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Meet HP's Small and Medium Business Solutions Team

HP’s Small and Medium Business Solutions Team

Linsey Knerl
Reading time: 6 minutes
Small businesses face unique challenges every day, including managing supply chain issues and keeping their technology up-to-date and secure. Sales teams may find these issues even more pressing, as they work to navigate changing communication regulations and the rise in demand for remote work.
There’s no assurance that any one issue will resolve quickly, and businesses will always face some risk. However, when you have a single, dependable point of contact for your tech needs, you can check many of the boxes that modern SMBs truly need to check.
HP’s Small- and Medium-sized Business Solutions Team aims to fulfill those needs amidst an increasingly complicated landscape. Here’s how our experts can help your business:

What are the most common SMB challenges?

Tech Coworkers Collaborating using HP Business Solutions
Staying in business is priority number one for most small businesses, whether you have a team of 20 or 200 employees. The specifics for each industry will vary, but most business owners share some common challenges.

1. Competition against larger businesses

It can be very difficult to get your name out there, especially in crowded markets. Whether you sell athletic wear or offer specialized consulting services, it may take years to become known in your industry. Building momentum takes time, even with a well-received offering, and loyal customers are more likely to buy something familiar than take a chance on a new brand.

2. Supply chain constraints

What started with shortages of lumber and microchips has grown into paper and even carbonation scarcities. Supply chain issues create uncertainty for everyone, but it especially impacts small businesses. Owners have fewer places to source their materials and less money to buy higher-priced alternatives in the meantime.
Partnering with a tech supplier like HP is a must for any business hoping to stay on top of tech upgrades and avoid costly delays.

3. Paying for tools on a tight budget

Updating technology is crucial to stay competitive, but new tools cost money that may be outside of a SMB owner’s budget. Buying cheaper tools may not provide the security or efficiencies as premium tech solutions, but few companies have the liquidity to go all in on the best equipment the market has to offer.
What’s the solution? It may come down to a combination of better pricing, higher value, and making the right buying choices from the start.

How the HP’s SMB Solutions Team can help

Tech Executive Presents to Team using HP Business Solutions
When you hear about all the ways small businesses can struggle in these often chaotic times, it can seem like it’s a wonder that anyone can make it.
How can sales professionals help you combat the economic elements? Partnering with HP’s SMB experts and trusted advisors is one way to gain a competitive edge, even in times of uncertainty.

1. Exclusive pricing for SMBs

Getting the best price on technology is a clear way to free up cash, but it can be exhausting for your purchasing teams to continually research the best places to shop. The HP SMB solutions team removes that pain point by providing the best price from the start.
There’s no need to monitor a dozen vendors for sales or negotiate costs through endless RFPs. HP provides straightforward pricing on a variety of products and helps you find the right tech solution that meets your operational and budgetary needs.

2. Professional account management team

When was the last time you purchased technology at retail? The quality of service you receive can be a mixed bag. Many tech sellers won’t differentiate between their VIP business customers and someone buying a single laptop for their office.
Small businesses deserve to have sales reps who understand their needs and execute transactions with the utmost professionalism. At HP, we understand today’s business challenges and will help you overcome them without much time or effort on your part.

3. Clear line to supply

One of the larger frustrations of buying new technology isn’t just the rising cost, but also the uncertainty of when your new products will actually arrive. That’s because supply chain woes impact everything from product manufacturing and distribution to warehousing and shipping. Even if you find a reputable seller with your chosen item in stock, will you receive it in a timely manner?
When you work directly with HP, you remove many of the unknowns in the supply chain puzzle. You’ll know what’s in stock, what’s arriving soon, and what options you have for getting tech into your hands tomorrow, next month, or next year. You’ll also avoid costly or inefficient wholesalers and distributors.

4. Flexible payment options

Let’s talk about money, which can be a big barrier to finally upgrading your technology. HP understands that not everyone has the cash to put down but still needs new equipment to compete and function. With affordable, transparent, and flexible payment options, it’s possible to upgrade sooner than if you had to finance through a lender or put aside funds to pay upfront.
Options include HP’s payment relief program, payment deferral, expanded deployment, and PC rental. With predictable monthly payments and a reduction in technology end-of-life risks, you can plan for success on your terms.

5. SMB rewards

HP knows that you have unique technology needs as a small business. We also know that you deserve to work with tech sales advisors that understand you and reward you with only the best service. In addition to access to knowledgeable account managers and exclusive “business-only” deals and financing, you’ll receive alerts for product sales and offers best suited to your business and budget.
You’ll never have to shop alone or guess which tech is more beneficial. Support at every step in the sales process is just one of the many perks you’ll receive as a small business client.

6. Post-purchase support for products

When you shop with HP, you won’t be left alone to figure out your tech. The small business sales and customer service team harnesses the experience and passion of inbound sales professionals, live chat reps, and customer service experts with many years of tech know-how behind them. With thorough training on HP business products, services, and systems, they’re prepared to guide you in making purchasing decisions that will most benefit your business now and in the long-term.
In fact, you’ll have a support team on hand to help with everything from installation to networking to troubleshooting. If you decide you need more ongoing help, there are many tech service packages available to augment or replace costly IT teams. You won't have to let a tight IT job market affect your ability to get the job done.

Business categories for products

No matter how much technology changes, there will always be a staple suite of products and services to help your business run more efficiently. HP offers a wide variety of options to keep you connected to customers.
  • PCs, including desktops and laptops, to help your associates get up and running quickly, with the latest Windows 11 OS technology and HP integrated small business solutions.
  • Printers, for both large and small team use, including models that work in the home office.
  • Accessories, such as keyboards, ergonomic mouse and mousepad bundles, and headsets for helping your customer clearly understand your customer support teams.


HP’s Small- and Medium-sized Business Solutions Team is designed to get you upgraded quickly and affordably. Our knowledgeable team of trusted professionals take the guesswork out of finding the best deals while providing access to the products and solutions you need. You’ll also enjoy exclusive deals, personalized product recommendations, and ongoing support when and how you need it most.
The best part about partnering with HP may just be knowing when there’s new tech available to meet the changing landscape. Whether it’s a challenge in transitioning your employees into a remote work environment or adding new PCs on a more secure network, HP’s tools and expertise span decades. The SMB support team is dedicated to helping you do it right, for less than when you shop alone.

About the Author

Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author and public speaker. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.

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