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Sure to Keep Malware Away

‘Sure’ to Keep Malware Away

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The latest in secure technology

You know cybersecurity is as critical to your business as putting locks on your doors and windows at your home. But did you know it’s likely that some hacker already has a key to unlock your computer systems?
Every time your employees send an email or transfer a file, whether it’s from the office or some remote location, they’re opening up your company to attack – unless you have the appropriate safeguards in place.
According to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation report, 43 percent of all network breaches target small businesses. Of those, the report found 28 percent involve malware, which is a broad category of security threats that includes viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, adware and spyware.
Malware is becoming more sophisticated and hazardous for the average small- and medium-sized business. In 2017, the average malware-related cost was estimated at more than $1 million. And malware often comes out of nowhere to target large groups of businesses. Indeed, “zero-day attacks” accounted for nearly 40 percent of all threats late last year, according to a recent WatchGuard report.
With such staggering potential to destroy the best efforts of struggling small businesses, you would think more could be done about the problem. But unfortunately, many budget-minded businesses continue to hang onto old computers rather than considering newer models that fight malware.

This is where HP Sure Sense can help. Co-engineered with Deep Instinct, Sure Sense harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enable real-time malware protection. It basically scans all activity on the computer looking for known threats as well as odd behavior and determines if there’s something to worry about. If so, it stops and quarantines any potential malicious activity.

Fight fire with fire

One of the things that makes Sure Sense special is that it fights fire with fire (in a way). An increasing amount of malware today is actually built using AI. Sure Sense not only uses AI to similarly identify unknown malware but learns based on what it sees and then predicts other potential malware threats. As a result, HP® believes Sure Sense can detect 99 percent of unknown malware in just 20 milliseconds.
For small business PC users, this can be huge. It means potentially heading off attacks that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars related to downtime and missing or corrupt data. It could also mean saving the company altogether since many small businesses fold shortly after a cyberattack.

Deployment made simple

Deploying Sure Sense is simple. It just takes a corporate commitment to investing in more modern hardware. The feature will be available on the new HP EliteBook 800 G6 series as well as the HP ZBook 14u and HP ZBook 15u notebooks.
Upgrading to these computers offers other security features as well, including HP Sure Start, the world’s only self-healing BIOS[1] for protection against firmware attacks as well as optional HP Sure Recover with Embedded Reimaging to quickly reduce system recovery time. HP®’s updated portfolio also includes optional HP Sure View Gen3[2], the latest generation of the company’s award-winning integrated privacy screen.
These types of innovations are reinventing the cybersecurity playing field for small businesses. They give companies like yours a fighting change of staying ahead of the constantly evolving landscape of cyberthreats, which has been HP®’s intent for years.
HP® "has made their stand on being the most secure vendor in the market space" with Sure Sense, Juan Fernandez, vice president of managed IT services at Oklahoma City-based ImageNet Consulting recently told CRN. “They are coming out swinging for the fences on this thing. There's nobody else doing this.”
[1] Based on PC competitors as of April 1, 2019 with >1m units annually with BIOS level detection and self-healing, attack detection in runtime memory, BIOS configuration and policy protection.
[2] HP Sure View integrated privacy screen is an optional feature that must be configured at purchase and is designed to function in landscape orientation.

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