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HP Pavilion x360 Convertible A Complete Review

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible: A Complete Review

Daniel Russo
Reading time: 6 minutes
One of the best things about owning a convertible laptop is the freedom and flexibility of being able to use the laptop traditionally with a mouse and keyboard, or as a large tablet that can take entertainment and productivity to the next level.
HP’s Pavilion x360 Convertible takes all the things people love about a convertible laptop and bumps them up to another level with features that enhance entertainment and productivity. Like other convertible laptops, the Pavilion x360 can rotate a full 180 degrees to be used as a tablet or 90 degrees to be positioned like a tent. This handy design allows users to take advantage of the beautiful 15.6-inch full high-definition (FHD) screen, a 178-degree viewing angle, and onboard B&O Speakers for a cinematic sound experience. Thanks to a large onboard battery, the Pavilion x360 can keep streaming for up to 11 hours and 15 minutes.
Once you’re done streaming your favorite show, you can flip the Pavilion x360 back over and get back to work with a screaming 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, Iris® Xe GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid-state drive.
Let’s jump and learn more about this entertainment and productivity powerhouse.

Convertible laptop built for entertainment

Convertible laptop built for entertainment
At the core of the Pavilion x360 experience is a 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080), multitouch-enabled IPS display that offers a seamless edge-to-edge glass design with micro-edge bezels. Colors from your favorite streaming program, movie, or game are beautifully rendered in FHD glory thanks to IPS (in-plan-switching) technology. IPS has long been considered the industry standard for the accurate reproduction of color across a wide variety of applications, allowing the HP Pavilion x360 to really pack a punch.
In addition to the superior levels of color reproduction and consistency, IPS technology also offers a superior viewing angle for users. Whether in its standard laptop mode or being used as a tablet that’s propped up in tent mode for a more TV-like viewing experience, the Pavilion x360 offers a stunning 178-degree viewing angle. This means that the color-rich experience of your favorite show, movie, or game doesn’t have to be enjoyed directly in front of the Pavilion x360. If you have some friends over for a watch party, this ultra-wide viewing angle will ensure that everyone has a solid viewing experience.
Touch screen capability is also a highlight of the Pavilion x360 experience. Rather than interact with the x360 solely with a mouse, you can utilize the multi-touch IPS panel instead. Windows 12, which comes standard on every Pavilion x360, is designed to work with touch screen panels, and offers subtle features that make the experience seamless. Once you rotate the screen and put the Pavilion x360 into tablet mode, the touch screen comes into its own. Touch screen capability makes the HP Pavilion x360 more productive and flexible for various uses.
Immersive sound is a must for any movie, game, or show and the Pavilion x360 delivers with Audio by B&O built in. Regarding high-fidelity sound experiences, the sound engineers at B&O have been delivering premium sound in everything from home high-fidelity systems to luxury car stereos for nearly 100 years. Despite their diminutive size, these dual speakers from B&O bring a high-fidelity sound that will enhance everything from a video call with a client to your favorite action movie.

PC performance to match the good looks

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 15-er1047nr
A beautiful IPS display is nothing with some serious horsepower to back it up, and the Pavilion x360 brings the power with a 12th Gen Intel Core processor.
Code-named “Alder Lake,” the 12th Gen Intel Core processor in the Pavilion x360 offers 10 total cores, including eight efficiency cores and two performance cores, for balanced power usage and overall performance. Known in the PC community for its incredible speed, the 12th Gen Intel Core processor offers a Max Turbo Frequency of 4.4 GHz, courtesy of Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Intel’s latest processors offer substantial performance over their 11th-generation counterparts and make a great companion to everything from gaming to creative endeavors, like photo editing or video editing. Bottom line, this machine screams.
In addition to the screaming fast 12th Gen Intel Core processor, the Pavilion x360 also includes a dedicated Intel Iris Xe Graphics GPU to help boost multitasking and graphic-intensive functions. Iris Xe offers support for multiple 4K monitors (up to three) and gives extra horsepower for users to are editing photos or videos on their Pavilion x360. Working with the latest generation of Alder Lake processors, Iris Xe also provides smooth, HD gaming. All this in a thin and lightweight laptop? Thanks to Iris Xe and Intel 12th Gen processors, it’s absolutely a reality.
On top of the top-shelf 12th Gen Intel Core processor and Iris GPU, the Pavilion x360 also offers a 16GB of DDR4-3200 MHz RAM and a 256GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 solid state hard drive (SSD). Having 16GB of RAM on board means that multi-tasking and graphic-intense applications, like games or photo editing software, will run smoother and faster. Built to fire up in a snap, the Pavilion x360’s SSD provides plenty of storage space that’s lightning-fast in a variety of scenarios.

Long battery life means more fun

Long battery life means more fun
Part of the joy of owning a convertible laptop is the ability to take your entire PC with you and have an entertainment/productivity workhorse on the road. Unless you have solid battery life, running on the road can be more hassle than it’s worth.
HP loads the Pavilion x360 with a 3-cell, 43 Wh Li-ion polymer battery that’s good for eight hours and 30 minutes of normal PC usage and 11 hours and 15 minutes for video streaming. For a thin and light machine that only weighs 3.96 lbs and has a touch screen on board, this is quite a feat of engineering. Once you run out of juice, HP has you covered with HP Fast Charge. All you need to do is power down your Pavilion x360, plug in with included adapter, and HP Fast Charge will give you 50% battery life in only 30 minutes.
By the time you come back from lunch, you can have more than enough juice on board to get through the rest of the day and then some.

The complete package

Thanks to its ability to convert from a laptop into a tablet, stunning FHD display, and 12th Gen Intel Core processor, the sustainably-built Pavilion x360 offers enough power for a variety of users.
Students will find that the battery life is more than enough to get through a day of school, and the ability to transform their PC into a tablet is a game changer for taking notes during class. Once class is done, a beautiful HD screen makes unwinding with a movie or show a pleasure, especially with B&O sound on board. At 3.96 lbs, all this power and capability won’t come at the expense of a sore neck or back from carrying it around on campus.
Those who work from home or own a small business will find that the 12th Gen Intel Core processor and 16GB of RAM are more than enough to power through office applications, host video calls, or whatever else comes up during the workday. Taking everything on the road is easy, especially when users can recharge up to 50% in only 30 minutes and presentations or note-taking is a breeze on the FHD touch screen.
The Pavilion x360 also makes an excellent all-in-one PC for casual users. Thanks to its portability, and high-quality components, the x360 will serve a casual user for many years and grow along with their digital life.
Bottom line: The HP Pavilion x360 offers more than enough power in a sleek, lightweight design that satisfies all but the most demanding users, at a price that won’t break the bank.

About the Author

Daniel Russo is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. He’s a lifetime technology enthusiast and avid traveler who travels the country with his wife and three terriers.

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