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Top 3 HP 2-in-1 Laptops

Top 3 HP 2-in-1 Laptops

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 5 minutes
As mobile technology becomes more sophisticated and ubiquitous, the same can be said for our own lifestyles and work routines.
Professional Working on HP 2-in-1 Laptop Outdoors
We expect to get more done, more quickly, than ever before whether it’s on the latest smartphone or a new laptop. And increasingly, laptops are bridging the gap between handheld solutions and traditional desktop computers.
For those who need something that can take the place of both a tablet and laptop, you’ll find an increasingly diverse selection of 2-in-1 laptops designed for performance in any setting.
In addition to varied performance, you get the opportunity to save some cash with a 2-in-1 laptop, because you’re in essence getting two devices with a single system.

What is a 2-in-1 laptop?

A 2-in-1 laptop is a popular dual configuration that allows users to cycle between two modes.
Starting with a standard keyboard laptop orientation for traditional work styles, you just have to separate the keyboard and display for a convenient tablet mode optimized for mobility and touch functions.
The result? Less stuff to worry about because you have only have one device to charge, store, and bring with you.
Also, Windows 10 was designed with hybrid devices like a 2-in-1 laptop in mind, so you certainly won’t be making any sacrifices as far as your operating system.

2-in-1 configurations vs traditional laptops and tablets

Buying a new laptop can be a big investment and a big commitment if you plan to keep it for a while. It’s important to consider some of the advantages and potential drawbacks of the typical 2-in-1 configuration compared to the more traditional models.
Of course, the ability to switch between user modes stands out, allowing users more options for how they use their device. However, the savings and convenience may be outweighed elsewhere.

Unparalleled portability potential

The primary advantage of the 2-in-1 is its incredible potential for portability. While laptops are already designed for portability - and there are some amazing specialist models available - the key component across most is comfort.
Sometimes, a keyboard gets in the way of what you’re doing or how you’d like to do it. And with a 2-in-1, you can ditch the keyboard and work via the built-in touch screen and compatible HP stylus.

Do what you want, the way you want

With a 2-in-1 laptop you can easily stream or work from bed or the couch, all untethered from your desk, workspace, or office. There’s no table or surface necessary, so there’s not much limit on how you can use a 2-in-1 wherever you are.
Even when you’re using a 2-in-1 like a traditional laptop, you’ll find it has a light, slim-form keyboard that contributes to its overall portability. That’s particularly true if you enjoy skipping the keyboard altogether, but still need to keep it close for certain uses.


Many 2-in-1 laptop models feature strong performance features and can support external devices and PC accessories that can optimize your multimedia experience.
That being said, hardcore gamers will want to consider a dedicated gaming laptop. For a true performance-focused experience with the added convenience of mobility, check out the HP OMEN line of laptop gaming computers.
If you’re after the best 2-in-1 gaming laptops, you’ll want to focus on models with strong graphics card and processor combinations, or options you’re confident pairing with external graphics support.


Depending on the brand you shop, you’ll find that many 2-in-1 laptop configurations don’t include a lot of external ports. Fortunately, HP® has a variety of models designed for easier connectivity with plenty of USB ports on both affordable and premium varieties.

1. HP ENVY x2 Detachable Laptops

Looking for an affordable option or a strong basic configuration? Consider the popular HP ENVY x2 12-inch laptop.
With an easy price point and impressive battery life, it boasts enough power for almost a full day - up to 22 hours. It’s also less than half an inch thick from top to bottom, and weighs in at less than 3 lbs.
The HP ENVY x2 also features Bang & Olufsen speakers and built-in 4G LTE for secure access even when you don’t have WiFi available.
If you need a performance boost, you can upgrade to the higher model HP ENVY x2 laptop. It has a powerful 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 615, and 128GB of SSD storage. It’s available with a similar external appearance and the same premium Bang & Olufsen audio.
With a strong combination of features and affordability, the HP ENVY x2 is a solid contender if you’re looking for the best 2-in-1 laptop for students.

2. HP Elite x2 Detachable Laptops

Loaded with Windows 10 Pro 64 and a suite of features tailored to collaboration, the HP Elite x2 family is a great pick for professionals.
HP Elite x2 Detachable Laptop
The series begins with the competitively priced and popular HP Elite x2 1012 G2 laptop, which has an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of memory, and 128GB of SSD storage.
It can also be purchased with the line’s signature HP Elite x2 Collaboration Keyboard, designed for use alongside a built-in high-resolution cameras, Bang & Olufsen audio, and a dual microphone array for clarity.
The HP Elite x2 1013 G3 laptop is the top-of-the-line option. It boosts the display from 12.3 inches to a full 13 inches and upgrades to an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor. Plus, it comes with 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage.

3. HP ZBook x2 Detachable Laptops

For laptops dedicated for graphic designers and creative professionals, it’s hard to beat the powerful 2-in-1 HP ZBook x2 detachable workstation, ranging from the moderately priced HP ZBook x2 laptop to the supercharged HP ZBook x2 G4 laptop.
Built with powerful quad-core processors, 14-inch diagonal 4K touch displays, and durable NVIDIA® Quadro® M620 graphics cards, they also include up to 32GB of memory and 1TB of SSD storage.

Easy, comfortable, and efficient

With impressive power features to seriously extend battery life and plenty of performance specs available, HP’s 2-in-1 laptops help save money and streamline your office tech while also adapting to your leisure routines. The models mentioned above are also all ENERGY STAR® certified, so charging your new and improved batteries won’t come with any surprises on your power bill.

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