Protecting or restoring forests with every print

Forest First with HP+

This means for every page you print, regardless of paper brand, HP invests in protection, restoration or responsible management of forests by collaborating with credible environmental NGOs that are recognized experts in forest ecosystems.​


With Forest First, we calculate your pages and use the best available forest science to guide our investments in the world’s most critical forest ecosystems to balance in equal measure any paper used in printing that may not have been responsibly sourced.


Forest First is available exclusively with all HP+ printers.

Current HP Forest initiatives

More locations, projects to come


HP works collaboratively with our partners WWF and Arbor Day Foundation to manage, restore, and protect forests around the world through a variety of projects. With HP+, every print - regardless of paper brand – is addressed through HP’s Forest Positive Framework to counteract risks of deforestation. HP brand paper is sourced only from certified responsibly managed forests or from recycled content.  For other brands of paper, HP invests in forest restoration, protection or management projects in key regions, for instance Brazil, sufficient to balance any paper used by HP+ customers that may not have been responsibly sourced. To learn more about HP collaborations on forests visit