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HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor Review

HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor: A Complete Review

Anna-Marie Brittain
Reading time: 7 minutes

The ultimate computer monitor that meets all your professional needs can be challenging to come by. Often, a dual monitor setup keeps you productive, but curved displays are increasing in popularity. That’s no surprise considering the flexibility and immersive qualities curved monitors offer, especially in the context of high-performance business monitors with wide screens.
Before upgrading your office desk setup, there are some common questions to ask. What are the main uses for the new monitor? Is it for business, hobbies, or family use? Need to open multiple windows for various projects? Are you replacing a single display or dual screens? Investing in a large monitor means it has to meet or exceed your expectations.
Remaining productive no matter the task is the primary factor in a decent, high-performing computer monitor. A massive display, like the HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor, will provide the immersive productivity needed to keep up with the day’s demands.
For more insight on monitors for work, check out the HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor. This curved monitor review breaks down the features and technical details of the Dual Quad High-Definition curved display built for business and more.

HP E45c G5 curved monitor’s design

HP E45c G5 curved monitor design
At CES 2023, HP revealed more details on its E-series computer monitors. Among the impressive displays was an ultrawide 44.5-inch diagonal dual QHD curved monitor. Its eye-catching design turned heads for many reasons, the primary one being the sheer size. The HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor is equivalent to having side-by-side dual 24-inch quad high-def displays.
It's built to accommodate the demands of a bustling office as well as any remote or hybrid working lifestyle. The highlights range from bright, ultra-clear resolution to extended connection choices and outstanding performance.

Ultrawide and vibrant

For an HP curved monitor that’s larger than the average screen, there’s no lack of elegant picture quality. It goes beyond what you would expect from a QHD. It may be a single extra-large screen, but it has all the same benefits as dual displays.
Already familiar with dual or multi-screen setup? The virtual dual display allows users to split the monitor in two. If needed, you can use the HP Device Bridge 2.0 to connect two more monitors. With these options, easily transition from one screen to another. You can engage with colleagues on one side while preparing slides on the other.
The display features on-screen controls and a single power-on control. It’s anti-glare, so you can place it at any angle without lighting interference. The ambient light sensor helps keep the screen brightness at the proper setting. HP Eye Ease allows users to view the screen for long periods without worrying about extreme eye strain.
HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor
You might be skeptical that it has a built-for-comfort design, but the ergonomics is worth a mention. Users no longer have to worry about bezels and excessive cables. The size and high pixel pitch optimizes the screen space without users losing excessive desk space.

Connectivity options

Connecting more monitors gives you the freedom to work on many tasks. Users can connect a single USB-C cable to all accessories, such as the webcam and keyboard. You can also charge your laptop at the same time.
If you’re charging your laptop, it's capable of up to 100W. If connecting two other devices, the USB-C ports will distribute power per port up to 65W to each PC connected. Or, it can deliver up to 100W of power to a single PC and 30W of power to your other devices. Charge your laptop along with your phone, tablet, or Bluetooth speaker.

Built for comfort

Working long hours and increased productivity doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. Feeling your best while continuously improving effort is easier when considering comfort. Neck and back aches are a common occurrence for people who have to work in front of a screen all day. Eye and hand strain is also an issue.
The E45c G5 DQHD was designed with user comfort in mind. The ergonomic display includes three-way adjustable height choices. The detailed ergonomic setup guide explains the best positioning for it.
You can also get all-day viewing comfort, whether it’s day or night. The ambient light sensor will automatically adjust screen brightness based on your surroundings.

HP E45c G5 monitor specs

HP E45c G5 monitor specs
The list of features is a long one and cannot be exaggerated. If your home office or firm needs a high-end curved monitor with all the bells and whistles, these specs are sure to get your attention.

Display highlights and resolution

A curved monitor with an exceptional refresh rate and pixel pitch contributes to the excellent resolution. It has a native resolution of 5120 x 1440. It can also support resolutions as low as 640 x 480 and everything in between. It offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1 with a brightness of 400 nits. Say goodbye to beams of sunlight disrupting your view.
The integrated 3W dual speaker helps elevate the immersive experience. It’s easy to lose track of time when hyper-focused on your screen. The onscreen controls include management, information, input, color, image, power, menu, brightness levels, and split screen options.
For gamers, the display features AMD Freesync™ Premium. That raises the bar on accurate luminance and wide color gamut.

Response performance

The HP ultra-wide curved monitor boasts a superb response time. It has a response time of 3 ms GtG with overdrive. That means a fast color change response that won’t distort the screen resolution. In other words, pixels can switch from one color to another at an incredible pace.
A good GtG response time is typically less than 5 ms. This monitor operates at a brow-raising 3 ms. Watch presentations, videos, and clips without sluggish playback. Using overdrive pushes the response time speed. The advantages of enabling this feature include reducing any trailing or ghosting of quick-moving objects.

Connection ports and power

The HP curved hi-def display is constructed with power in mind. Of course, that’s important for any business computer. What sets the E45c G5 DQHD apart from similar screens is it has a power supply of 100 to 240 VAC. That means the device is capable of handling a variety of AC voltage outlets from around the globe.
Also referred to as a dual voltage or worldwide voltage power supply, you can remain productive where you are. It’s perfect for hybrid-working, globe-trotting professionals who often travel for work. Although it isn’t the most compact device, it’s worth safely packing for those long-haul work weeks away from the office.
The monitor is equipped with one DisplayPort™ 1.4, one HDMI 2.1 port, and four SuperSpeed USB Type-A ports with a 5 Gbps signaling rate. It also has two USB Type-C ports with a 5 Gbps signaling rate and an ethernet port for hardline internet connections.


The huge curved monitor has a three-sided borderless design with a thicker border along the bottom. It is 42.7 inches wide by 5.6 inches in depth by 13.21 inches in height. The monitor also offers three adjustable height options.
It weighs approximately 31.18 lbs. Although that might sound hefty, don’t forget that it is a 45-inch curved computer monitor constructed of plastics and metals. It can be hard to carry.

What to expect out of the box

The E45c G5 DQHD is a very large screen, so don’t be surprised by the size when you take it out of the box. It comes with an AC power cord and two USB Type-C cables. It has a quick setup poster. Don’t be intimidated by the setup because it was built user-friendly and is easy to set up.

Easy install

The HP E45c G5 DQHD comes with easy-to-install screws for smooth mounting. Place it high for the whole office to view. With VESA mounting, the massive screen can be placed higher or at eye level. Not only was it stylishly crafted and simple to set up anywhere, but it was also designed with comfort and sustainability in mind.

Environmental impact

HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor environmental impact
The impact of the environmentally-friendly movement can be felt in the tech world. Particularly when it comes to recyclable computer devices. Building more sustainable digital instruments is safer and healthier for the environment. Those are important considerations during construction.
The E45c G5 DQHD is built using ocean-bound recycled plastics. It uses around 80% of ITE-derived closed-loop plastics. That type of plastic comes from older computers that were turned in for recycling. It also contains approximately 15% recycled metals.
Even the outside box and corrugated cushions that the curved computer monitor comes in are 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable.


A curved monitor that can combine the power of two 24-inch computer displays is a huge plus for any office or home. The HP E45c G5 DQHD Curved Monitor checks off all the boxes for what's needed and expected from a business computer. It has a user-friendly OSD with a wide array of settings. Why not complete your desktop upgrade with an extra-large, vivid DQHD display?
You can also check out the 2023 CES show for more information on HP’s latest tech reveals.

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