Smart Print Factory by HP

Define what’s next and build your smart print factory of the future.  Create a business that’s right for the times and built to thrive for generations to come.

Powered People

Give employees tools to achieve more and grow in a thriving business.

PrintOSx powers the skills, role and performance of every person in your plant. Increase the scope and impact of their work, with a range of automation tools and support to assist them in becoming more connected, proactive and effective.

Data Driven Decisions

Elevate every element of your factory with data analytics and tools that take business performance to a higher level.

PrintOSx equips you to adopt and refine best practices based on performance data. Manage digital assets effectively with real-time information.

High Value Opportunities

Create value for your customers and bring on lucrative new opportunities for your business.

When you’re aligned with a powerful global network, high margins and high-value applications become your new normal. Inspiration is a daily occurrence and your portfolio stays ahead of the fast-breaking tastes and trends that drive high-value prospects.

Software Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

Software Applications to Help You Run Your Business

Print Beat app

Gain visibility into your press’ performance and act on real time and historical data-driven insights to improve print operations.

PrintOS Mobile app

Enjoy absolute control over your print operations from virtually anywhere, at any time, from any device.

PrintOS Print Beat OEE

Improve operations, reduce overtime, save on labor, and increase press output by up to 20%3

Knowledge Zone

Access the latest technical information, and tips and tricks, for continuous learning.

HP Site Flow

See how one solution can streamline your business from orders to shipments.

Color Beat app

Increase operational efficiency and use color to your competitive advantage. Ensure color consistency across presses and sites, and track your color performance from anywhere.

HP PrintOS Production Pro server for Indigo Labels & Packaging

The most advanced Labels & Packaging Digital Front End (DFE) we have ever created, supporting even the most challenging workflows.

HP PrintOS Production Pro server for Indigo Commercial

Eliminate manual pre-press work with an easily automated pre-press suite, PrintOS integration, and remarkably fast RIP capabilities to handle more jobs.

Substrate Manager

Centrally manage and share all substrate properties. Turn color into a competitive advantage while significantly cutting color calibration effort and costs.

Media Locator app

Easily track and download directly to your press HP-certified media certified for optimal ink adhesion, run-ability, color profile, and productivity.

Resource Manager

Centrally manage resources of in-shop devices such as DFEs.

PrintOS Direct-to-Finish

Automate your bindery, improve turnaround time, and reduce labor costs with HP PrintOS Direct-to-Finish. This optional add-on to HP Production Pro allows the creation and delivery of JDF instructions to supported finishing devices.

Service Center app

Get a single point of access to all HP service tools and processes.

PrintOS Box

Automatically capture files from various sources, facilitate communication with print buyers, and easily prepare and submit jobs to production

PrintOS Composer

Save time by easily and efficiently composing variable data jobs of any size on the cloud.

PrintOS Imposer

Easily impose jobs for print-ready output. Available as a standalone tool, or as part of PrintOS Box app.

HP PrintOS Designer with HP Mosaic and HP Collage

Produce sophisticated, high-value applications using a simple and affordable variable data tool, perfect for designing targeted campaigns.

PrintOS Marketplace

Access the PrintOS community platform to monetize ideas, share knowledge, and leverage opportunities for growth, innovation, and production efficiency.

Labels and Packaging Partners

Drive efficient and profitable production and create applications that will stand-out on the shelf, using partner solutions for HP Indigo labels and packaging presses.¹ The combination of HP’s leading technology and workflow software with finishing partners’ solutions enable print service providers to produce profitable applications such as labels, in-mold labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, and folding cartons.





Xright pantone






Commercial Printers

Increase your productivity and streamline your production flow with partner solutions for HP Indigo commercial presses. By combining HP’s leading digital print and workflow software with finishing partners’ solutions, you can open new markets and produce high-value applications such as personalized marketing collateral, photo books, and sophisticated direct mail.


Areal Media












Color Logic



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1. Some applications are available for a fee or may be provided at no additional charge with a service contract.

2. The HP PrintOS Print Beat Mobile Application is compatible with Android™ 4.0 or later and iPhone mobile digital devices running iOS 8 or later, and requires the press/printer and the smart phone to be connected to the Internet.

3. Based on customers’ beta program evidence.