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HP ENVY x2 Laptop Review

HP ENVY x2 Laptop Review

Michelle Wilson
Reading time: 9 minutes
As a mobile professional, it matters which tools a user brings along on out of town trips and commutes. Without a capable machine, you may find yourself working inefficiently. For example, many laptop users put up with a device with poor battery power. The resulting dead computer means work productivity is cut short.
Other laptop-dependent users may end up relying on a display that’s too small, squinting at a cluttered monitor. These add up to serious distractions and frustrations that make finishing a to-do list an elusive goal.
The HP ENVY x2 is a laptop for users who need flexible options and consistent performance from their device, day after day. It’s built for those on the move. The right PC must fit into a busy lifestyle full of business meetings, flights, and presentations.
The HP ENVY X2 can streamline complex workflows and make quick work of productivity goals. It’s time to experience an entirely new world of computing and walk into the next business meeting, airport gate, or hotel room with a modern tool that works as hard as you do.

Battery life

One of the main drawbacks of a laptop is that you must rely on its battery if you are working on-the-go. Even high-end laptops can be characterized by a battery that dies after just a few hours, especially if the user is using CPU-intensive applications like video editing software or needs numerous browser windows open for reference or research.

How the HP ENVY x2 battery stacks up

The HP ENVY x2 has powerful batteries that can outlast others in its class, allowing users the ability to work and play without stopping for a power top-off. The HP ENVY x2 helps reduce those feelings of battery anxiety that laptop users may feel, depending on the proximity of outlets.
If you’ve ever been at an airport or in a crowded coffee shop, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get to an outlet in time. The HP ENVY x2 frees users from the need to strategize where they must sit in order to keep their laptop power topped up. Sit outside and work al fresco or simply take your pick of seats at your favorite cafe without worrying about outlet proximity.
In addition to increasing workday productivity, the HP ENVY x2 also boasts 22 hours of local video playback and 19 hours of wireless streaming. Whether you need long battery life for work or for play, the HP ENVY x2 can stand up to the challenge.

Fast charge gets you back in the game

When the battery does begin to get low, HP Fast Charge kicks in so the battery is quickly restored to full charge. In fact, with this convenient feature, battery power can be at 0% and increase to a 90% charge in about 90 minutes.
Over 1000 hours of connected standby life allows users to stay connected for instant updates to both email and calendar notifications.

Collaborative features

The HP ENVY x2 also features many collaborative features perfect for business professionals. After all, modern businesses require collaborative effort. From coordinating sales calls, brainstorming, or meeting with remote clients, nobody wants to appear unprofessional with a poor connection. It’s terrible to be the person constantly repeating the question, “Can you hear me?”

Stellar optics

Substance is more important than optics but with the front HP Wide Vision 5MP IR camera and rear 12MP HP Webcam, users will experience a crystal-clear picture for those interactions when face time matters. Every detail can be displayed accurately, pixel by pixel, thanks to the Qualcomm® Adreno™ 540 GPU and a 6.9-mm thick display. The 12.3-inch diagonal WUXGA+ IPS BrightView WLED-backlit multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass monitor will ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

Quality audio

Bang & Olufsen dual speakers deliver incredible sound quality so users can hear everything they need to. The HP ENVY x2 was designed with collaboration and movement in mind for professionals who rely on tech to make the most out of the workday.

Functional and intuitive with thoughtful details


The HP ENVY x2 boasts a full-sized island keyboard which means that professionals can work naturally instead of feeling cramped. A full-sized keyboard also helps users avoid mistyping. This keyboard is just one of the specially-engineered components constructed to support professional endeavors with comfort top of mind.

Thin and light

At only 1.54 lbs in tablet mode and 2.67 lbs in laptop mode, laptop users won’t have to worry about carrying around a cumbersome piece of technology. Most people agree that they prefer a light laptop for traveling, commuting, or otherwise being on-the-go. The low-profile design easily slips into a bag or briefcase. The HP ENVY x2 means users can focus on the destination and not on how to fit a laptop into travel plans.

Connections and ports

This modern machine also features a variety of connections for any necessary peripherals. Ports and connections include a micro SD card reader, a USB Type-C port, a combo audio jack, volume rocker, and a SIM card reader to expand the laptop’s potential.

