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HP Latex Printer Transforms a Children's Hospital

HP Latex Printer Transforms a Children's Hospital

Reading time: 4 minutes

Check out how an HP Latex printer was used to transform a room in Danat Al Emarat Hospital

Few experiences can cause more unease than a visit to a hospital. For children at Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi, that tense experience was made a little easier by transforming a typical CT scan room from a dull and lifeless plain white room to one which burst of color and excitement thanks to HP Latex ink.
Joseph Graphics transformed a typical hospital experience into the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. With HP Latex Ink there was no unpleasant smell, the ink dries instantly and the material is recyclable. In just a few hours, the CT scan room was transformed into an inviting and positive environment.
See for yourself how HP® is helping to engineer experiences that amaze:

Video transcription:

In early 2018, Danat Al Emarat Hospital is Abu Dhabi, noticed a problem…

Carine Habib, Creative Designer, CxUnicorn: You go to any other hospital like having white walls is not that comforting.
For children, visiting the hospital can be a stressful experience…
Mariano Gonzalez, Chief Executive, Danat Al Emarat Hospital: Well, I’m totally sure that you have the experience if you have children to take them into a hospital is one of the anxious experiences, not only for parents but also for children.
Plain white walls and plain white equipment don’t put you at ease. So, Danat Al Emarat Hospital decided to make a change…
Khalid Younis, CT Sales Manager, GE Healthcare: Today GE and HP are partnering, pioneering a transformation of a typical sterile CT room.
Gonzalez: Our idea for them is to find a comfortable place to minimize the stress, to minimize the psychological impact of being examined in a room like this one.
Marwan Albdiwi, Marketing Manager, HP: Why we’re doing this in the CT room? Because usually a patient walking into that room, they are not having a good day, and to make it an easier journey into that room by lighting it into some nice decorative design.
The solution was to take a cold, white CT room and transform it with color. Turning it into something wonderful.
Woman Off-Screen: Joseph Group has always focused on our key pillars of strength that is quality, delivery, and service. We believe in adding value where it matters the most.
Woman 2 Off-Screen: Our focus is on creating experiences, visual experiences for our customers. It’s a very exciting project as a group because we are doing the printing and the application of the project.
Habib: The brief that I was given from the client was to design a CT scan room for a mother and her children.
Albdiwi: The Latex inks are being invented by HP®. So, it’s odorless. There’s no smell coming out of it. It comes instantly dry off the machine. And it can be in hospitals, as you see, which is very critical.
Mudassir Ahmed Khan, Operations Manager, Joseph Graphics: The technology - what we are using using for this project - is latex, water-based inks which produces odorless prints.
We decided to go with this printer due to the sensitivity of the area because we are going to brand a hospital room and we want to ensure that there is no smell of the inks and all those things unlike other printers.
Albdiwi: It’s very environmentally friendly as the media can be recycled. It’s a green solution that can be used there as well.
Younis: The revolutionary [product] uses the lowest and safest amount of radiation with our patient-friendly workflow, resulting in an accurate and fast diagnosis to help and save lives.
After just a few hours, the room was ready…
Gonzalez: I’ve never seen a room like this one with the main intention to just be focusing on the patient. And by the way this is the first room of its kind in the UAE.
Well, the feedback that we have collected so far is, it’s fantastic. It’s really good. Really awesome. When you enter in this room, your perception of what is going to happen changes.
Woman Off-Screen: Implementing creative ideas in spaces like hospitals, which are considered to be very gray and boring - it makes the whole experience for a patient - even for the doctors and the staff - more pleasant and inviting.
Gonzalez: When you see the outcome of this room, when you see the face of our patients when they are here, when you saw the face of our staff the first time that they came in - I think it’s really, really fantastic because it will improve the experience of our patients.
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