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what is ces consumer electronics show

What is CES (Consumer Electronics Show)?

Anna-Marie Brittain
Reading time: 7 minutes
Consumer technology industry professionals, innovators, educators, and top tech experts are regular attendees to the leading tech event in the world, CES. But, what is CES? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the Consumer Electronics Show?

CES is an acronym for the Consumer Electronics Show, a highly sought-after stage for tech companies from around the world to highlight their new products and software solutions. It is a well-known tech conference that gathers the best in business and consumer technologies.

When is CES 2024? Is CES open to the public?

The CES convention is not open to the public. CES 2024 in Las Vegas will host thousands of tech-related exhibits. The international attendees are people who are affiliated with the consumer technology industry.
The annual consumer electronics show will be held in 2024 on Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024, through Friday, Jan 12, 2024.

What was announced by HP at CES 2023?

Remote and hybrid workspaces have a growing need for reliable personal computers. HP focuses on designing products fit to meet the demands of today’s professionals. We aim to improve people’s work areas by helping professionals and businesses upgrade their outdated technology with new devices, services, and solutions.
New features to highlight are the Intelligent Hibernate and Smart Sense AI upgrades. Both are geared toward optimizing performance and power.
Intelligent Hibernate learns PC usage patterns and develops an auto-hibernate mode that minimizes battery power after a full day of work. It will even know when to remain in standby mode for an instant-on experience as it learns your daily usage habits.
With the Smart Sense feature, instead of tracking power, it’s focused on optimizing your PC’s thermal performance. No more stressing over a loud laptop that gets too hot when you’re trying to get work done. The Smart Sense technology results in a quieter, cooler PC.
Whether you need a portable laptop or an excellent computer monitor, these newly released PC options deserve your attention.

HP Dragonfly Pro

The HP Dragonfly Pro is built to help elevate your productivity, whether you are a remote freelancer or an around-the-clock business professional. The PC is designed to optimize and balance performance, making it perfect for multitasking and heavy workloads.
Notable features of the HP Dragonfly Pro include HP Presence software that delivers a clear audio experience and precise video collaboration. Look and sound your best for videos, conference calls, or live chats. The convenient touch screen makes navigation a breeze.
It’s built for all-day reliability thanks to the long-lasting battery. The Dragonfly Pro also comes with 24/7 live concierge support and services, accessible through a dedicated hotkey on the keyboard.

Dragonfly Pro Chromebook

For a user-friendly device with premium features, check out the Dragonfly Pro Chromebook. Great for people who need a steady connection to the internet no matter where they go.
The compact Dragonfly Pro Chromebook is constructed with the world’s first 8MP selfie camera. You won’t have to worry about the environmental lighting being too bright or too dark. The user-facing camera, coupled with the ultrabright 1,200 nit touch screen display, makes taking and viewing video more enjoyable.
It’s made for fast performance, high-speed connectivity, quick charging, and seamless pairing. The 14-inch Chromebook is lightweight and portable, which is a top choice for hybrid working professionals who are on the move.

HP Dragonfly G4

Are you a tech-savvy, forward-thinking leader? Finding the best PC for hybrid work life just got easier with our Dragonfly G4.
The HP Dragonfly G4 is enhanced by HP Presence and specially designed to be the ideal PC for the hybrid worker. It’s made with the latest technology to enhance your audio, video, and viewing experience.
Designed with intuitive recording in mind, it features an auto-camera select option. It also uses intelligent face tracking to track the speaker's face so viewers remain engaged without breaking eye contact. The HP Keystone Correction camera feature makes sharing documents, board diagrams and slides easier. It allow users to automatically crop and flatten images from the camera feed with just one click.

HP EliteBook 1040 G10 and HP Elite x360 1040 G10

HP Elite x360 1040 G10
Corporate executives and technical support professionals alike need a high-performance computer for work. Access to seamless connectivity and advanced security is also a must - which is where our Elite series of laptops shine.
The HP EliteBook 1040 G10, along with the HP Elite x360 1040 G10, are among the world’s leading digital portable computers. Both are designed to be advanced business notebooks and business convertibles. They are great to use for collaboration, thanks to the new intuitive video conferencing innovations.
Impressive features to highlight for the HP Dragonfly G4, and HP Elite series are the upgraded camera options. All three of these PCs feature a multi-camera experience. That means you can support dual video streams and easily switch the focus between users, objects, or documents. It even has PIP (picture-in-picture) or side-by-side camera options.

HP E-Series G5 Monitors

Looking to upgrade your home office or business with sleek, elegant computer monitors? The HP E-Series G5 Monitors come in various sizes fit for any remote or hybrid workspace. Select models offer visually stunning 4K resolution. The HP E-Series also includes curved displays, ultrawide screens, and beautiful 99% sRGB color accuracy.
The HP G5 HD desktops offer comfortable viewing with HP Eye Ease to help reduce blue light exposure. The monitors also have an ambient light sensor that auto-adjusts your screen’s brightness. As we continue to focus on devices constructed from sustainable sources, all E-series monitors are made from 90% recycled and renewable materials.

HP M24H and HP M27h FHD Monitors

M24H monitor
Are you upgrading your home office setup for school, work, or entertainment? If so, paying close attention to ergonomics can make a big difference in comfort, posture, and your overall viewing experience. M-series monitors have a comfort setup guide for a user-friendly experience thanks to the integrated display software.
The design of HP M-Series FHD Monitors was based on improving ergonomics to provide a comfortable and safe workspace. M-Series monitors encapsulate the meaning of excellent resolution as they are FHD screens that provide outstanding vibrancy.

HP’s New Accessories: Equip Your Hybrid Workspace

Complete your desk layout by investing in all the accessories you could need to stay creative, productive, and stress-free.
These HP home office and workspace essentials were revealed at CES 2023. They are some of the newest earbuds, webcams, and mouses to consider for a fully equipped work area.

Poly Voyager Free 60 Series

poly voyager free 60 headphones
For pro-grade wireless earbuds, check out the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series. The Poly earbud lineup offers up to 5 hours of talk time. Make meetings and conference calls headset free or get hours of listening before needing a charge. Use the Smart charging case with touch screen to raise the talk time by an additional 10 hours.
The Poly Voyager Free 60 Series wire-free earbuds are built to block out background noise. They use ANC or adaptive active noise canceling and WindSmart technology. The only sound you hear is coming from the earbud connection.

HP 620/625 FHD Webcam

hp 625 webcam
The HP 620 and 625 FHD Webcams are a good option for hybrid or remote work freelancers. Look and sound your best for any meetings, video calls, chats, and conferences. The webcams are Zoom-certified full high definition (FHD) and are equipped with dual noise-reduction microphones.
These HP FHD webcams also feature AI face framing, background light enhancement, auto-focus, and an adjustable field of view. You won’t have to worry about pixelation or focus issues as you speak or move around.

HP 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse

A long-lasting wireless mouse is perfect for hybrid workers who constantly travel with their HP workstations. The HP 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse can stay connected to as many as three devices at once. It also boasts a battery life of up to 90 days.
You can also check out more of HP’s new computers and laptops by tuning in to HP’s Personal Systems news releases.

HP Gaming News

If you’re a serious gamer, then the announcement of HyperX’s HX3D at CES 2023 should get your attention. The HX3D is the latest gamer program that offers a variety of ways to customize gaming gear by using HP’s industry-leading 3D printing technology. What does that mean for you? It means you can personalize your whole setup like the keyboard, mouse, and headset.

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