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Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs

Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs

Jamie Finch
Reading time: 7 minutes
If you're an avid gamer, you'll need a PC that will let you play your favourite titles with high-level graphic settings. Depending on which games you play, you might need a computer made specifically for gaming. You have two options: buying components separately and building a custom gaming PC from scratch or buying a prebuilt gaming PC.
If you choose the prebuilt option, there's no shortage of options to choose from, but it can be terribly time-consuming. This article looks at some of the best prebuilt gaming PCs and why it's a good idea to choose a prebuilt machine over building one yourself.

Why choose a prebuilt gaming PC?

Buying a prebuilt machine offers various benefits over building a rig yourself. Some of these benefits include the following:


When putting together a computer, it's important that each part is fully compatible with the others and that they work well together. For example, you can buy a high-end graphics card but not get the most from it unless you have the right CPU.
With so many different brands and models, it’s difficult to know which components work well together. However, if you buy a prebuilt machine, you can be confident that it has been made by experts who know how to match components with others.


When building a computer yourself, you will need to buy each component individually, usually at retail price. However, when you buy a prebuilt computer, all the components will come as a package and will most often work out to be cheaper overall.
This lower price makes it more affordable to buy a computer with the specs you need or perhaps leaves more of your budget for peripherals and games, etc. However, you will also find plenty of high-end gaming PCs to spend a lot of money on if you need the best possible performance.


Building a custom gaming PC yourself can take time. You will need to research which components to use, and it will also take time to construct the computer.
With this in mind, most people would prefer the convenience of having everything pre-selected for them on a computer that they can take home and plug in straight away. When buying a prebuilt PC, you may also have the added convenience of having a single customer service department to contact if something goes wrong with your computer.


Computer technology is constantly developing, and there will come a time when you need to upgrade your machine. However, instead of upgrading your whole computer at once, you can instead replace one component at a time as needed, making it more affordable. This is one of the reasons some people prefer a custom gaming PC since you’ll be more familiar with the parts that need to be upgraded.
However, upgradability is not a benefit limited to custom machines. You can easily upgrade separate components of prebuilt machines, too. And it will also probably be easier to find compatible parts. This means you can gradually upgrade your computer when needed, without having to buy a whole new one, to ensure you can always play the latest titles.

What to look for in prebuilt gaming PCs?

You should look for certain aspects when buying a prebuilt gaming computer. Some of these include:

Graphics card

The graphics processor unit (GPU) is essential for rendering graphics, making it a critical component for gaming machines. A more powerful GPU will be more expensive, but it will let you play the latest titles at high-detail settings.


The central processor unit (CPU) helps process data, including data coming from the GPU. This makes a good CPU important because it allows the GPU to render high-quality images quickly and smoothly.


A prebuilt gaming PC will sometimes come with peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. All of these peripherals are essential for gamers, and it pays off to pay attention to the monitor. For most, a fairly large display is the best option for gaming, while you will also want one that offers a high-quality image.
You will need to buy a monitor separately if one doesn't come with the PC. The latest machines will support a Full HD display as standard, although some higher-end models will be compatible with a 4K monitor.


RAM acts as a kind of workstation that helps computers perform their calculations, and the more RAM a computer has, the faster it is. When it comes to upgrading gaming PCs, RAM is often the first component people focus on because it tends to offer the biggest impact for its price.
RAM is also one of the easiest components to install, slotting into the motherboard seamlessly in most cases. Also, you will find that some prebuilt gaming PCs come with spare RAM slots, making upgrades easier when you need them.


The latest games will take up a lot of space, so you will need plenty of storage to keep them on your computer. Most new prebuilt gaming PCs will come with SSDs, which are smaller and faster than HDD cards. Many gamers prefer SSD cards because they help games load faster and make the computer faster overall.
Because SSD cards are more expensive, it's not uncommon to find a prebuilt gaming PC with an SSD and an HDD. The SSD will typically have a smaller capacity and is often used for installing the operating system, which means a speedy computer. Because HDDs are less expensive, a larger capacity is more affordable, so the drive is usually used for storing games and other files.


Another factor that attracts people to some prebuilt gaming PCs is how they look, and some can be very striking. Many prebuilt PCs will have glass or clear plastic sides that let you see the components inside, sometimes to stunning effect.
PCs often have lights inside and out, some of which are found on the components themselves. Other features might include liquid cooling with tubes of colored fluids that help add to the aesthetics. Of course, appearances won't help computers perform better, but their appearance makes them more appealing.

5 best prebuilt gaming PCs

There are many prebuilt gaming PCs to choose from, and here's our pick of 5 of the best.

1. OMEN 40L

OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop
The HP OMEN 40L boasts a powerful graphics card that will help ensure high-quality, smooth-flowing graphics. This computer also has a 10th Generation Intel Core™ i7 processor and a 512GB SSD alongside the option for a 1TB or 2TB HDD.
This prebuilt gaming PC supports a 4K monitor, and the motherboard comes with room for expansion. Another popular feature of this computer is that it looks fantastic with its slimline appearance, despite being on the large side. This computer also offers plenty of configuration options to help you find something that fits your needs and budget.

2. OMEN 45L

OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop
The OMEN 45L is an upper-range gaming machine that offers performance that matches its price tag. If this computer’s within your budget, you will experience impressive overall performance and top-of-the-range graphics.
This high-end prebuilt gaming PC also comes with liquid cooling that helps ensure the computer always performs well. The cooling also helps add to the aesthetic, which is a little flashy without being over the top.

3. Victus 15L

HP Victus 15L Gaming Desktop
The Victus 15L is a mid-range gaming machine that offers everything that most gamers will need, including a graphics card that ensures smooth, high-quality images. This rig is also an idea for people who need a machine for working and playing.
It comes in a variety of versions with different storage capacities, RAM, and other variables. It also comes in a slim design and is available in black or white.

4. OMEN 25L Gaming PC

OMEN 25L Gaming Desktop
The OMEN 25L Gaming PC could be just what you need if you're looking for a capable prebuilt gaming PC on a budget. Despite its relatively low cost, this computer can play most latest titles, with an exceptional NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics card in tow.
This desktop also makes a great all-rounder as well as a gaming machine and comes with a 256GB SSD with the option for an additional SSD or HDD up to 2TB.

5. OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop - AMD Ryzen™ 7 Processor

If you're looking for a powerful gaming PC that will let you play the latest titles, the OMEN 45L featuring Ryzen 7 more than fits the bill. With its powerful graphics card and CPU combination, even the most serious gamers will find this computer has all they need.
This OMEN 45L also comes with an RGB liquid cooler, ideal for keeping your game cool under pressure. Of course, with the standard NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, you may not even notice as images stream across your monitor with ease.


Above are five of the best prebuilt gaming PCs today. Which one works best for you depends on factors like its performance and how much you’re willing to pay. While it's true you will need a more expensive machine for the best performance and graphics, that doesn't mean to say gaming is out of reach on a smaller budget.
Many less expensive prebuilt gaming machines will still play the latest games, although some of the most advanced titles won't work well. Regardless, if you are happy with less graphic-intense games like Roblox and Minecraft, a budget machine might be all that you need.

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