Laptop vs Desktop: Which Is Best for Home School?

Homeschooling has grown in popularity over the last decade as many educational companies provide online resources and activities to help kids with their research and to stay connected.

    So, how do you choose the best laptop or desktop for your home school? We’ll help you understand which is best for you and why picking the right computer matters to your child’s education.

    Advantages of using laptop

    Buying a new laptop is ideal for students who:

    • Need to move from room to room for privacy or networking reasons.
    • Have limited desk space, in co-op spaces, or in collaborative learning settings.
    • Want the advantages of a foldable laptop that doubles as a tablet.

    Laptops no longer suffer from limited processing power or storage capacities. Invest in a good model and they can perform just as well as their desktop counterparts.

      Today’s laptops are sturdy and light as well, making them ideal for “road schoolers,” or those who learn while they travel.

      Advantages of using desktop

      If you choose a desktop computer instead:

      • You get more computing power for gaming, creation, and entertainment at a lower price point
      • You enjoy the customizability of a desktop for future needs.
      • You want built-in components, such as extra USB, HDMI, DVD-ROM, card readers, etc.

      Desktop computers have become smaller and lighter over time. The latest models are rather slim and can often sit on the desk next to your monitor without crowding your workspace.

        You may also opt for the sleek all-in-one (AiO) models that combine everything into the display for the most efficient use of space.

        Best HP Laptops for homeschooling

        1. HP Pavilion x360

        The HP Pavilion x360 gives you the choice of working with the 360-degree hinge for a touch screen experience on the stunning Full High Definition (FHD) display.

          It’s equipped with a powerful Intel® Core™ processor so your student can easily perform multiple tasks without lag. You’ll get up to 8GB of RAM and large storage options of up to 1TB so your student can share and save all their projects.

            Recommended uses include creating videos, editing photos, using learning apps, and live-streaming courses. Weighing at just 1.6 kg, this flexible laptop can be easily taken anywhere.

              2. HP 15 Laptop

              The HP 15” (39.62 cm) laptop is a good choice for your all-around learning computer and has a slightly larger screen than the previous options.

                It comes with the choice of an Intel® Core™ or AMD Ryzen™ processor, as well as several configurations for storage, memory, and product color.

                  Whatever learning activities you do, this homeschool laptop will showcase them in brilliant color with your choice of a High Definition (HD) or Full High Definition (FHD) display screen.

                    Best HP Desktops for homeschooling

                    1. HP Pavilion Desktop

                    A solid pick for work and play, the HP Pavilion desktop is built to do what ambitious students need it to do, plus enjoying games and video streaming in their free time.

                      This PC features a sleek chassis design and powerful components of an Intel® Core™ processor, 8GB of memory, up to 2TB of HDD storage, and the optional NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics.

                        Paired to a display with FHD resolution and a keyboard and mouse, there is no end to the way kids can learn and create with this desktop. It’s also great for families who love to have fun together.

                          2. HP All-in-One PC

                          If you don’t want to shop for a separate monitor and accessories, go with the HP All-in-One (AiO) PC. The computer’s components are built into the back of the display, so you can quickly get started.

                            This savvy desktop has everything you need to start learning right out of the box including a mouse, keyboard, webcam, and speakers, so you can just plug and play within minutes.

                              With an Intel® or an AMD processor, up to 8GB memory, and 1TB of storage (with more available), you can rely on this desktop for years of homeschool activities.

                                Things to consider before buying

                                It can be hard to know exactly what you’ll need in a homeschool computer. Here are some things to consider before you begin your search:

                                • Consider getting more memory, storage, and processing speed than you estimate you'll need. Storage fills up fast, especially if you download multimedia projects often or save learning apps to your computer. If your child plays games or does anything in the creative arts, look at upgrading the specs up to the most you can afford.
                                • Prepare for the worst with an HP Care Pack. These protection plans can save you money on unexpected repairs, accidents, spills, and more. Kids are kids, after all, and you can save money and limit interruptions to their learning when you know your brand-new computer is covered.


                                A quality desktop or laptop PC prepares your children for the skills they need to function as productive adults in our tech-savvy world.

                                  The convenience of a laptop is undeniable, but desktop PC is great if you want more computing power for the price. The best computer for homeschooling will be the one your family can rely on for years of learning at home.

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