HP’s approach to fair and equitable pay

Why fair and equitable pay is a priority

Ensuring we pay HP employees fairly and equitably is core to who we are. Our culture—the HP Way—is rooted in values such as uncompromising integrity, trust and respect, all of which guide how we treat each other. Equitable pay is vital to honoring that commitment.

It also benefits our business. Ensuring we pay employees fairly helps HP attract and retain brilliant people in a fiercely competitive market for talent.

Our commitment to fair and equitable pay

We believe people should be paid for what they do and how they do it, regardless of their gender, race, or other personal characteristics.

To deliver on that commitment, we benchmark and set pay ranges based on market data, and consider factors such as an employee’s role and experience, the location of their job, and their performance.

We also regularly review our compensation practices, both in terms of our overall workforce and individual employees, to ensure our pay is fair and equitable.

In addition, HP has ongoing employee development programs on topics such as growth mindset, unconscious bias, and leadership. These programs are designed to eliminate bias in performance and compensation decisions and further develop our managers and leaders.

Results of compensation reviews in the US

For the past four years and with the support of a third party, HP has reviewed the compensation of HP employees in the U.S. to ensure consistent pay practices.

We are pleased to confirm that our 2019 review, which considered relevant factors in our compensation practices, found no evidence of systemic pay inequity across the workforce.

We adjusted the pay of fewer than 25 employees (both men and women) following this recent review of more than 18,000 employees as part of our ongoing, comprehensive approach and commitment to providing fair and equitable pay. We will continue to perform these reviews on an annual basis.

True to our cultural principles and business strategy, our aim is for HP to be regarded as a leader in providing all employees with fair and equitable pay. Going forward, we will continue to regularly evaluate our approach to employee compensation, conduct reviews of our practices, and make timely and appropriate adjustments to individual employees’ pay, as needed.