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Font Solutions

Depend on HP LaserJet Font Solutions to print barcodes, customized checks, signatures, and branded marketing documents—directly from an HP LaserJet printer.

Barcode Fonts

Produce barcodes directly from your HP LaserJet printer. Choose from more than 70 types of barcodes, including both 1D and 2D barcodes. Adding barcode printing to your HP LaserJet is quick and easy.

  • Track sales and manage shipped products by printing barcodes directly from your office.
  • Diminish lengthy and inaccurate date entry — use printed barcodes to scan and enter important information.
  • Keep accurate inventory with printed barcodes.

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MICR Fonts

Print checks directly—with a professional look and feel—by installing HP MICR (E13B) Fonts on your HP LaserJet. HP MICR Fonts enable a check printing solution using your HP LaserJet. Reduce the service costs and time associated with outsourcing the printing and distribution of checks. Produce checks for payroll, refunds, bill payment and more.

  • Use HP MICR Fonts together with HP Custom Fonts  for a complete check-printing solution.
  • Incorporate consistent signatures, logos and images onto your checks.
  • Manage everything you need to print checks—including signatures and logos—from within the office.

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Custom Fonts

HP Custom Fonts enable you to create and maintain brand identity, logos and images on your checks, forms and branded marketing materials. Use HP Custom Fonts in tandem with HP MICR Fonts to print checks.

Application Support

SAP and other common large ERP environments, including most non-Windows operating system environments support HP Custom Font solutions.

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Other Font Solutions

HP Blank Programmable USB Device and HP Internal USB Port Kit.

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