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DaaS: What you need to know

DaaS: What You Need to Know

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Every year, technology becomes more complex and troublesome to businesses and their IT leaders.
With a growing number of devices and services deployed by staff around the globe, organizations encounter rising costs and escalating security concerns. And as retired hardware sits stacked in closets and tech innovation accelerates, organizations battle to maintain an active, safe, and relevant technological fleet.
The complexity sparks unpredictable budget pressures, heightens the struggle to keep up with end-user demands and business volatility, and increases vulnerabilities while threatening to weaken productivity.
It's a never-ending headache, but one for which a powerful new solution is emerging: HP Device as a Service (DaaS).

What is HP DaaS?

With HP DaaS, organizations pay a single monthly fee for a service that provides the product—in this case, updated, secure technology—rather than the product itself. DaaS providers can help with procuring new PCs, configuration and set up, ongoing management and tech upgrades, data migration, new tech integration, data recovery, and recycling used equipment in a safe, secure way.
Effectively outsourcing device management, DaaS ensures your business has constantly supported technology, while simultaneously providing a critical layer of financial predictability that allows you to productively, proactively, and securely manage your PC environment.
HP DaaS offerings are beginning to accelerate in the marketplace, including a recently launched enterprise-level DaaS program. HP is currently working with partners to implement DaaS for large organizations and Subscription services for small and medium-sized groups to make the service available to a greater range of businesses.

Considering DaaS for your business

For organizations seeking greater efficiency and security with the lifecycle of their technological devices, from hardware to all associated services, DaaS represents a compelling development. Organizations can offload their lifecycle management to a DaaS provider and leverage new technology. DaaS delivers:
  • Enhance device acquisition: You can pick the agreement that suits your needs and knows your precise technological costs without surprises. This cost certainty allows the business to improve cash flow, preserve capital to invest in other priorities, and develop a more predictable budget that benefits the overall organization.
  • Improve device management: DaaS provides a monitored, secured, and policy-compliant fleet that keeps your business ahead of the technological curve. Rather than scrambling to update software or integrate new hardware, you can actually plan ahead for your fleet's end of life and, with DaaS's enhanced analytics, predict and prevent costly hardware failures. DaaS will also manage, control, and safely dispose of outdated devices, wiping them clean of sensitive business data.
  • Optimize device usage: With DaaS, your business can boost employee satisfaction and business performance by providing team members high-quality, world-class devices—from smartphones and tablets to all-in-one workstations and point-of-sale systems—capable of driving workforce creativity and productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

The power of DaaS to advance your business

With HP DaaS, computer upgrades, data recovery, and new PC procurement become a thing—and burden—of the past. No more worrying about device management, configuration, optimization, and deployment.
With someone else chasing technology's ever-quickening pulse and addressing maintenance, lifecycle, and security issues, you can turn your time and attention to the strategic priorities that will help your business grow and thrive.

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