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How to Perform an HP Warranty Check

How to Perform an HP Warranty Check

Cameron Cashman
Reading time: 8 minutes
While HP’s products are designed with durability and longevity in mind, we offer a limited warranty on most of our devices. If you’re interested in learning whether or not your HP device is covered under warranty, you’ll want to perform an HP Warranty check, which can be done in several different ways.
This article gives a brief overview of how to check the warranty status of HP desktop and laptop PCs, tablets, and printers.

Checking your HP warranty based on your device

Checking your HP warranty based on device

Step 1: gather information

If you’re experiencing an issue with one of your HP devices and would like to look into your warranty and support options, it’s important to gather as much relevant information as possible.
If you’re using a desktop PC, notebook, or tablet, you’ll need to identify the device’s operating system. This should be easy, as most of HP’s systems run Windows 10 or 11. The one exception is HP Chromebooks, which run Google’s ChromeOS instead.
Also, take note of any external peripherals being used when the problem occurred, as well as any software you may have been running at the time.
The most important information to have on hand is the product’s name, model number, and serial number. You can use the name and model number to locate additional support instructions on the HP website, as well as download any necessary drivers or software updates.
The serial number is unique to your specific device. It can be used to check warranty information and receive service directly from HP or an authorized retailer. There are a few different ways to locate a serial number, depending on the type of device you’re using.

HP desktop PCs

To find the product name, model number, and serial number of an HP desktop PC, look for a label placed on the device itself.
On traditional desktop PC towers, the label can typically be found on the front, back, top, or one of the sides.
If you’re using an All-in-One desktop PC, this label is usually on the back of the device. For curved All-in-One models, you’ll need to locate a small tab on the bottom edge of the computer. Pull it out to reveal the label.
You can also find this label on the box the product was shipped in.
If you’re unable to locate the label, you can try using the HP System Information app. Search Windows for HP System Information or press and hold CTRL + ALT + S on your keyboard. A window should pop up displaying the necessary information.
Alternatively, you can use the HP Support Assistant software. Instructions for how to use it can be found below, under “Step 2: check HP warranty status.”

HP notebook and tablet PCs

For laptop PCs and tablets, check for a label on the bottom or back of the device. If the battery is removable, you may also find the information within the battery compartment. It can also be found printed on the kickstand of certain tablets.
HP Chromebooks also have the model and serial numbers printed on a label, which is typically found on the bottom of the device. Alternatively, reboot the Chromebook and press ALT + V on the login screen to view system information.
If you’re having trouble finding the label on your laptop or tablet, you can also press and hold CTRL + ALT + S on your keyboard to bring up system information. Finally, you can read on for instructions on how to use the HP Support Assistant software.

HP printers

Like with other HP products, a printer’s name, model number, and serial number can be found on a label; check the back or bottom of the device itself.
You can also use the HP Smart printing app from your Android or iOS mobile device to locate information about your printer. Download and install the HP Smart app, then create an account if you haven’t already.
After you’ve logged in, you should see your printer listed in the app. Select it, then tap Printer Information to display the product and serial numbers.
The HP Support Assistant can be used to identify printers, as well. Read ahead for instructions on how to use it.

Step 2: Check HP warranty status

Once you’ve gathered the necessary information, there are two different ways to check the warranty status of your HP device. If you were able to locate the serial number, the easiest way is to use the Product Warranty Checker.

Product warranty check using an HP serial number

With your serial number ready, open the HP Product Warranty Checker in your web browser.
Then, select the country or region where you purchased your HP product. Below that, enter your product’s serial number and click Check Warranty. Any relevant warranty and service information will be displayed in your browser.

HP warranty lookup via Support Assistant software

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to locate your product’s serial number, consider using the HP Support Assistant software. It can display the product name, model number, and serial number, as well as any warranty information.
It can also provide additional troubleshooting tips and automated fixes to common issues.
Keep in mind that to use the Support Assistant software, you must be connected to the internet.

Windows 10+ / Chrome OS

If you haven’t already, download and install the HP Support Assistant software. If you’re on a Windows device, simply click Download HP Support Assistant 9. If you’re on an older machine and receive an error that your operating system is incompatible, try downloading the legacy version instead.
There is also a ChromeOS version of the software that can be launched from the Chrome browser. Install the HP Service Assistant extension from the Chrome Web Store, then launch it by clicking the Launch HP Support Assistant for ChromeOS button here.
Once inside the Support Assistant you’ll find all your HP products, including the device you’re using, listed under My Devices. Here, you can check information about each device.
  • For desktop computers, select “My desktop”
  • For laptop and tablet computers, select “My notebook”
  • For printers, select “My printers”
After selecting the appropriate device, navigate to the Warranty and services tab to display relevant information about your device’s warranty. If the warranty has expired, you can find other possible solutions here as well.

Android / iOS

There may be situations where the issue you’re experiencing prevents you from using your device, and you may be unable to access HP Support Assistant from your PC or tablet. If this is the case, you can try using the Support Assistant mobile app for Android or iOS.
After you install the app, simply open it, and select Warranty and Service Contracts to display any relevant warranty information about your registered HP devices.

HP warranty and support information

Every HP device comes with a limited hardware warranty period. You can typically find the duration listed on the product page. HP only offers warranties on HP and Compaq-branded devices. Non-HP products purchased on the HP store may have their own warranties - you should check the manufacturer’s website for more information.

HP limited hardware warranty

HP limited hardware warranty
The HP Limited Hardware Warranty ensures HP will repair, replace, or refund any HP products found to be defective due to materials or workmanship during the warranty period.
Before contacting support, you may want to first try updating drivers and software, loading the most recent firmware, and running HP Diagnostics and Utilities. Be sure to check product documentation for potential solutions as well. If suggestions within product documentation have been ineffective, you can receive support by contacting HP via online chat, phone, or email.
The HP limited warranty period starts on the date of purchase or installation by a service provider. As such, you may need to provide a sales or delivery receipt as proof of purchase.
Keep in mind that this hardware warranty does not apply to damage as a result of an accident, misuse, abuse, or contamination of a virus. Additionally, HP will not support devices modified or serviced by anyone other than HP or an authorized service provider.
Many HP products have been designed with Customer Self Repair (CSR) in mind. If support identifies an issue that can be solved with CSR, replacement parts will be shipped to you.
If support determines a full replacement is a more appropriate solution, HP will ship you a replacement product. You may be required to send back the defective product, typically 5 to 15 days after receiving the replacement.
Alternatively, support might request that you send the affected product in for repair or bring it to an authorized HP service provider for more in-depth troubleshooting.

HP Care Packs

Those looking for extra protection from accidental damage like drops and spills should consider purchasing an HP Care Pack for their device. HP Care Packs give you more support options, including 24/7 remote technical assistance and a guaranteed seven-day repair turnaround.
Hesitant to purchase a warranty you’re afraid you’ll never use? One of the great things about HP Care Packs is that they’re refundable - if you don’t end up using the benefits of your HP Care Pack, you’ll receive a rebate in the mail.
There are several different Care Pack options to choose from depending on the type of device you’ve purchased.


While we hope you’ll never have to take advantage of it, HP is proud to offer easy-to-access support for all of our devices, from desktops to printers and more. Visit HP’s website for more information about our limited warranty and technical support policies.

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