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Why to Buy Refurbished Printers from HP

Why to Buy Refurbished Printers from HP

Daniel Russo
Reading time: 6 minutes
Whether working from home, running a small business, or just enjoying crafts time with your family, an easy-to-use, functional printer is an essential part of sharing your bright ideas.
Purchasing a brand-new printer can be an expensive proposition, but purchasing a less expensive, used printer can be risky, especially if the printer fails and isn’t under warranty. Luckily for savvy consumers, HP offers certified refurbished printers that offer a more attractive price point, and like-new performance with a fantastic factory warranty.
Refurbished printers are returned to HP and are then meticulously inspected and rebuilt according to factory specifications. Brand-new printers have never been used by another consumer, while refurbished printers usually have been, which is why HP cannot sell them as new. Many consumers believe that refurbished printers are of inferior quality, are unsanitary, or don’t work as well as brand-new printers, but this is absolutely incorrect! Every refurbished printer must go through a rigorous series of tests and cleaning procedures to ensure that it meets HP’s high standards.
In addition to high standards for operational excellence, HP refurbished printers also come with the same new 1-year HP limited warranty as brand-new printers. For extra protection, consumers can also purchase optional HP Care Pack services, which are 2-, 3-, or 4-year warranty extension plans that include remote tech support, next-business-day device replacement, and accidental damage protection.

How HP certifies refurbished printers

woman sitting next to hp laserjet printer
Once a printer is received for refurbishment by the printer experts at HP, it goes through an extensive reconditioning process.
First, the printer is put through a series of mechanical and electrical stress tests to ensure that it will run the long haul without issues. If it passes the stress test, it is moved on to the next step, however, if it does not pass any of the stress tests, any component that fails is replaced and tested again. Once the mechanical and electrical components meet HP standards, the existing software is wiped from the printer and the latest firmware is re-installed.
After a clean software re-load, the refurbished printer is put through a meticulous final inspection before being cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards. Once cleaned, the newly refurbished printer is carefully packaged with everything that a brand new printer would come with, such as a power cord, quick start guide, and user manuals.
It takes some serious work and dedication to take a malfunctioning printer and refurbish it to HP’s high standards, but that’s exactly what our team does day in and day out.

Price savings and guarantee compared to other new printers

The bottom line is that going with an HP refurbished printer can save you some serious coin without sacrificing function.
For the sake of comparison, let’s take a look at the home-business-friendly HP OfficeJet 8025e Pro, which normally retails for $224.99. If you go with a certified refurbished model, you can nab this awesome all-in-one printer for only $149.99, a $75.00 savings! For 33% less than brand new, you’ll get like-new functionality, a full-year factory warranty, and 6 months of ink courtesy of HP+.
Need something more powerful for your business? Check out the awesome HP LaserJet Pro M404n, which retails for $329 but can be picked up refurbished for $289, a $40 savings.
The only caveat, these deals won’t last long and could quickly go out of stock. So you may need to act fast when you find the right printer for you.

Who benefits best from a refurbished HP printer

woman using hp laserjet printer in office
Everyone from college students to small business owners and work-at-home professionals can reap the benefits of a certified refurbished HP printer.

College students

The “starving college student” is an old trope that’s existed for decades, and for good reason. Not only are classes expensive, but acquiring the tech necessary to make it through school can be a challenge for those who find themselves on a limited budget. HP refurbished printers can help alleviate some of the financial burdens, and college students can pick up a printer that will last them their entire college career and then some.

Business owners

Small business owners put high demands on their business machines, and printers are no exception. As supply chain costs rise across the board, saving money on a printer with like-new performance and a solid warranty can help maintain productivity without breaking the bank for repairs or replacements. Add in the HP Care Park and receive a replacement for a malfunctioning printer as soon as the next business day to minimize downtime.

Working at home

Work-at-home professionals have been a rapidly growing segment of the workforce and they often rely on powerful, home-based machines to help get things done while at home and while out in the field. HP refurbished printers offer a lower-cost alternative to traditional printers, while still delivering reliable performance. HP Instant Ink makes getting the supplies you need even easier with cloud-based delivery of ink products when you need them most.

The right HP refurbished printer for the job

HP sells a variety of printers that range from occasional use and home office products to enterprise-ready network-connected machines that can handle seriously heavy loads. From color printers that churn out beautiful custom color palettes to black-and-white-only machines that print with precision and speed, there is an HP Certified Refurbished Printer for your needs. Here are some of the best that HP currently offers.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise SFP M455dn

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise SFP M455dn
If you own a small to medium-sized business and need a high-quality machine that cranks out beautiful black and white and color pages but doesn’t need all-in-one functionality, check out the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise SFP M455dn. Its 28 pages per minute (ppm) black and color speed make this entry-level machine a productivity master in the office. HP offers best-in-class security detection with dynamic security that helps stop attacks. This makes this a perfect fit in any larger organization.

HP LaserJet Pro M404n

HP LaserJet Pro M404n
Need more productivity but have no need for color prints? For black printing only, check out the HP LaserJet Pro M404n that cranks out 40 ppm in crisp, beautiful black-and-white laser quality. This effortless machine automatically prints two-sided to save paper and offers WiFi printing via direct WiFi, even without a network connection. Throw in the complete suite of best-in-class security features and you have a complete solution.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw
Need to print, copy, scan, and fax but still want the speed and precision of laser printing? Check out the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw. This dynamic security printer easily connects with dual-band WiFi and offers small-business or home-based professionals a printer that can truly do it all. From printing up to 40 ppm (black) to tackling printing tasks such as Microsoft Office docs and PDFs right off your USB drive using the 2.7-inch touch screen, this is a machine for the modern office.
Depending on inventory levels, these particular printers may be out of stock but not to worry, as HP always carries a large selection of certified refurbished printers.

HP refurbished printers that get the job done for less

The short answer is yes, if you’re looking for a discounted or used printer, an HP Certified Refurbished printer should be on your shortlist.
For those seeking an affordable printer, an HP Certified Refurbished printer will save you some serious money, without compromising on performance, long-term quality, or warranty support. Reliability and support are often high on the list of buyers looking to add new technology to their home or office, and HP absolutely has you covered here.
Those seeking additional support over the factory warranty will find extra assurance courtesy of the HP Care Pack. This unique option offers additional warranty coverage, remote support, and faster replacements to make sure you experience minimal downtime at home or the office.
No matter what the scenario is, an HP Certified Refurbished printer has all of your printing needs covered.

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