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The Best Technology Podcasts

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5 great podcasts for your business

Chances are you already have a few different podcasts in your rotation—after all, more than half of all adults and teens listened to one in the past year, according to a recent survey. And if you’re reading this article, we’ll bet that at least one or two of those podcasts revolves around technology. Technology podcasts are a great way to keep up with the firehose of news that comes out of our industry—you get curated news from the some of the industry’s top experts, as well as getting to enjoy the fun banter and asides of your favorite hosts. (They make washing the dishes or folding your laundry a lot less boring, too.)
There are thousands of technology podcasts you can pick from, so we’ve sifted through the endless Overcast lists for you. Here are a five we think are worth downloading for your next commute.

Best podcast for technology news

Hosts: Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn
What it’s about:
If you only have time for one podcast a week, this is the one to check out. Two of the top editors at the well-loved site The Verge talk about all the latest goings-on in the tech world, including tech business news and acquisitions, new gadgets and hardware, and trends affecting the future of technology. The podcast is aimed at tech consumers and fans, but there’s plenty for industry professionals to glean for their day-to-day businesses.
Notable topics:
In addition to breaking tech news and gadget reviews, the team brings experts on to discuss tech trends that have far-reaching consequences, such as bringing together product managers from Instagram and Google to discuss the future of digital photos, discussing government technology policy with senators and major think tanks, and speaking to computer philosophy writer Jaron Lanier to discuss how people could potentially monetize their own digital data.

Best podcast for productivity

Hosts: Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin
What it’s about:
This award-winning, decade-old podcast is run by two longtime tech luminaries: Mann (who conceptualized Inbox Zero) and Benjamin (founder of the tech-based 5by5 podcast network). While they often discuss lighter topics and what’s going on in their lives (such as a recent chat about the pros and cons of “sensitive” marinara sauce), the technology they’re using right now is the foundation of the productivity tips they talk about.
Notable topics:
The pair chats often about time sucks and the tools and methods they use to overcome them, such as “the impossibility of email” (a popular recurring subject) as well as how to deal with work disruptions, and the way the evolution of computer interactions has rewired our brains.

Best Podcast for Software Developers

Hosts: Chris Toomey and Steph Viccari
What it’s about:
No, this isn’t a podcast about bikes: ‘Bike-shedding’ is a term that refers to ignoring important issues because you’re getting lost in trivial details. Toomey and Viccari (who work at development consultancy firm Thoughtbot) offer smart insights into software development, particularly the agile process and working incrementally based on user feedback.
Notable topics:
The show has thoughtful discussions about the different programming languages—Elm, Elixr, and Ruby on Rails, to name a few—as well as coding styles, the ongoing challenges of estimation and story points, dealing with bugs, and their favorite developer tools.

Best podcast for building a small business

Host: Wailin Wong
What it’s about:
If you’re familiar with the well-loved project management software Basecamp, you may have already heard of Rework, a podcast put out by the Basecamp team that’s based off their New York Times bestselling book of the same name. Hosted by tech journalist and Basecamp staffer Wong, the show touches on a wide range of tech topics that affect non-enterprise tech-focused companies, as well as profiling other startups and offering inside glimpses into their own business.
Notable topics:
Business struggles such as finding alternatives to big tech cloud-based software, the ethics of digitally monitoring employees in the name of productivity and security, and the pervasive culture of overwork in tech are the types of subjects Rework often tackles.

Best podcast for UX designers

Hosts: Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson
What it’s about:
Many popular podcasts in the UX category tend to contextualize user experience within the greater world around us (such as 99% Invisible and Design Matters with Debbie Millman, which are worth checking out as well). We chose the aptly-named UX Podcast for this list because of its focus on the many technical challenges of UX design as well as dealing with being a UX designer in a professional setting. Axbom and Royal-Lawson are based in Sweden, which gives their design discussions an international perspective as well.
Notable topics:
The pair often chats about office struggles such as cross-disciplinary collaborations and the best way to deal with feedback from non-UX team members. They’ll also deal with broader issues such as imposter syndrome in their industry. Be sure to check out their interview with Don Norman, the designer who coined the term “user experience.”
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