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Meet HP's Smallest Laser Printer

Meet HP's Smallest Laser Printer

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 9 minutes
When you have limited space but still need the right device to maintain your workflow, there are few greater tools for your kit than a compact laser printer. Most professionals depend on their printer to some extent, whether you’re working in a home office or are part of a high-paced team environment. And as you likely know, a traditional laser printer can take up a lot of space.
Until somewhat recently, the smallest laser printers were still substantially bigger than comparable inkjet models. Without a reliable option for bigger print jobs, you may be forced to visit print shops or utilize a less durable inkjet alternative. Naturally, that’s an obstacle for any office that prints regularly and even occasionally needs to handle larger page counts.
To address the growing need from small and mid-sized businesses in today’s marketplace, HP® offers a balanced solution with the HP LaserJet Pro M15. Beyond the precision of laser printing, the key features of the series are size and efficiency. It can fit easily into any office space and works well alongside a new generation of equally compact devices.

Bringing laser printing to a new size and price class

As part of the constantly expanding trend toward smaller tech, this series of small HP laser printers does more than fit into nearly any space. It also offers a competitive advantage if you’re shopping on a budget. In this case, small also means affordable with a price that not only matches many mid-range ink printers but beats out most laser options, too.
In the words of Premal Kazi, HP’s Head of Home Business Printing, “The micro-business economy has never been stronger, and today’s entrepreneurs are looking for smaller design-oriented products that occupy less space, deliver excellent print quality and make it easy to print from a smartphone.” [1]
The compact and efficient new HP M15 printer series is designed to offer all that and more. An inkjet printer may be a good candidate for users who print a fairly small number of pages per month or who also need occasional color prints. If you’re a frequent printer or regularly turn out longer documents, a small HP LaserJet may be the best way to boost your output without breaking the bank.

The ultra-compact HP LaserJet Pro M15w printer

As the first entry in the new series, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w printer fits the bill. It’s a robust small business laser printer with an affordable price point and impressively small footprint.
When it comes to measurements, the HP M15w doesn’t disappoint at 13.6 x 7.5 x 6.3 inches. That’s just a bit more than a foot wide with not much to worry about otherwise. Compared to its immediate predecessors, the change amounts to an impressive 35% overall size reduction.
The physical configuration isn’t much different than the smallest inkjet variants that you may already be used to, and it’s actually smaller than some. When fitting it into your workspace, you can tuck it away at the back of your desk when you aren’t using it or stake out a small shelf or table space - just like with a typical inkjet device.
Moving it around isn’t much trouble either. This printer weighs a mere 8.4 lbs, or about as much as comparable inkjet models. This gives you the freedom to relocate it as you see fit.

Print speed and features

When it comes to print speeds, the HP M15w delivers 19 pages per minute on standard settings. That’s a great turnaround for just about any project that may come up, particularly for longer documents with higher page counts. It features a 150-page input tray and a 100-page output tray, so you won’t be constantly adding more paper between jobs.
You’ll have a few options for how to manage your prints, but the actual device interface is a simple, easy-to-use multi-button LED panel. An incidental advantage of a robust single-function printer is that you mostly cut out the need for a complicated display interface.

Simple setup and wireless functionality with the HP Smart app

Of course, the HP M15w is easy to set up and sync with your computer, and the simple physical configuration even makes it a breeze to unbox. But it also allows for effortless wireless printing and scanning via the HP Smart app. Just install and connect from your preferred smartphone or tablet. You can also find support for other platforms like Google Cloud Print.
If you’d prefer to plug directly into the device, you can do that too via the high-speed USB 2.0 port.

Limit any negative environmental impact

Another outdated expectation for laser technology is that it’s generally more demanding when it comes to power. While that may be true in some cases, this is mostly restricted to larger-scale enterprise models or more demanding multifunction printers.
The HP M15w’s energy profile is impressive and comes with both the ENERGY STAR® seal of approval and a silver rating from EPEAT®. If you’re looking to replace an older, larger laser printer, this is a great way to begin reducing your environmental impact as you also cut back on energy costs.
The printer is built with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology as well. This waste-prevention system turns your printer on immediately after receiving a new task, then automatically turns it off when the queue is clear. This can help further reduce energy that can be wasted from idle time before, after, or between jobs.

