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victus 15 gaming laptop review

Victus 15-inch Gaming Laptop: A Complete Review

Jessica Childres
Reading time: 7 minutes
The lightweight and durable Victus 15-inch gaming laptop is a fantastic option for gamers who like to battle on the go. Outstanding screen quality, incredible audio, and a backlit keyboard make this device perfect for anyone looking to take their gaming to the next level.
The Victus’ standout features and lightweight frame make it a great device for those who frequently travel and enjoy online gaming. This HP Victus gaming laptop review gives you a closer look at some of the key features that make this device a must-have for gamers.

Key Victus 15 features

The sleek and lightweight Victus 15-inch gaming laptop offers advanced graphics and lightning-fast connections. You can take your gaming to the next level with multiple external slots, HP audio boost, and a backlit keyboard.
This sleek laptop is a great option for those who want a portable device without losing important details like screen quality and a numeric keypad. Whether you’re looking for a reliable device for work, school, or gaming, you can rest assured the HP Victus 15 has you covered.


victus 15 gaming laptop features
While there are other gaming laptops on the market, the Victus gaming laptop offers the total package. The lightweight frame makes travel a breeze, while the 15-inch screen provides gamers with a quality picture that rivals most monitors
The keyboard has a backlight option, making it easy to play your favorite games even after hours. There’s also a numeric keypad, allowing gamers to easily flow from their gaming consoles to their portable laptop with ease.
Advanced WiFi and Bluetooth options provide gamers with a steady connection that prevents pesky lagging or pixelated screens.


The stunning display is one of the many features that make this a top-rated device. With 250 nits of display brightness, an anti-glare screen, and a 9 ms response time, this 15-inch screen feels larger than life.
The Intel® Ultra High Definition Graphics card uses discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1650 Laptop GPU, leaving gamers with a realistic picture that stays crystal clear throughout the life of the laptop.
Armed with 1920 x 1080 full high definition (FHD) quality, the Victus gaming laptop is sure to impress gamers of all skill levels.


The HP Victus 15 makes online gaming easy with a built-in webcam and advanced audio system. Whether you’re battling with a group of friends or playing solo, the sharp sound coming from the speakers can take your experience to the next level.
Boasting dual speakers and HP Audio Boost, you can enjoy your favorite music, talk to your friends and loved ones through the webcam, or turn up the volume to hear your opponents on your favorite game.
The webcam and speaker provide temporal noise reduction, meaning you connect with friends or fellow gamers, even from the local cafe. Whether you’re taking down an opponent or participating in a work meeting, the webcam and innovative microphone can enhance your experience.

Memory and Processor

victus gaming laptop performance
Equipped with the Windows 11 Home operating system, the HP Victus 15 is easy to navigate and comes with the latest Windows apps and technology. In addition to the updated operating system, the device comes with an Intel Core™ i5-12450H, providing the laptop with high-speed operations and the ability to juggle several tasks at a time.
In addition to these great features, the device utilizes Intel Turbo Boost technology to increase speed when you need it most, helping you maintain your workload or stay connected during even the most intense games.
With 8GB of memory and the ability to connect external memory storage, you won’t have to worry about downloading large software files for your favorite games. The DDR4-3200 MHz RAM can handle multiple tabs and tasks without causing a lag, keeping you connected while you work or play.


A good gaming laptop requires a reliable connection and the ability to update and stream content constantly. This sleek device houses MediaTek WiFi 6 MT7921 technology and a Bluetooth 5.3 wireless card, keeping you connected to your games, work meetings, video chats, and shared files.
The seamless connections help effortlessly maintain your work projects while linking you to external devices like wireless headphones. With seven external ports, you have the freedom to stay connected to all additional devices, even while charging your battery.
The Victus gaming laptop offers a USBC port, two USBA ports, an AC smart pin port, an HDMI 2:1 port, a headphone and microphone combination port, and an RJ-45 port. Access to numerous ports is important for gamers and remote workers, helping this device stand out.
These external slots give you the freedom to customize your gaming or office set-up wherever you are. You can use accessories like an HDMI cord to enlarge your screen if you’re battling with multiple friends on a game, or use one of the slots to connect external memory if you’re working on sensitive work files.

Size and weight

One of the key features of this device is its lightweight frame and durability. Coming in at just over 5 lbs, you can easily store this device in your backpack or travel bag while you’re on the go.
It’s easy to transport whether you have a walking commute or often fly to different cities for work. Despite the compact size and lightweight frame, gamers can still enjoy a large 15-inch screen, making it easy to see every play in real time.
In addition to the sleek design, the device comes with a 150 W Smart AC power adapter which supports fast charge, giving you 50% battery in just 45 minutes. When used regularly, the battery lasts up to 5 hours and 45 minutes, with up to 8 hours and 45 minutes of video playback time, meaning you no longer have to worry about dragging your charger with you everywhere you go.
The 3-cell, 52.5 Wh Li-ion polymer battery gives gamers the confidence to take their battles on the road, knowing they’ll have plenty of time to level up and catch up on work emails without worrying about their charger.


victus 15 accessories
While the Victus gaming laptop can certainly hold its own, accessories like the OMEN by HP Photon Wireless Mouse can take it to the next level. This advanced mouse offers up to 50 hours of battery, keeping you connected during even the most intense battles.
The Qi wireless charging makes a recharge quick and easy, and the sleek design with customizable sides makes this a great option for anyone looking to enhance their gaming.
Six programmable buttons help you control things like the DPI sensitivity, right and left click functions, scrolling, and thumb buttons. With these features, you can fully customize the mouse to best function with your favorite games, giving you an edge against your competitors.
Once you’ve fully customized your new gaming mouse, consider wireless accessories like the HyperX Cloud Alpha - Gaming Headset. This comfortable and reliable headset takes your audio experience to the next level.
The durable aluminum frame provides both comfort and stability through hours of use. The over-the-ear design makes it easy to block outside noise and focus on listening to every detail of your game.
HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers use advanced technologies to separate the bass from higher frequency sounds, giving you an immersive gaming experience. When you’re done gaming for the day, plug the headset into your laptop or phone to listen to your favorite music or catch up on the latest movies and shows.
The attachable microphone helps you stay connected during live gaming, and the controls are easily accessible from the braided cord, giving you full control without missing a beat.


The Victus gaming laptop boasts several unique features that help it stand out from other gaming devices like it. With stunning screen quality, advanced audio and microphone settings, seven external ports, and lightning-fast connections, it’s easy to see why gamers everywhere love this device.
While this laptop is geared toward gamers, it’s also a wonderful option for anyone who frequently travels for work. The sleek frame and lightweight design make it easy to travel with the device in a backpack or travel bag, while the long battery life means you won’t have to worry about carrying your charger around to every meeting.
The Windows 11 Home operating system makes this device easy to navigate, and the powerful processor makes it easy to juggle multiple screens and tasks at once without slowing you down.
In addition to these great features, the HP Victus 15 comes with a one-year limited warranty and boasts HP Support Assistant, which provides access to important device information, software updates, and live support when needed.
With so many features backed by HP’s team of experts and support personnel, it’s easy to see why this is a favorite for gamers around the world.

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