Durable and strong to outlast life’s accidents

Life involves movement and occasionally, accidents. Drops, bumps, and scratches are all inevitable parts of a device’s life. In some cases, these parts of daily life may spell the end for a regular computer or tablet. Unless, of course, a user invests in the HP ENVY x2, which is the perfect complement for a bustling lifestyle.
Nobody intends to drop their computer but mistakes happen. The only preventative measure users can take is picking tech that is as robust as it is powerful.
The HP ENVY x2’s design features hardy design elements such as Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This tough-as-nails material keeps the display protected from scratches and drops so a crystal-clear display can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

Performance details for high-octane requirements

The HP ENVY x2 boasts Qualcomm® Snapdragon 835 which delivers incredible power for multi-tasking. For users, this means the computer won’t lag under the pressure of high octane computing tasks. The HP ENVY x2 can manage computing with ease. Users will also be able to choose up to 256GB of storage so there’s plenty of room for an abundance of applications and files.

Design elements that easily fit into any lifestyle

As a professional, it’s important to look the part. The HP ENVY x2 makes for a stylish addition that lends any professional the confidence to get down to business. Perception matters, especially in business where first impressions can make or break an interaction. Walk into any business meeting with the HP ENVY x2 knowing this laptop is built with high-end users in mind.
Included with the HP ENVY x2 is a chic, versatile, leather-like keyboard case which can be adjusted until you achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Thoughtful features to enhance computing

Included with the HP ENVY X2 laptop is a USB-C to USB-A dongle as well as an HP Digital Pen in natural silver so users can work in a natural way. Cortana is also included, a virtual personal assistant that gives users the ultimate in convenience. Ask Cortana to complete a variety of tasks like playing a song or checking to see if it’s going to rain later. Cortana will provide users with the answer and remind busy professions of any upcoming events and appointments. With Cortana, users get the experience of having a competent secretary that helps streamline to-do lists and schedules.
The fanless design of this laptop means the device runs cool and quiet so laptop users never have to worry about distracting fan noises interrupting productivity.

HP x2 makes it easy to stay connected

One of the most impressive features of the HP ENVY x2 is the built-in 4G LTE which means users can connect safely and securely, wherever they happen to be. It also reduces the risk of a malicious cybercriminal accessing private data over public WiFi, a serious peril any time users connect to a public WiFi network.
However, with 4G LTE, business professionals and casual laptop users no longer have to live WiFi to WiFi. This feature makes it easy to access the internet, stream shows, and check email from anywhere with this lightning-fast connection.

Security to keep important data safe

Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from the most secure Windows ever made with fast boot times, increased responsiveness and added protection against phishing and malware.

Three modes for total flexibility and control

Laptop users don’t often work in one place all day, so why should a laptop? The HP ENVY x2 allows users to power through closing sales or writing blogs in traditional laptop mode. In tablet mode, create art or take notes in an intuitive way that feels like a pen to paper. Pair with an HP digital pen and release a hidden, inner artist. This pressure-sensitive stylus gives users a natural feel and allows for a large range of shading and color effects.
The magnetic hinge design supports a variety of viewing angles so users always get the best seat in the house.

HP ENVY family of laptops was made for all types of users

The HP ENVY x2 represents a departure from the expected. In a sea of basic laptops and devices that offer users the bare minimum, the HP ENVY x2 is built for more. But if you’re looking for another product that suits your needs, every laptop in the HP ENVY series is well known for its stylish design and hidden power.

HP ENVY x360 laptop

Perhaps the HP ENVY x360 is more your speed. Thin and light, this laptop boasts a distinct design for optimizing productivity on-the-go. FHD resolution delivers incredible visuals complemented by a 3-sided micro-edge display. A backlit keyboard allows users to continue working in the dark when those impending deadlines loom.
If you tend to forget your passwords, the HP ENVY x360 has a solution for that. A built-in fingerprint reader allows users to access everything they need with a simple touch of the fingerprint reader.
As cybersecurity concerns continue to grow, privacy and security are extremely important. And the HP ENVY x360 is replete with options to keep users and their private information safe from cybercriminals. The built-in Webcam has a kill switch in case there are prying eyes who try to hack into the device’s webcam.
In addition, laptop-users can enjoy the privacy that comes with the HP Sure View Privacy Screen. With the flip of a switch, the screen will only be visible to the user alone and not would-be visual hackers attempting to gain access to sensitive information in a public place.
Enjoy the HP ENVY x360 in four different modes that include traditional laptop mode, tablet mode, reverse mode, and tent mode. You can customize this laptop so it fits your lifestyle and meets your specific needs.
Whatever laptop you’re looking for, HP® is ready to provide you with the best device suited to your work and play style.

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