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Best 144 Hz Monitors from HP

Best 144 Hz Monitors from HP

Jessica Childres
Reading time: 8 minutes
Adding the right monitor to your office or home office setup can make a huge difference. Whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, gamer, or anyone in between, choosing a high-quality 144 Hertz (Hz) monitor for your space can take your office to the next level.
So what does 144 Hz mean? Monitors constantly refresh to provide you with a quality image. The number refers to the number of times the monitor refreshes per second, so 144 Hz monitors refresh the image 144 times per second.
This constant refreshing provides you with crisp images, making these monitors ideal for anyone who works with pictures, videos, graphic designs, or gaming. While there are many 144 Hz monitors on the market, these five stand out from the rest.

What are the necessary features of a 144 Hz monitor?

what to look for in a 144 hz monitor
Before deciding on the best monitor for your specific office, you’ll want to consider what’s most important to you. Do you need a large screen, a curved screen for multiple vantage points, or do you need a high frame rate, or frames per second (FPS)? These great 144 Hz monitors have essential features like large screens, high pixel counts, and high FPS, providing an optimal viewing experience.
Monitors at 144 Hz take your home or corporate office to the next level, and eliminate the need to squint at pixelating images while working or playing your favorite games. Here’s a closer look at the best 144 Hz monitors.

HP Z24f G3 FHD Display

HP Z24f G3 FHD Display
If you need a large screen to tackle work projects or get the most out of gaming, consider the HP Z24f G3 FHD Display. With a 23.8-inch diagonal screen, you won’t miss a thing. This 144 Hz monitor gives you plenty of screen real estate without taking up too much space on your desk or workspace.
Its low blue light output is easy on your eyes, preventing you from getting tired and scratchy eyes, or having to wear special blue light glasses just to get your work done. In addition to these great features, 80% of the plastic is made from recycled materials, making this a sustainable option for you and the environment.
The beautiful screen boasts anti-glare technology, a brightness of 300 nits, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, creating a stunning picture every time you turn it on. With pivot rotation and a height-adjustable base, you’ll eliminate the need to sit awkwardly or lean in your chair to see the full picture.
Boasting full high definition (FHD) resolution and 99% standard red green blue (sRGB) color gamut, you’ll see every image, video, and graphic in crystal-clear color and pixels. These outstanding features make this a fanatic monitor for those in graphic design, photography, architecture, and gaming.

HP Z34c G3 WQHD Curved Display

HP Z34c G3 WQHD Curved Display
The HP Z34c G3 WQHD Curved Display provides a stunning picture and includes a 5MP webcam, giving you the confidence to face every Zoom meeting or video conference call.
The unique curved design allows you to see every pixel without having to swivel your chair. The stunning picture surrounds you and gives you the impression that you’re fully immersed in your video, game, or photo.
With a 34-inch curved screen boasting a 99% sRGB color gamut, you’ll see every image in full detail. You won’t have to sacrifice size for picture quality with this beautiful 144 Hz curved monitor. In addition to these great features, the curved monitor boasts a brightness of 350 nits and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, giving you a fully immersive viewing experience.
The Easy Eye technology reduces the amount of blue light, preventing your eyes from burning or feeling tired after a full day of work. The 5MP webcam, integrated speakers, and built-in microphone take this monitor to the next level by preparing you for every virtual meeting and enhancing your online gaming experience.
You can stay connected with your essential external devices with an HDMI port, USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C ports, and an Ethernet port. These amazing features, paired with the sustainable plastic frame made with recycled materials, make this one of the best 144 Hz monitors.

OMEN 25i Gaming FHD Monitor

OMEN 25i Gaming FHD Monitor
Whether you game for a living or enjoy a few hours of online gaming a week, the stunning OMEN 25i Gaming FHD Monitor is a great addition to your setup. The 24.5-inch diagonal screen provides you with a large and crisp picture quality, allowing you to see every play.
The FHD screen includes a 1920 x 1080 native resolution and Easy Eye technology, protecting your eyes from harmful blue light. These features give you the comfort of playing your favorite games for hours on end.
Boasting 165 Hz and a 1 ms response time, you can ensure you’ll see every single play as it unfolds. This eliminates pesky lags or missed plays, keeping you at the top of your game.
The innovative OMEN technology allows you to customize your view settings and even enhance the resolution of older games with remaster mode. This 144 Hz gaming monitor also provides a smooth transition from daytime to nighttime lighting, adjusting the brightness of your screen as needed to eliminate glares.
Compatible with most gaming consoles, this innovative monitor has a brightness of 400 nits, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a pixel pitch of 0.2832 mm x 0.2802 mm, giving you a high-quality picture with stunning colors.

