HP REFLCT - Discover your digital self HP REFLCT - Discover your digital self


Discover your digital self


Experience a science-based tool that will show you the shape of your digital life like you’ve never seen. Take a few minutes to contemplate your digital behavior. There is no right or wrong answer - it’s unique to you and a way to reflect on how you engage with digital tools.


What is REFLCT?

The world of tech evolves daily and with our need to understand our use of it. REFLCT is a tool to help people discover the nature of their digital interactions, usage and choices. Once they see the way their digital life is balanced we hope they REFLCT on what they’ve learned and consider ways in which to adjust their tech interactions.

The science behind REFLCT

Prevent device problems with HP TechPulse, the platform behind many HP Services. Secure, cloud-based, and AI-driven, its insights guide smart decisions.


How to REFLCT?

To help you discover your digital self we’ll ask you 10 questions in 4 areas, each visualised as an interactive layer.



This layer prompts thinking about your digital connections and how they make you feel rather than time spent on them. 



Productivity and technology go hand-in-hand. Here you’ll reflect on how achievements can help or hinder your day. 


Health and wellbeing

Tech plays an important role in health, spend some time thinking about how you can best use it to improve yourself.



You may be surprised at how you view your content binges and you’ll learn the role they play towards your headspace. 


Your REFLCTion

With millions of outcomes, each REFLCTion is unique - discover how small changes can impact your digital self’s balance.


Ready to dive in and meet your digital self?

Launch the REFLCT experience and start your journey to more mindful digital interaction now.