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HP Makes Major Announcements at 2021 CES Show

HP Makes Major Announcements at 2021 CES Show

Reading time: 9 minutes
HP® set the tech world buzzing at CES 2021 with several major additions to its product lineup. The tech giant unveiled the world’s first pull-forward business convertible laptop, a new 16:10 ratio display so you can see more content on your screen, and the world’s lightest compact business convertible. The company also debuted a set of device-hopping earbuds along with new devices and features to support today’s rapidly changing computing workflows.
Each year CES introduces the most cutting edge tech in the world, and this year was no exception. HP® turned heads by catering to the new normal of more remote work and online collaboration, with micromobility, more telemeetings, and the swiftly-changing roles of IT decision-makers at the forefront of our offerings.

What’s new at HP

What’s new at HP® is what’s new with the PC. Over the past year, we’ve experienced a sea change in the way we use our laptops and desktops. Companies have shifted from a small slice of remote workers to having the majority of their employees working from home. HP’s big CES 2021 announcements revealed new designs and innovations to address today’s jaw-dropping work-from-home statistics.

Half the global workforce is now remote

  • We now work 7 more hours per week on home PCs than we did last year, when most of us were going to the office daily
  • More than 50% of us battle noise during meetings from our pets, loved ones, and other sources
  • 72% of us want a hybrid remote and onsite work model in the future

We collaborate more

  • 30x increase in daily Zoom meetings
  • 64% jump in Microsoft Teams use
  • Massive teleconferencing growth
The IT landscape shifted, too. More than 25% of small businesses say their IT needs aren’t being met, and 91% of IT decision-makers report a sharp jump in security issues.

Micromobility to the forefront

Tech micromobility means that shorter boot times and changes in the way our laptops act are now vital productivity boosters. We’re not exactly working on planes, trains, or cafe tables anymore.
Instead, we’re carving out a quiet niche in our own home; on the couch, in the kitchen, or in an upstairs bedroom. Since the noise and distraction levels change constantly in our work-from-home reality, we need this new “micromobility” to move around from one room to another.
Ranked as the #1 most-responsible company by Newsweek, HP® stepped up to meet our shifting needs with the major announcements below, made at CES 2021.

1. HP ENVY 14 – mobile personal creative studio

The HP ENVY 14 is billed as a “mobile personal creative studio,” and that billing suits what’s under the hood. First, it tackles a problem most creatives know all too well – we can’t actually see enough of what we’re working on. This future-forward machine adds an extra 11% to the bottom of the screen with a revolutionary 16:10 optional WUXGA (1920 x 1200) display. This upgrade effectively adds far more vertical real estate without sapping resolution.
In addition, the HP ENVY 14’s light weight and the 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processor allow you to move around freely while providing plenty of power. Its advanced thermal solutions like the thermopile sensor, dual fans, and heat pipes make for cool couch time. Meanwhile, AI noise removal keeps the barking dog silent on your side of the Zoom call when the UPS driver shows up.
Another great new feature is HP Enhanced Lighting, which makes you instantly look your best in video calls. Its tamper lock also locks your data down if your PC is ever stolen.
The new HP ENVY 14 comes with HP QuickDrop, too, so you can share videos and other files from any phone to your laptop, hassle-free.

2. The HP Elite Folio – the world’s first pull-forward convertible

The HP Elite Folio
One of the big CES 2021 announcements from HP is the new HP Elite Folio, the world’s first pull-forward business convertible. Its all-new form factor is a full-scale departure from the tentable 2-in-1s we’ve grown to know and love.
The HP Elite Folio converts from a laptop to a tablet with just a gentle pull. You don't even have to pick it up. The cover shields and protects the keyboard without having to flip the laptop around. That makes conversions lightning-fast and super-stable thanks to hidden magnets. You can go from video editing to using a digital pen to watching Queen’s Gambit on your lap in the blink of an eye.
This machine is a work-from-home dream come true. It boasts Snapdragon™ 8cx Gen 2 5G and WiFi 6 connectivity that amps up micromobility to keep you crushing pivot tables and slide masters even while your kids are playing dinosaur hunt throughout the house.
You’ll teleconference like a pro from anywhere with the 76-degree field of view webcam, dual-mic array, and high-def audio with Audio by Bang & Olufsen.
The HP Elite Folio is “context-aware,” too. That means it can sense if it’s on the couch or on your lap and then tweak its temperature for your comfort and its efficiency. It also knows if you just pulled it out of a bag and cuts your boot-time accordingly. Plus, the battery delivers up to 24.5 hours of local video playback without charging.

