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Learning at Your Laptop: Math Facts Practice for Students

Learning at Your Laptop: Math Facts Practice for Students

Reading time: 3 minutes
The world changed in a lot of ways because of COVID-19. Now, a lot of kids haven't been able to see their friends at school and have had to go to school virtually, on their computers. When you don't have a teacher right in front of you, sometimes, it can be harder to learn what you need to know, especially if your parents are working from home and too busy to help you.
If you're having trouble keeping up with your schoolwork, the Internet can help you. By playing games you find online, you can practice math facts and basic math skills. It's important to study math because it's a building block for a lot of other things you'll learn in school, from harder types of math like calculus to subjects like chemistry and physics.


With addition, you take two numbers and put them together to make a bigger number. You can even add negative numbers to make the number smaller. Addition will help you as you take harder math classes and learn to add fractions and decimals. Memorize addition math facts so you can stop using your fingers to add numbers together. Besides, you only have ten fingers! To add numbers bigger than ten quickly, you have to understand how addition works. There are addition patterns that you can memorize to help you add numbers faster.


Subtraction is the opposite of addition. Instead of making a bigger number, you take a number away from another number and figure out what's left behind. Subtraction will help you when you spend your allowance at the toy store or grocery store. Knowing how much change you should have after you pay for your candy will help you to budget your money. Your parents will feel more comfortable letting you pay for things because you can bring back the right change. Sometimes, a subtraction problem will be a word problem. Other times, it can be written vertically or horizontally. As you get better at them, subtraction problems will no longer scare you.


Multiplication is a shortcut: Instead of adding the same number a bunch of times, you can use multiplication instead. That's why your teacher tells you to memorize your times tables. Memorizing times tables makes multiplying numbers a lot faster. Online multiplication games can help you get used to practicing your multiplication tables. If you memorize your times tables up to 12, you'll have a head start when you start learning algebra.


Division is splitting one number up into a bunch of equal parts. It's the opposite of multiplication. Let's say that you and your friends decide to buy a pizza and share it. Division tells you how many slices each person gets to eat. When it's time to pay the bill, you use division to find out the amount that each friend has to pay. There are many situations in which we can use division. Sometimes, it's not possible to divide a number evenly. That's when the division leaves a remainder. Remainders can be written as fractions or decimals.

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