Options include DP 1.4, VGA, HDMI, Dual USB Type-A, USB Type-C® with Alt-DP or 2nd Serial and more.16


Tested to withstand 1,000 cleaning cycles with select household wipes.17

Software and Remote IT Solutions


Hybridize your

A complete hardware and software solution to power your remote workforce.

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ZCentral Remote Boost18 and Teradici CAS


Access high-performance workstation power anywhere with remote software.

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