3. HP Elite Dragonfly G2 – world’s lightest compact business convertible

HP Elite Dragonfly G2
Another big CES 2021 announcement from HP, the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is the world’s lightest compact business convertible. With a starting weight of less than 1 kg, its 11th Generation Intel Core processor will help users rule SalesForce or Slack with the freedom to relocate in an instant, and then just as quickly get back on task.
Impressively-fast 5G or gigabit-class 4G LTE connectivity means you’ll Zoom without a hitch. And if you happen to forget where you placed your HP Elite Dragonfly G2, the on-board Tile™ locator system will reunite you.
The AI-enhanced audio with Audio by Bang & Olufsen knows whether you’re streaming, conferencing, or kicking back to watch baby Yoda, and it will adjust its profile to suit. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing more than 80% of your laptop’s mechanical parts are made from recycled materials.

4. HP Elite Dragonfly Max – more bang in a smaller package

HP Elite Dragonfly Max
HP® takes the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 a step further with the HP Elite Dragonfly Max. Still one of the most compact business convertibles, it brings amped-up collaboration to the table. Its four wide-range microphones support collaborating with being-there fidelity, while a 5 megapixel + IR camera lets you shine with clarity during that big presentation.
For mobile warriors who spend long days creating, HP Eye Ease display blue light technology delivers worry-free work, chat, and surf sessions, thanks to an easy-on-the-eyes, low blue-light with Eyesafe® certification. This immersive collaborative convertible works as a tablet, a laptop, or in tent mode for streaming and conferencing. It also comes in your choice of the attractive Sparkling Black or Dragonfly Blue color options.
Like the HP Dragonfly G2, the HP Dragonfly Max has a new keyboard button that lets you easily switch off its webcam with a separately-mapped (and unhackable) circuit.

5. HP EliteBook 840 G8 Aero – world’s lightest mainstream 14-inch laptop

HP EliteBook 840 G8 Aero
The HP EliteBook 840 G8 Aero also turned heads at CES 2021. It’s the world’s lightest 14-inch mainstream business laptop at a half-pound lighter than its predecessor, HP EliteBook 840 G7. That’s the weight of just 10 AA batteries, in case you’re wondering.
The new configuration may be lighter, but this HP EliteBook doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to specs. This small, micro-mobile machine goes from couch to desk to patio at will, while it packs an 11th Generation Intel Core processor, WiFi 6, and optional 5G LTE for collaborating and attending Zoom and MS Teams meetings like a boss.
The integrated 720p HD camera and world-facing third microphone make it easy to stay in touch with an in-the-room feel, even when you’re half a continent away. The top-firing speakers and AI-based audio keep an eye on your collaboration style and adjust to deliver the perfect sound experience for your particular “earprint.” Like the HP Dragonfly series, this business laptop is built with a new magnesium chassis, with 90% recycled materials.

6. HP Elite Wireless Earbuds – most advanced earbuds for collaboration

HP Elite Wireless Earbuds
Another big CES 2021 announcement from HP highlights the new HP Elite Wireless Earbuds. These comfortable buds go beyond Bluetooth audio by adding personalized audio tuning and sound situation presets with adjustable noise cancellation.
That means if you switch from listening to music to joining a conference call, the earbuds automatically adjust for pitch-perfect sound in every situation. They also connect to multiple devices instantly so if you go from phone to desktop to laptop, they come along with you.

7. Eye-saving HP monitors

HP M24f Full High Definition (FHD) Monitor
The struggle is real to keep eyes safe and comfy through long days at the desk. The newly-announced HP M-Series Full High Definition (FHD) monitors use always-on low blue-light technology to reduce eye strain without throwing off color accuracy. These slim monitors are backed by an Eyesafe certification and come with integrated cable management to keep your desktop clutter-free.
HP E27u Monitor
HP® also announced the new HP E24u monitor and HP E27u monitor constructed with ocean-bound plastics. These supply power, video, and audio, all with a single USB-C cable. The power button on the display will also wake a connected laptop, so you won’t have to open the clamshell to start rendering video or crunching massive data sets.

8. HP 635 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse – a mouse for all devices

HP 635 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse
When you need to switch from tablet to laptop to desktop, does your mouse move with you? The HP 635 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse does. Newly announced at CES 2021, this mouse works just about anywhere (even on glass!) and connects to up to three devices with year-long battery life. You can also set up its four programmable buttons to match pre-defined commands in up to 10 different applications. Hello, shortcuts.

Other CES 2021 announcements from HP

HP® also announced the HP EliteBook x360 1030 G8 and 1040 G8. The fan-favorite x360 form factor still transforms from clamshell laptop to tablet or tent mode by flipping the screen around. These new versions add more powerful processors, enhanced security, and an optional 5G connection.
HP support got a boost, too, with faster break-fix and streamlined support from auto-telemetry, so you don’t have to gather a long list of specs and settings before you ask for help.


HP turned heads at CES 2021 with new announcements for truly innovative devices and solutions. From the world’s first pull-forward convertible laptop to more powerful and lighter PCs, to Eyesafe-certified monitors with more real estate, HP is poised to deliver a more connected, micro-mobile computing experience that fits our evolving workflows.

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