What is an All-In-One Computer?

If you’re shopping for a new HP desktop computer, you may have heard the term “All-in-One” (AiO) to describe the products you’ve seen. What makes a computer an AiO? What are the advantages of this type of PC?

    Read this article to know about buying an all-in-one computer.

      All-in-One computer defined

      An AiO computer combines the monitor and computer tower into one.

        Some models have a touch screen monitor, which can minimize the need for a mouse and keyboard.

          AiO computers have all the same parts as a traditional desktop, but everything is housed in a single piece of equipment.

          Benefits of owning an All-in-One PC

          1. Streamlined design

          An AiO gives you more room to work, and it can be easily transported if you want to take your work somewhere else. Without the bulky desktop tower and monitor, it is also aesthetically pleasing and will complement your working area.

          2. Compatibility

          Since the monitor is built into the computer, you won’t have to mess with figuring out if your screen is compatible, what cords you need, or how to troubleshoot common display issues. The computer includes the right monitor technology for your operating system and hardware.

          3. Ease of use

          An AiO is also an ideal choice for younger users and seniors who may have limited computer experience. With this type of computer, you can start using it right out of the box with just simply plugging in the power.

          What to look for in an All-in-One PC

          Because it’s hard to upgrade an AiO, it’s recommended that you really think about what you need from your PC. It helps to ask yourself some basic questions about how you’ll use your new AiO:

          • Will I use the computer for browsing, gaming, or creative hobbies?
          • What monitor size do I need?
          • How much audio/visual tech do I need? Will I want a built-in webcam, speakers and sound support?
          • Do I want touch screen functionality?
          • How many ports, such as HDMI or card reading, will I need?
          • Do I want to play DVD or CD-ROM content?
          • How much storage do I need?

          Who should choose All-in-One PC?

          All-in-One computers are the best option for classroom computer labs, public libraries, shared computer rooms, and places where it's beneficial to keep the most important computer components out of reach.

            They’re also great for anyone with a small home office that has limited desk space and stationary tools.

              When shopping for an AiO PC online, sorting by your required features will easily present you with a list of computers that fit your preferences.

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