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HP ZBook Create: A Complete Review

HP ZBook Create: A Complete Review

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 7 minutes
Among the new generation of HP ZBook workstations, the HP ZBook Create G7 notebook provides superior portability and performance for creative professionals. It’s packed with improvements, including a streamlined profile for easier use on-the-go and a new thermal ventilation system.
The HP ZBook Create is part of the power-focused HP Z family of computers, and it’s designed to help creatives conquer the most demanding workflows. That means you can expect stellar visual performance and plenty of room to customize your components for more speed and storage.
In this article, we’re reviewing the HP ZBook Create G7 and taking a full look under the hood. Keep reading for details on hardware and features, plus some resources to review before you make your purchase.

Real-time rendering and top-of-the-line graphic performance

There are many ways to eat up your laptop’s capacity, but real-time rendering can be particularly extreme. The HP ZBook Create G7 is designed to help you cut back on load times and smooth out your workflow, thanks in part to its huge graphics potential. The 10-bit display in this HP ZBook provides 1,024 shades so that you can produce more than a billion unique colors.
And when it comes to hardware, it boasts integrated Intel® UHD Graphics across configurations. You can then choose between dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX graphics cards with Max-Q graphics when you customize your loadout. That’s more than enough power to keep lag and long load times to a minimum.
The dedicated graphics card also features the latest NVIDIA Turing™ architecture with ray-tracing technology. It makes the HP ZBook Create G7 great for visual professionals with a heavy workload, but it also means it has everything you need to unwind, whether you’re playing the latest triple-A (AAA) games or diving into other creative pursuits. The graphics are also complemented by audio tuned by the renowned team at Bang & Olufsen.

Extensive certification for 3D artists and professionals

Confidence is a major part of choosing the right device, especially when shopping for a work computer. That’s why laptops from the HP Z family ship with independent software vendor (ISV) certifications, so you know your device can perform the functions your work depends on.
As we mentioned, the HP ZBook Create is a great fit for 3D artists who handle real-time rendering. This powerful notebook was designed specifically for users who depend heavily on demanding software like Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Dimension. And that goes whether you work from a conventional office space or prefer to find inspiration in the great outdoors.
This HP ZBook is also well-suited for video editors who use Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic, and similar programs, or, actually, creative professionals in general. It can handle complex color-grading and design, and it delivers all the resources you need if you’re working in the gaming or VR space, such as Unity, Unreal, etc.

Up to the latest Intel Core i9 processors

A powerful GPU is great, but it’s only going to do you so much good without the right processor. Processors support multitasking and complex applications, and higher-tier options provide a more versatile and responsive experience. To help you realize its full potential, the HP ZBook Create ships with your choice of topshelf processors.
HP ZBook Create G7
The standard HP ZBook Create G7 notebook PC features the powerful Intel Core™ i7-10750H processor that boasts the extra oomph of built-in Turbo Boost Technology. For top performance, choose the customizable HP ZBook Create G7 notebook PC to configure yours up an Intel Core i9-10885H vPro™ processor.
That’s a total of 6 cores on standard models or configurations with the i7, and 8 cores when you opt for the i9. They all offer high performance, so you should base your choice on your routine. Is this a dedicated workstation or a part-time option for travel and portability? Whichever way you’re leaning, it’s always better to hedge upwards since you need the most from your device.

Great memory and storage

The HP ZBook Create also offers strong numbers for memory and storage, both of which are just as important for when you need to handle the most complex tasks.
The standard HP ZBook Create G7 features 16GB of memory and a high-efficiency 256GB solid-state drive (SSD). That’s a strong starting point for RAM and plenty of storage, especially if you complement it with cloud storage. But if you need a bit more memory to keep things moving smoothly, you can upgrade to as much as 32GB.
There’s an even bigger range of options for storage, which is a big advantage given the space that some software and file types can take up on your hard drive. You can max out your storage on the HP ZBook Create at 2TB, all with efficient, quiet-running SSD components. That’s more than enough to minimize your dependence on external drives and cloud storage.

Advanced next-generation thermal design

While all of the above hardware advancements are great, your device needs proper ventilation and cooling to keep running for the long haul. That need is even greater for specialized tasks and heavy-duty use when heat-related strain is at its worst. To mitigate this type of wear and tear, the HP ZBook Create takes a comprehensive approach.
The biggest gain comes in the form of liquid cooling. Your processor and graphics card are among your most critical components, so we’ve added a vapor chamber cooling system as another layer of insurance. Liquid is vaporized and distributed throughout the chamber, helping prevent excess heat build-up around sensitive components.
You’re also supported by advanced liquid-crystal polymer fans and three-sided venting, further improving heat dispersal and conventional cooling across the device. It features an adaptive BIOS that helps manage power use from critical components, too, which shifts energy to promote higher efficiency.

Improved mobility over predecessors

In the old days, a truly powerful portable computer took up a lot of space. The HP ZBook Create G7 is changing the game. It boasts a major mobility boost compared to previous generations and the mobile workstation market in general. Compared to the HP ZBook Studio G5, it features an improved screen-to-body ratio, 73% thinner upper bezel, and 52% thinner sides.
A reduced size means improved convenience and ease of use. It also puts less strain on your neck and shoulders, because it weighs only 4.23 lbs and measures 17.5 mm thin. That’s 22% more compact and 14% thinner than the previous generation!

Other crucial upgrades

Portability is more than just a sleek, lightweight design. The HP ZBook Create G7 offers a lot of other features and add-ons to improve overall mobility:
  • Optional built-in fingerprint reader
  • Plenty of ports and connections, including two SuperSpeed USB-C™ ports
  • Long-life battery
  • Improved standby mode, so that you can be spontaneous
  • HP Sure View for integrated privacy
  • HP Sure Sense for better than ever integrated malware protection
It also features an impressive backlit HP Premium Quiet Keyboard that is designed to minimize mechanical noise from regular use. Plus, it’s spill resistant to protect against accidents on-the-go.
More accustomed to working on a Mac? You can even swap out the Premium Quiet Keyboard with an optional Z Command Keyboard, designed to mimic a typical Mac layout.

Great energy efficiency and green construction

The HP ZBook Create is more than just a flat-out powerhouse; it also prioritizes energy efficiency. It’s available in ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® Gold registered configurations (though your personal customization may not meet those same requirements).
Through many years of improving design and ventilation systems, HP Z devices get more efficient with each generation. They’re also more green when it comes to materials and overall environmental impact, thanks to a low halogen display and the incorporation of recycled plastics into the design.

Top-of-the-line performance with HP Z

The HP Z family of products is designed especially for creatives and anyone who favors superior visuals. If you’re afraid of losing out on desktop-like performance when you travel or work on-the-go, you can quell those fears with an HP Z notebook.
And if you want to compare laptops before making your final decision, check out our guide to the Top 5 Workstation Laptops for powerful laptop options at varying sizes, functionality, and price points.
Also, while the HP ZBook Create sets a high standard for the notebook computer, it isn’t our only new offering in this space. Also part of the HP Z family, the HP ZBook Studio G7 is among the most powerful mobile workstations available in its size. Whichever device you choose, one thing’s for sure: you can expect incredible, long-lasting performance in a sleek design.

About the Author

Dwight Pavlovic is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Dwight is a music and technology writer based out of West Virginia.

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