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4 Ways Printing as a Service Can Make Your Life Easier

Reading time: 3 minutes

Stop stressing about your print fleet

Subscription services are becoming our natural default at home—raise your hand if you’ve traded your cable TV for a streaming service or use a meal kit service for weeknight dinners—as well as at work, where we all lean on service plans for network infrastructure, cloud computing, and software. Yet at many mid-sized businesses, an IT staffer can still get sidetracked for half a day dealing with a company-owned printer that’s on the fritz.
The solution? Printing as a Service—also known as your chance to not have to worry about your office printers again. (Phew.) Sound like a good idea? You’re not the only one who thinks so: By 2021, 45% of all office print device shipments worldwide are expected to be sold as part of a “print-as-a-service” contract. Here are four ways Printing as a Service will make your life easier (and earn the eternal gratitude of your IT staff).

A reasonable price—with no surprises

If you crib this article to sell your CEO on Printing as a Service (go ahead, we don’t mind!), put this point at the very top. Instead of making a big investment on new printers that have to last for years, and that you hope won’t involve any expensive repairs along the way, Printing as a Service lets you put a fixed line item in your monthly budget. Plus, since you don’t have to spend a large lump sum upfront, you can use that money for other important things your business needs.

Tech support that doesn’t burden your IT staff

The IT staffs at most midsized businesses are small and overtaxed; they don’t have a lot of extraneous manhours to troubleshoot printers that are just supposed to work without a second thought. Being able to depend on reliable printer technicians who show up when they say they will and don’t put you on the backburner offers your IT team a huge breather. And it lets them focus on the more business-specific parts of their jobs that can’t be outsourced.

An accurate assessment of your printing needs

Could your own IT staff do this? Sure, if they had the time. But time is money, and it makes more sense to ask an outside expert to analyze the types of printers you need and the number you’ll need—they may find that you don’t need as many as you think. By tracking the number of pages your company prints each month, Printing as a Service vendors can determine the hardware and supplies you’ll need going forward. Plus, if your business needs fluctuate you can add or remove printers from your plan on a month-to-month basis.

Supplies that show up when they’re supposed to

Surprise! Your printer cartridge has run out of ink—and you have to express order a new one. Or you wasted money on extra cartridges that are sitting around, collecting dust and drying out. These scenarios don’t happen when you have a Print as a Service plan, because the plan tracks your usage, predicts when you’re running out of ink and paper, and sends you a Goldilocks-sized package of supplies—not too little or too much, but just right—exactly when you need it.
Ready to give a printer subscription service a try?
HP Print At Your Service offers a predictable monthly printing subscription that includes a new printer, next-day business onsite service, and saves you up to 50% on supplies, all for a low fixed monthly fee. It’s the plan that takes care of your business needs—so you don’t have to.

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