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Meet the HP ScanJet Scanner (Complete Review)

HP ScanJet Scanner: A Complete Review

Zach Cabading
Reading time: 10 minutes
The technology has been around for a while - the ability to transfer from paper to digital - and maybe that’s why scanners aren’t one of the more hotly discussed pieces of technology. But they should be. Scanners are incredibly important for business, government, households, and even students.
HP® has been one of the most important and innovative developers of office equipment, especially when it comes to printers. But the HP ScanJet series also deserves recognition for being at the top of its class. There are few scanners on the market that match the quality of the HP ScanJet.
Let’s dive into a comprehensive review of the HP ScanJet scanner.

Why the HP ScanJet?

The HP ScanJet is HP’s state-of-the-art series of commercial and consumer scanners. Like other scanners, they enable to you make digitized copies of physical paper documents. Unlike other scanners models, however, they’re fast and ergonomic so you can maintain an ultra-fast workflow.
HP ScanJets are built with compact designs, which make them optimal for small and medium-sized businesses. But although they’re small, they’re built to handle a large volume of documents. Most models can scan up to 2,000 pages per day without issue.
The most tedious aspect of a standard scanner is trying to get the scanned item(s) sent over to a computer or printer. But the HP ScanJets make it easy, thanks to intuitive connectivity features and simple inputs or LCD screens.

HP ScanJet models

There are two types of HP ScanJet models: sheet-fed scanners and flatbed scanners. They’re optimal for different usages.

Sheet-fed scanners

HP sheet-fed scanners are ideal for scanning letter-sized paper documents and mixed media documents in a variety of sizes. You can scan brochures, business cards, laminated ID cards, and more.
If you work in a small office or if you’re looking for a scanner for your home office, the sheet-fed HP ScanJets might be your best option. These scanners feature an automatic paper feeder function, so all you need to do is place the document you want to scan into the feeder tray. The scanner will do the rest of the work. It’s not only a very fast way of scanning documents, but the sheet-fed models come in the most compact sizes so they’re perfect for smaller workspaces.
All of our sheet-fed models are extremely fast, with the enterprise-class models capable of scanning up to 75 pages per minute.

Flatbed scanners

Flatbed HP ScanJets can scan all of the documents that the sheet-fed models can, but they’re also able to scan heftier items, like books and magazines. This type of scanner is more akin to the traditional type of scanner where you open the lid, align the document, and close the lid. However, you can still scan documents using the automated feeder option, too. If you’re trying to have the most flexibility with how and what you scan, the HP ScanJet flatbeds are a better option for you.
HP ScanJet flatbeds are slightly larger than the sheet-fed models, but they’re still super-compact and can fit easily into small workspaces.
The fastest HP ScanJet model is the HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow N9120 fn2 document scanner, which can scan documents at up to 120 pages per minute. This is the one you’ll want if you need to scan very lengthy documents.

Optimal for small business

HP ScanJet Pro 3500 scanner
Its compact design, great reliability, and enhanced security features make the HP ScanJet the perfect scanner for small businesses. Let’s take a closer look at how the scanner could be used across a diverse set of professions.

1. Healthcare

If you’re a healthcare professional, you undoubtedly use a wide array of different medical tools. Well, it’s time to add one more tool to your medical toolbox. Whether you’re running a private practice or working in a large healthcare facility, the HP ScanJet is the perfect device to help you streamline your document management process.
The first thing that patients do when they get to your office is check in. It’s safe to assume that they’re not in the best of moods. Your patient is probably visiting you because they’re in pain or sick, or maybe they’re anxious because they’re about to get test results back. The point is, most patients are probably not in the best of spirits when they show up to your office. A lengthy and convoluted check-in procedure won’t do much to boost their mood. If you want to make patients happy, you need check-in to be as hassle-free as possible.
With the HP ScanJet, you can scan your patients’ important documents quickly and easily. And the scanner is small enough to sit on the check-in counter, so your receptionist won’t have to waste any time getting up. You can also fit an HP ScanJet at the nurses’ station.
Here’s the icing on the cake: the HP ScanJet is compatible with major EMR software. It also has advanced security features that protect the data while it’s being transferred from the scanner to one of the connected devices in your office. Since it’s your responsibility to protect the privacy of your patients, that’s one compelling reason you should use the HP ScanJet. This ultra-secure scanner can effectively encrypt documents so they can be safely transferred to other devices within the office.

2. Education

The HP ScanJet is suitable for teachers and school administrators. It’s perfect for the classroom because of its compact size, and you won’t find another scanner on the market that can produce accurate, highly detailed scans for a teacher-friendly budget.
If you’re a teacher, you know that students have a tendency to lose papers. This can lead to a grading dispute at the end of the year. For example, you’re tallying up grades, and one student has a missing grade for an assignment that was supposed to be done earlier in the semester. The student swears he completed the assignment, but he either lost or threw out the graded paper after you gave it back to him.
It’s not a fun situation for either you or the student. For the student, his A- might become a B+. For you, well, you’re probably going to get an angry phone call from his parent. That’s where you could make use of the HP ScanJet.
How nice would it be to simply scan each of the graded papers before you hand them back to the student? That way, there would be no grading disputes at the end of the year. When you incorporate the HP ScanJet into your grading, you’ll protect yourself from slip-ups and you’ll also prevent any mischievous students from pulling a fast one on you.
What’s great about the HP ScanJet is that it’s easy to use. You can quickly enable the scanner to send documents to any computer of your choosing or to your email. And with the automatic paper feeder, your grading workflow will never be interrupted.
On the reverse side of things, the scanner is also great for students. No student wants to store piles of old homework assignments until the school year ends. The HP ScanJet can help reduce paper clutter and also enable the student to keep better records of his or her schoolwork. And they can also use the device to scan notes or pages from a textbook. Studying for finals has never been so easy.

