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21 Best Roblox Adopt Me Pets in 2022

Linsey Knerl
Reading time: 8 minutes
Roblox players with an affinity for animals may just fall in love with the newest way to play: Adopt Me! Pets. Like the original Adopt Me gameplay that had players taking care of virtual human babies, the Pets version requires you to provide care and love to your furry, scaled, or winged friend.
Here’s more about how the gameplay works and our picks for the best Adopt Me pets in Roblox.

What are Roblox Adopt Me pets?

Whether you want just one pet for now, or hope to own your own zoo, there are a few ways to get pets. First, you should know that pets range in rarity from common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare to legendary.
The most common pets are the cat and dog. They are Adopt Me free pets, and anyone who enters the nursery for the first time receives a starter egg that hatches into a cat or dog.
There are 71 other pets that hatch from eggs. The more expensive the egg is, the better your odds of hatching a rarer pet. Pets hatch from the same category of egg. For example, a Jungle egg will only hatch a Jungle pet.

How many eggs are in Adopt Me?

The number of eggs depends on when you play, because eggs can come and go.

Are there limited-time pets?

You can only acquire some pets through trading or purchasing with Robux. Plus, there are hard-to-find, limited-edition pets, which may be given out during special holidays or in-game events. You’ll find some players will pay a lot to get their hands on one of them.
There are also event pets that only appear during special events. Once the event ends, the pets disappear, so enjoy them while you can!

The best Roblox Adopt Me pets

Your choice of pets in Adopt Me depends on your personality and animal preferences, but some pets are more popular among players. Here’s our Adopt Me pets list so you can find the best options the next time you fire up Roblox.

1. Shadow Dragon

The Shadow Dragon was only available during a 2019 Halloween event. This legendary pet cost players 1,000 Robux, and the only way to get it now is to trade for it or buy it from another player. It has one exclusive trick called Shadow Breath, and its neon form features glowing back spines and visibly enhanced breath.

2. Monkey King

What is the rarest pet in Adopt Me? The Monkey King. It features red and gold armor, a feathered crown, and a staff for a tail. It also has two exclusive tricks that cause the staff to spin.
While this limited legendary pet was available by mixing 3 staff ingredients from a Premium Monkey box with a normal monkey, those monkey boxes are no longer available. The only way to get it now is by trading.

3. Halloween White Ghost Dragon

The Halloween White Ghost Dragon is a limited legendary pet that was only available in the 2021 Halloween event. And it features flowing lines behind it as it moves – like a ghost! – and little, black beady eyes.
If you had 1,000 Robux, you could have purchased it, but it's now only found through a willing trading partner. Neon and Mega Neon are especially fun to watch, with everything glowing in Mega Neon except for the eyes.

4. Giraffe

This adorable, long-necked pet was the very first limited legendary pet. If you find one of the few remaining Safari Eggs, you may still have a chance to hatch a giraffe. Otherwise, you have to trade to get your hands on this pet, which can backflip and dance in its adult form.

5. Evil Unicorn

Unicorns are pretty special in Roblox, and the Evil Unicorn is on many players’ hotlists. If you had 108,000 candies during the 2019 Halloween event, you may have been able to purchase it. Otherwise, you’re stuck trading to get this black-bodied unicorn with glowing red horns and eyes.

6. Halloween White Skeleton Dog

It only took 1,200 candies to purchase this pup from the 2019 Halloween candy shop. If you missed it, however, you’ll have to get this limited, ultra-rare pet through a trade. With a ribcage you can see through and two green eyes, this white skeleton dog has a unique look.

7. Owl

This little brown bird is one of a few that allow you to sit on its head and ride around the Roblox realm. The owl is a limited legendary pet, and you can only hatch it from one of the remaining Farm Eggs, priced at 750 Robux.
If you can't find an egg, you can always trade. With a peach hue in Neon mode and a full range of colors in Mega Neon mode, this little creature is a popular find.

8. Frost Dragon

This limited-edition Christmas pet cost 1,000 Roblox at the time of its release, but trading is the only way to get it now. Like other dragons, the Frost Dragon has custom tricks, including a dive and a Frost Breath. It’s similar in appearance to the Shadow Dragon, with a few differences, including a hidden rib cage and more spikes.