OMEN 27c QHD Curved 240 Hz Gaming Monitor

OMEN 27c QHD Curved 240 Hz Gaming Monitor
The OMEN 27c QHD Curved 240 Hz Gaming Monitor boasts a 27-inch screen and a 1 ms response time, making this one of the best 144 Hz gaming monitors. The stunning screen quality and innovative curved technology make this a great option for any gaming setup.
With a brightness of 400 nits and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, you can rest assured you’re getting a high-quality picture with every play. The adjustable base and curved screen allow you to see everything without swaying around or moving positions while playing your favorite games.
The lightning-fast 240 Hz response time gives you an edge on your competition and reduces blurs in your movements, while the Easy Eye technology keeps you safe from harmful blue light as you complete your quests or battle your opponents.
You can stay connected to all of your external accessories with an audio port, HDMI port, and USB-A and USB-C ports. These convenient connections allow you to enhance your setup with things like a gaming mouse, backlit keyboard, and more.

HP Z38c 37.5-inch Curved Monitor

HP Z38c 37.5-inch Curved Monitor
For those who need an extra-large screen to complete daily projects and tasks, the HP Z38c 37.5-inch Curved Monitor is a fantastic option. This large 37.5-inch curved monitor allows you to split your screen between two tabs without missing anything.
Effortlessly navigate through every page without squinting or constantly zooming in and out. The beautiful curved effect helps you see every inch without turning in your chair to strain your neck to see each picture or word.
With a 4K 3840 x 1600 resolution, you’ll see every image, video, or game with clarity. This 144 Hz curved monitor boasts anti-glare technology and a 5 ms response time, giving you a comfortable and fast viewing experience.
The 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300 nits of brightness ensure you see every color and shadow as it’s meant to be seen. You won’t have to worry about adjusting your screen’s brightness with the auto-adjust technology, making it easy to transition from daytime work to nighttime gaming.
In addition to these outstanding features, the curved monitor includes USB-A and USB-C ports, an audio port, and an HDMI 2.0 port, allowing you to connect your accessories with ease.


With so many unique features and additions, these five devices consistently rank as the best 144 Hz monitors. Whether you need a large screen to simultaneously run multiple programs or a lightning-fast response time to enhance your gaming, these monitors have you covered.
Each 144 Hz monitor boasts a high pixel count and contrast ratio, giving you a crisp picture that feels lifelike. They also provide multiple ports, connecting you to your favorite external devices like a backlit keyboard, gaming mouse, or headset.
While they have these things in common, they’re also unique to one another. The HP Z24f G3 FHD Display provides a quality picture and a sustainable plastic frame, giving you an environmentally friendly without missing out on a crisp image.
The HP Z34c G3 WQHD Curved Display gives you an immersive experience with vibrant colors, an adjustable base, and reduced blue light production, helping you stay focused for hours.
If you’re upgrading your gaming setup, the OMEN 25i Gaming FHD Monitor is a wonderful option that provides a lightning-fast 240 Hz and 1 ms response time. The stunning OMEN 27c QHD Curved 240Hz Gaming Monitor gives you the comfort of a curved screen and the speed of a 240 Hz monitor with a 1 ms response time, making this the ultimate choice for gamers.
If you need the extra screen space to run multiple tasks and programs simultaneously, the HP Z38c 37.5-inch Curved Monitor provides a large and crisp screen that helps you stay on top of every project.
The best part is each of these 144 Hz monitors comes with the HP 3-year standard warranty, giving you the confidence to enjoy your screens to their full capabilities.

About the Author

Jessica Childres is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. She is a former PE teacher and currently lives in Panama City, Florida with her husband and two dogs. She loves reading, writing, and spending time on the beach.

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