3. Government

A government office is a tough place to work. There are always new city, state, or federal regulations that alter the way you do record keeping to comply with legal demands. Furthermore, government budgets can fluctuate dramatically year to year, so governmental departments have to cut costs as much as they can.
If you work in a government office, you probably know that large filing cabinets are a costly way to store documents. They take up a sizeable amount of valuable office space, and you might even have to rent a separate storage space to store the mountains of documents that government offices must keep track of. It also costs valuable time to find a single document that’s stored in one of these many cabinets. And time is money, even in government.
Go digital
That’s why many government offices have begun to store digital files instead of paper files. If your office is doing that, too, then an HP ScanJet is a must. The HP ScanJet is the best way to create digital files of any and all paper documents, whether they’re letter-sized, legal-sized, check-sized, or business-card sized.
Unlike a filing cabinet, the HP ScanJet is small and lightweight so you can place it nearly anywhere in the workplace. It’s easy to scan documents and send them to a computer for digital safekeeping, or you can send them via email or to a printer to make copies in far-flung satellite offices.
Security is critical in government, and that’s where the scanner is especially reliable. There are a variety of built-in security functions that will protect your documents as they travel across your office network. You won’t have to worry about foreign or domestic hackers prying into your digitized records.

4. Legal

In a law firm, every document is important. Think about all the important papers that come in and out of the office: briefs, discovery documents, material evidence, correspondence, the list goes on. Any of these documents could be the game-changer on a case. That’s why it’s incredibly important for a law firm to meticulously keep records of all its documents.
Filing cabinets take up too much office space and it takes a long time to retrieve even just a single document - finding something in a stuffed filing cabinet is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why it’s best to keep digital records of everything.
When you keep digital records, you can locate a single document by typing a few keywords into a search bar. Digital record keeping is both time and budget-friendly. And if you’re going to keep great digital records, you need a great scanner.
Nothing is more frustrating than scanning a paper document, only to have the digitized image come out fuzzy or imperfectly scanned. If documents are poorly scanned, it could significantly affect your understanding of the case or even shed doubt on the validity of the evidence you present.
But you won’t have to worry about that with the HP ScanJet. Built with HP EveryPage technology, the scanner can capture every last detail of a document. You’ll never waste time trying to interpret a muddled scan. You can focus your energy on your clients and winning your case.

5. Finance and insurance

If you’re in the financial or insurance business, you handle a large volume of sensitive documents on a daily basis. And the law requires that you keep detailed records of all of them. That’s where the HP ScanJet can help. The scanner is perfect for handling invoices, tax documents, loan applications, and everything else.
The interface is incredibly easy to use and enables you to quickly select various different destinations for each scanned document. And anytime the scanner transfers your data to another device, you can rest assured knowing the data is safely encrypted. Security is important when you’re dealing with financial documents and a client’s personal information, which is why the HP ScanJet’s premium security features make it great for a financial business.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in a large office building or in a small rental space. The HP ScanJet is small enough to fit into your personal office or in a larger office setup. It’s stylish, too. Function always trumps style, but both scanner models have a sleek and ultra-modern look that’ll fit right in amidst the other snazzy businesspeople in your financial company.

6. Any small business

Small and medium-sized businesses have fewer employees and fewer resources to rely upon to run a profitable business. That means they have to rely on accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. And there’s no more accurate, efficient, and reliable scanner in the market than the HP ScanJet.
HP EveryPage technology ensures that anything you scan will be scanned with clarity and crisp detail the first time around. You’ll never waste valuable time having to go back and re-scan documents. Additionally, the HP ScanJet is expertly engineered for high volumes and long-lasting durability. Few scanners will perform so efficiently, for such a long time, and for such a great price.
Small office? No problem. Both the sheet-fed scanners and flatbed scanners are compact enough to fit on your desk.

HP printer scanners

If you need a scanner for a larger office environment, you might be better off getting one of HP’s multifunction office printers. These are high-capacity printers that also have scanning capabilities.
While the HP ScanJet models are fast and can create brilliant digital images, they work best when only one or two staff members are using them. If you have a large number of employees who are trying to scan and print documents, it might be better to use larger, speedier printer-scanners, assuming your office has the space for one. Something like the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn might be good for your large office.
Overall, the HP ScanJet series is an easy-to-use series of scanners that you can count on to create reliable digital copies of important documents. Both the sheet-fed scanners and flatbed scanners work well, and both models are equally ready to take on what needs to be scanned, either for small businesses or for home office use. HP ScanJet makes it clear that you should look no further for your scanning solutions than HP®.

About the Author

Zach Cabading is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Zach is a content creation specialist based in Southern California, and creates a variety of content for the tech industry.

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