HP Indigo General Commercial Print

The future of print is here, and it’s your move. HP Indigo empowers

you to do more than you thought possible…if only you Dare To Imagine.

Digital isn’t just for short runs anymore, longer runs can now affordably utilize digital flexibility. It‘s your turn to thrive in a marketplace booming with new, high-margin ways to grow.

Complete your Fleet. A portfolio to power your plans.

Introducing the world’s only B2 portfolio featuring high-quality, true digital solutions for an array of production needs.

Break the Mold- Redefine what you to do and how you do it.

We’ve paired the best of offset with the best of digital. Behold—the best of both worlds. Part offset. Part digital. 100% optimized for commercial print success. 

An Ecosystem for Expansion

HP Indigo presses are engineered as part of an ecosystem with full end-to-end solutions. You have instant access to systems, partners and support that are designed to coexist within your operation and to supercharge any workflow. 

Power up your production efficiency

Generate the best results at the lowest cost

Customized high-value offerings

Consumers demand highly crafted and personalized solutions and are willing to spend up to 50% more. The personalized products market is expected to grow by 55% to $31billion by 2021. Drive higher value with HP’s unique mass-customization capabilities to produce endless personalized products.

Stand out with premium quality, unlimited color and media potential

Deliver application versatility with superior print quality. HP Indigo ElectroInk is an exclusive ink formulation that, together with HP’s LEP Technology, enables extended color gamut with the largest variety of inks and media available in the digital printing industry.

Dare to imagine new business
opportunities in commercial print

Visionaries get ahead & stay ahead with HP Indigo

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Reach operational excellence with the help of robust workflow and production tools along with industry’s fastest time-to-color

HP Indigo 100K Digital Press

Born to Run, from competitive short runs to long term strategic gains. HP’s most productive B2 digital solution with true digital nonstop print capabilities, at 6,000 sheets per hour.

HP Indigo 15k Digital Press

The press that will have you saying yes to any application, on any substrate, in any run length. Leveraging the groundbreaking technology of the world’s best-selling B2 digital press and the next generation of the renowned, market-winner.

HP Indigo 7K Digital Press

One press, endless opportunities. The HP Indigo 7K Digital Press enables endless applications—and customer satisfaction—with the widest range of media and over 20 specialty inks.

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HP Indigo places you at the forefront of brand protection. Help your customers gain and maintain control with innovative security solutions.


In a world where customers demand highly crafted solutions, only HP Indigo technology gives you the agility to meet any need for any type of print job.


Bring your business into the circular economy today and prepare to excel in the new way that print will be done.