9. Arctic Reindeer

Another Christmas pet, the Arctic Reindeer is a limited legendary animal. Its egg cost more than 1,000 gingerbread at the time of its release. Because it's no longer for sale, you'll have to find a rare Christmas Egg or trade for it. This little reindeer won’t get wings with a Fly-A-Pet potion, but that’s OK, because it can still float through the air.

10. Axolotl

If you missed the 2021 summer sale, which had this little guy for just 300 Roblox, you can still find the axolotl in the pet shop – just expect to pay twice as much. This adorable little pet is pink and spotted, with gills for breathing underwater. If you always wanted an axolotl but couldn't get your parents to say "yes," now’s your chance.

11. Phoenix

Pay 750 Roblox for a Mythic Egg, and you may have a chance of hatching the Phoenix. The bright orange bird resembles its mythological ancestor, except for when it's Neon and glows cyan blue. If you can't hatch one, you can always try to trade for it.

12. Sasquatch

If your Mythic Egg doesn’t hatch a Phoenix, maybe it will score you one of these fuzzy mystery creatures. The sasquatch glows on its arms and head when in Neon or Mega Neon mode, making it a nice addition to your rare creature collection.

13. Skele-Rex

You may have to trade away something very good to get one of the Skele-Rex limited Adopt Me legendary pets. It cost 10,000 candies in the 2020 Halloween event, and finding it now is difficult. All bones and glowing eyes, this is definitely one of the creepier pets. It even blows smoke from its mouth and ribs!

14. Snow Owl

You could purchase this 2020 Winter Holiday Event pet for 10,000 Gingerbread at the time of its release. Trade to get your hands on this small blue and white owl, which floats up and down when equipped. This is the first variation of the original owl, which is also a special pet to many players.

15. Halloween Golden Mummy Cat

This pet was released in the 2021 Halloween event through special Halloween Mummy Cat Boxes. The limited legendary pet features a cool gold mummy wrap and looks similar to the Halloween Black Mummy Cat.

16. Peacock

Get this beautiful bird for 500 Roblox – no eggs required! The peacock is available in the pet shop and features beautiful blue plumage and a full set of tail feathers. It doesn't grow new wings when it flies, but it does display a rainbow glow in Mega Neon form.

17. Kitsune

Based on Japanese mythology, the legendary pet Kitsune has seven tails and costs 600 Roblox from the Pet Shop. The fluffy peach animal is technically from the fox family, and it’s the third in the fox series, after Fennec Fox and Arctic Fox.

18. Bat Dragon

Is it a bat? Is it a dragon? This 2019 Halloween Event legendary pet is a little of both, costing 180,000 candies when it launched. You can only get this little guy now from trading, but you’ll enjoy the Bat Dragon’s exclusive tricks like the Triple Flip and Twirl Around.

19. Parrot

Hatch a Jungle Egg to get the Parrot – or trade with friends for guaranteed results. You can sit on its tail to ride this bird, which resembles an actual scarlet macaw. The limited legendary pet can do a headstand, beg, and dance.

20. Deinonychus

You can hatch this ultra-rare pet from a Fossil Egg or you can trade for it to add it to your prehistoric collection. The little blue and orange Deinonychus has feathers and sharp white teeth. And in Neon mode, you can watch its back, claws, and feathers glow red.

21. Ghost Bunny

The Ghost Bunny has no legs, which means this ultra-rare pet doesn’t display shoes when equipped. You have to get it through trading because it’s no longer available from the 2020 Halloween Event shop. It glows on its chest, ears, tail, and nose when in Neon or Mega Neon mode.

What is the best pet in Adopt Me?

The best pet in Roblox really depends on your preferences! You may want to collect a certain pet because of its tricks or looks. Or, you may simply like that type of animal in real life. After all, just because a pet is “rare” or “valuable” doesn’t mean it’s the best pet for you.
Players often enjoy the more common pets and collect a lot of them to make their Roblox world more friendly and playful. The right Roblox Adopt Me! Pet for you is the one you’ll love and care for the most.
About the Author: Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author, public speaker, and member of the ASJA. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.

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