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Workplace of the Future

Workplace of the Future

Reading time: 2 minutes

Check out our infographic showing what the workplace of the future will look like:

Workplace of the Future Infographic

Infographic transcription:

Where you’ll work

Nine-to-five offices are a thing of the past. This is the future:
  • Agile workspaces - for individual productivity
  • Informal meeting areas - for co-creation and collaboration
  • Interactive conference rooms - for meetings and collaboration
  • Integrated communal spaces - for socialization and wellness
80% of Millenials believe highly flexible work environments have positive impacts.

Light and airy

Natural light, views of nature, and quality air contribute to the happiness and health of employees.

How you’ll work

Mobility is everything
  • You’ll use fewer devices that will do more things on the go. PC’s will be reserved for complex and demanding tasks.
  • By 2023, the average knowledge worker will be up to 10% more productive than today, thanks to machine learning and cognitive technologies.
40% of professionals’ time is spent in conference calls.
Collaboration takes new forms
  • All work will be routed through a centralized workNET. It will have comprehensive backup, auditable histories, and intricate permissions for new staff and contractors.
  • All-inclusive holographic meetings will replace clunky conference calls.
  • AI-translated inter-language conversations.

Cybersecurity in the anywhere age

A flexible workforce demands extra safety measures. In the future, security will focus on:
  • Identity
  • Endpoint threat management
  • Encryption technologies
  • Policy enforcement and compliance solutions
  • Audit trails in forensic investigations
  • End-user devices with security configurations

What You Can Do Now

Plan for cybersecurity
Plan for data security where multiple devices can access data from multiple locations.
Futureproof your devices
  • Use Device as a Service solution to keep up with the latest upgrades.
  • 92% of Forbes Global companies reported data breaches in the past year.
Invest in cloud collaboration
Implement a solution for remote access and editing/storage of files.
Invest in cloud communication
Ensure seamless communication both in and out of the office.

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