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Z8 Fury G5 Workstation review

HP Z8 Fury G5 Workstation: A Complete Review

Jessica Childres
Reading time: 7 minutes

If you’re looking for a high-performing workstation with customization options for your specific needs, look no further than the HP Z8 Fury G5 Workstation. With a sleek exterior and a powerful interior, you get the best of both worlds.
This advanced workstation is a great option for gamers, designers, producers, and anyone in between. Boasting advanced technology and opportunities to customize your workstation, the HP Z8 Fury has it all.
This HP Z Workstation review takes a look at all aspects that make this workstation stand out and key features that make this a great choice for your home or office.

Who could use the HP Z8 Fury G5 Workstation?

Z8 Fury G5 workstation uses
This advanced workstation is a fantastic option for many professionals. The powerful processor makes this a great tool for developers working on new software, apps, or music. It’s also perfect for gamers who need the power to play, live stream, and record simultaneously.
Engineers benefit from this workstation by seamlessly integrating their designs in 3D CAD, allowing them to bring each project to life. Customization options make looking at new and old designs through virtual reality possible, giving insights into each aspect of the project.
Researchers, scientists, and other professionals who often collect and analyze data regularly can benefit from the Z8 Fury’s ability to handle complex models and run the most powerful data analysis applications.
In addition to these examples, a plethora of other professionals and users greatly benefit from this workstation's power and customization options. Here’s an in-depth look and a complete HP Z Workstation review.

Key Z8 Fury G5 Workstation specifications

One of the most unique aspects of this workstation is the ability to choose your operating system. Choose from Windows 11 Pro, WSL2, or Linux based on your specific needs and uses. Each of these operating systems is hard-working and helps you easily complete each task.
Whether you’re working from home, on the go, or in the office, the integrated HP Wolf Security protects your sensitive data, classified projects, and business files. You can work with the confidence that everything from your hard drive to your printing is covered. With threat containment and the ability to lock your hardware, HP Wolf Security takes your HP Z8 Fury G5 to the next level.
The sleek design offers multiple ports on the front and back of the workstation, allowing you to connect to various external devices. The premium configuration offers over 10 ports for USB 3 Types A and C, media card readers, multiple external bays, an Ethernet port, audio lines and ports, and more. The standard configuration also has numerous ports and provides the flexibility to add additional ports to meet your specific needs.
HP Z8 Fury G5 Tower Workstation
The HP Z Workstation’s dual power supply ensures that you’re always connected. You can use it as a dual power or use one form of power as a backup to prevent any crashes or disconnections during an important project. In addition to this fantastic feature, the smart fan control uses over 20 sensors to maintain proper working temperatures. This prevents any overheating by maintaining adequate airflow while removing heat as needed.
The HP Z Workstation connects up to 4 graphics processing units (GPUs), providing crystal clear graphics and the ability to enhance performance and processing speeds significantly. In addition, this advanced workstation allows you to use up to 120TB of storage. This is great for anyone regularly working with large files and allows you to store all your important files or projects on one device.
Before arriving at your office or home office, the HP Z8 Fury G5 undergoes extensive military-standard testing, providing a hard-working and reliable device. It’s ISV certified, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll receive a top-performing workstation that enhances your applications and programs.
Whether you’re using the workstation for gaming, designing, data processing, or anything in between, it’s important to connect to other quality devices like advanced monitors. The HP Z Workstation is compatible with 4K and curved displays, making this a great option for those who need high-definition monitors while working. Gamers and designers alike can greatly benefit from this compatibility and have the freedom to choose the monitor that best fits their needs. In addition, this fantastic workstation is compatible with Virtual Reality programs and devices, allowing architects and engineers to see their designs in 3D.
The toolless side access means you can easily change your internal components without worrying about finding the right screwdriver every time. You can easily open up your workstation, make the necessary adjustments or add new components, and close it back within seconds. It’s just another way the HP Z Workstation stands out from other devices.

Internal features

The remarkable HP Z8 Fury G5 offers four different operating systems, allowing you to choose the best fit for your needs. This feature is unique to the workstation, and each of the four available operating systems is high quality and provides fast processing speeds. In addition, there are nine available processors, all in the Intel® Xeon® family, giving you the power to choose the processor that caters to your individual needs.
With multiple internal storage options including up to 120TB of memory and compatibility with 15 graphic cards, this workstation can handle multiple tasks and provide crisp and clear graphics for any project. In addition, the multiple expansion slots give you the power to add various features and stacks to your workstation.
The hard-working processors and operating systems give you lightning-fast connection speeds whether you’re working on an online document, live streaming, gaming, or using Bluetooth connection for devices like wireless headphones.
An Ethernet port on the back of the tower provides a direct connection to the internet, which is a great option for anyone who toggles between multiple programs that use the internet simultaneously.


z8 fury g5 customization
While the HP Z Workstation comes with many advanced features in the standard version, you can customize many aspects to take your experience to the next level. Whether you change out processors to handle a high volume of data input and output or upgrade your graphics card to work on animation and original creations, this workstation can handle it.
You can add ports to the tower itself, which is a great option for those constantly connecting to external devices, and you can use the easy toolless entry to change out interior features such as the memory card.
In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of high-definition monitors, including the HP Z32K G3 4K USB-C Display, which boasts a stunning 4K UHD screen. The workstation also supports the split screen option, making it easy to work with multiple screens or drag and drop information from one application to another.
Professionals using this workstation in the office can also benefit from the variety of keyboard compatibility. You can use multiple wired or wireless keyboards and choose from the HP Wired Desktop 320M Mouse, the HP Wired Desktop 128 Laser Mouse, or a gaming mouse with programmable shortcuts and additional buttons.
Once you’ve customized the workstation to fit your needs, you can start downloading the applications and programs that you’ll need on a daily basis. The strong processors and advanced operating systems can easily handle large programs like CAD, allowing you to toggle back and forth between applications while working. You won’t have to worry about your mouse lagging while you work, and with add-ons like virtual reality goggles, you can see all angles of your project to perfect your designs.


This HP Z8 Workstation review details the key specs, the unique customization options, and the advanced internal features. Many professionals, from animators to scientists, can utilize this workstation and even enhance their productivity. The customization allows users to choose the features they need daily, like an enhanced graphics card for a designer or a larger memory card for scientists who need to store a large amount of data.
The toolless access to the inside of the tower makes it easy for anyone to customize and work on their workstation, and a large number of ports makes it easy to connect your favorite devices or plug in multiple thumb drives at once.
The HP Z Workstation comes with HP Support Assistant, giving you access to things like wireless connection troubleshooting, a diagnostic test for slow or spotty connections, and a chat option with a real representative. This is in addition to the HP limited warranty that comes with the workstation, making this a fantastic choice for anyone looking to upgrade their office workstation.

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