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6 Ways Device as a Service (DaaS) Will Change Your Life

6 Ways Device as a Service (DaaS) Will Change Your Life

Reading time: 3 minutes

Device as a Service? You bet! Here’s why.

What’s that sucking sound? Oh, it’s your time being zapped as you spend it dealing with all the devices your company uses. Feel this way? You’re not alone. More than half of commercial IT managers believe they spend too much time procuring devices and managing multi-platform environments, according to a recent survey by IDC. Not to mention that as soon as you acquire a fleet of devices, something newer and better comes out, instantly making your tech feel dated.
Enter Device as a Service (or DaaS for short). It’s the latest “as a service” subscription offering designed to make life easier for IT departments and modernize the way employees work.
Here are DaaS’s three key characteristics:
  • Hardware management: Things like laptops, desktops and mobile devices
  • IT services: Acquisition, configuration, installation, and end-of-life recycling
  • Subscription-based model: Pay an all-in-one monthly fee to use the hardware and access the services and support
Here are six ways DaaS is going to make your life a whole lot easier:


Gone are the days of standard-issue laptops for every new employee who walks in the door. People work differently, and good companies take the time to tailor their tech to their needs. Accommodating workplace diversity makes for happier employees, better retention, and lots of innovation. DaaS providers (such as HP®) will help you plan out the needs for every employee, then configure their devices with the right software and deploy them, too.

Up-to-date devices

Some employees may yearn for the hottest, newest devices, but most want just their tech to work without breaking down. As your company’s devices age, a DaaS provider will monitor hardware, software and system updates, as well as troubleshoot issues. (And yes, you’ll get a shiny new laptop a little sooner, too.)

Easy monitoring

How many of your company’s devices are in circulation right now? Whether there are dozens or hundreds, keeping track of all these devices and making sure they’re all in optimum shape is a huge job. A DaaS provider will provide analytics and insights for your whole fleet, including big things like security compliance and software inventory, as well as little things like battery life and hard drive health.

End-to-end lifecycle management

When the time comes, your DaaS provider will recycle any old or obsolete tech responsibly. No more sticking old laptops in the storage closet at work to collect dust. Once you’re done with a piece of tech, it disappears.


When you have a trusted partner managing all your devices, your IT team will finally have the time to work on other major projects, such as cybersecurity. In fact, the most popular part of DaaS isn’t the cost savings. According to IDC, 40% of IT pros are most excited to get their time back.


DaaS sounds great, but how do you get your CTO to pony up for a whole new additional service? By explaining that it’s simply a shift from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure - one allows you to adjust your tech on the fly as your employees’ needs changes.
Find out more about HP®'s Device as a Service, which offers smart, simplified computing solutions for today’s world.

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