The advantages of laser printing

You may already know that laser printers are more efficient, or maybe you just associate them with higher print volumes. Both are true, but newer laser printers are sidestepping the assumption that they’re only made for big offices.
There are actually loads of reasons why laser printers are becoming more commonplace. Here are some of the key reasons to keep in mind when you shop for a small HP LaserJet printer instead of ink-based alternatives.

1. More precision compared to ink

The first big advantage that you’ll find with laser printers is based on the change in technology. Relying on lasers, toner powder, and heat for their prints, laser printers offer far greater precision than a liquid ink based medium. Several factors determine whether an inkjet printer is likely to bleed or smudge, but dye-based ink is always more susceptible.
With laser, you don’t have to refill cartridges, deal with leaks, or worry about the age of cartridges after a long break between print jobs. Inkjet is a great solution for families that don’t need to print on a daily basis, but they still come with needs as far as upkeep and maintenance.
A laser printer can provide you with the extra confidence of knowing your prints and copies will be clear and precise every time.

2. Expect faster prints

While speed doesn’t matter as much for infrequent printers, regular users will enjoy the upgrade of laser printing. The most substantial change simply stems from the technology at the center of modern laser printing.
Compared to pigment and dye-based ink, the electrostatic print process used in laser printers is simply more efficient. For anyone who has depended on an ink-based printer to handle lengthy print jobs, the difference will be clear almost immediately.

3. Better economy and less wear over time

For budget shoppers or anyone who hates the hassle of replacing print supplies, the lower cost and higher efficiency of Original HP toner cartridges is a great way to streamline your routine. The main ingredients in laser toner last longer and are much less expensive to produce than ink equivalents, so you always get more prints at a lower price.
To clarify, inkjet printers and cartridges may offer better opening prices, but you’ll almost always spend more on ink over time. Also, higher print volumes tend to wear out inkjet printers faster than laser printers, so you may end up needing an entirely new printer sooner depending on your output.
These advantages are universal to laser printing. In case your needs point you toward something bigger or in a different price range, you can count on a comparable boost.
If you’re working on a tight budget, another good tip is to compare the price of cartridges so you can predict your recurring costs. With the HP M15w, you’ll be working with an HP 48A LaserJet Black toner cartridge, which is good for roughly 1,000 pages.

Support for Linux users through the HPLIP project

Not every user depends on the same technology and operating system for their work, particularly with the growth and refinement of other Linux-based alternatives like Ubuntu. Unfortunately for some, this has meant struggling to add or use certain devices with the rest of your system.
To prevent these sorts of issues from happening, HP® created the HP Linux Imaging and Printing project (HPLIP for short). It helps to manage Linux protocols and software for more than 2,500 HP printers. The benefits of HPLIP are now incorporated into most Linux systems so you can manage printing and scanning right from installation. You can also download or update your system directly if you prefer.
For more information about the project and to download any required software, simply click through to the HP Developers Portal. You’ll find everything you need to know for setup including a support tab for you to report any bugs or issues. You can also request help if you run into anything unexpected or simply need assistance setting up your system.

Where to shop for your HP LaserJet Pro M15w

When you’re ready to start shopping online, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is available directly from the HP store. Or if you prefer to purchase in person, you can find it in many stores where printers are sold, including your nearest Best Buy or Office Depot locations.
Wherever you buy it, you can feel confident knowing that your new HP LaserJet printer is covered for a full year after purchase by HP's premium protection warranty. If you have any trouble, simply contact the store where you purchased your device or get in touch directly with HP customer support for assistance.

An easy fit for just about any office or routine

Given the fundamental advantages of laser printing when it comes to producing big jobs on a regular basis, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is a strong candidate for your next printing hub. It’s also a great complement to any existing color or multifunction inkjet printer you may have.
If you’re printing big documents and occasional photographs, the two can work together to offset the wear associated with printing lengthy documents with ink. Plus, thanks to the HP M15w’s compact size and affordable price point, you can easily get the best of both worlds without sacrificing too much of your budget or office space.
A compact laser printer is also a great way to plan for the future, particularly if you think your needs may change where print volume is concerned. You can plan ahead for those changes with the HP LaserJet M15w. As your life and business evolve, your print needs will have to adapt as well.
This device isn’t just a great HP small office laser printer, either; it’s a surprisingly affordable answer for anyone looking for the best small laser printer. From the company that brought the world its first desktop laser printer in the early 1980s, the HP M15w series is a natural addition to HP’s laser printer family.

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