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The Best Smart Home Devices for 2022

The Best Smart Home Devices for 2024

Linsey Knerl
Reading time: 8 minutes
The concept of a smart home once felt like something out of a science fiction movie, with its automated coffee pots, responsive heating and cooling, and voice-activated appliances. But that’s all a reality in 2024, and many households use this smart technology now to complete routine tasks.
In fact, 258.54 million households around the globe were considered “smart” in 2021. The smart home device industry is only expected to continue growing, and the same applies to its adoption. More people will use their favorite gadgets to connect with families, order groceries, and feed their pets.
But which connected house devices do you actually need? Check out our favorite smart home technologies that we think will change lives for the better in 2024.

What’s a smart home device?

A smart home device is any device that connects to a home network and completes simple tasks by communicating with other devices or the internet. The key point is that smart devices provide some sort of automation to replace a previously manual chore. They may do this through voice activation, timers, or an app.
Smart home devices are part of the internet of things (IoT), a network of gadgets that talk to one another. For example, when you tell your Alexa device to turn off your kitchen lights or print out your next days’ itinerary, the devices work together through your network.

How to make your smart home work better

A good wireless router is the key to making sure all of the devices on your network can transmit data to one another. Mesh routers are gaining popularity as a solution and consist of several smaller wireless routers piggybacking off one another. This helps to cover your entire home with a strong wireless signal.
Mesh routers essentially work like little towers, with one router as the primary and the others as extenders. And they’re not terribly expensive either. The TP-Link Deco router pack is an affordable mesh router system to consider.

The best smart home devices

What smart house gadgets are the cream of the crop? Here are 10 exciting offerings in the world of connected devices.

1. Nest Hello video door phone

Nest Hello video door phone
Whether you want to thwart package thieves or simply see who’s ringing your doorbell, a doorbell camera is a must-have home device for the modern household. The Nest Hello offers HD-quality videos and 24/7 streaming, so you can always see what’s going on outside your door.
The Nest Hello also saves 3 hours of snapshot history in case you missed anything or want to find evidence of theft. You can communicate through your door, too, with the speaker and microphone. Note that you must wire this doorbell into your existing doorbell electrical line.

2. Nest learning thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat
Nest’s learning thermostat can help you save energy – and money! – by keeping your home at just the right temperature, whether you’re home or not. It learns as you use it, too. The thermostat will anticipate your schedule and program itself in about one week.
You can control the device remotely with its app on your phone or computer. Or, you can walk it up to and watch as it lights up to show you the temperature, weather, and time.
The Nest smart thermostat comes in your choice of stainless steel, copper, white, or black finish. It’s an aesthetically pleasing addition to a device that helps your heating/cooling budget. It's no wonder this is one of the most popular smart home system products on the market.

3. Kasa Smart WiFi light switch

Kasa Smart WiFi light switch
When is a light switch not just a light switch? When it’s a Kasa Smart light switch. Use voice-activated control to turn on or off your connected devices, including lights and your TV.
You can remote control the Kasa from your phone or tablet, too, so you can turn the lights on and off when you’re away to create the look of you being home. It’s easy to install with simple electrical skills, and this UL-listed switch gives you a better way to plug into your home network.

4. Philips Hue LED bulbs

Philips Hue LED Light Bulb
The Philips HUE LED smart light system not only changes color and turns on and off with your voice, but it can also adapt to your mood. Even better, you can control it with your phone via the app or connect via Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or Microsoft Cortana.
You can connect up to 10 dimmable lights on the system to create up to 16 million color combos. Philips also shares “recipes” for the best lighting setup for any experience, including reading, relaxing, and concentration.

5. Ooma Door and window sensors

Ooma Door and window sensors
Are you worried about the possibility of leaving your door unlocked? The Ooma door and window sensor can help to bring peace of mind. Simply place the sensor on all of your entrances, and it will alert you on your phone if a door or window is ajar. It’s easy to install, and you can set the alerts to arrive via text, email, or app notification.

6. Ooma water sensors

Ooma Water Sensor
Toilet overflows, broken water heaters, and natural disasters – flooding happens in many different ways. But the result is the same: thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Ooma water sensors can help. Place them anywhere you worry about flooding, and they’ll alert you to any potential problem. You can receive alerts via the app, text, and email.

7. HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One printer

HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One printer
When everyone in your home or office has printing needs, the HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One printer is the solution. You can print, scan, and copy all of your documents and photos, but this is much more than your typical all-in-one.
The HP ENVY 6055e boasts self-healing WiFi, which reduces outages and connectivity drops. Plus, there’s a Bluetooth option so you can print from your phone without fuss or hassle. And forget about printer driver updates because this printer downloads and installs them on its own.
You also get access to the HP Smart app, which allows family members to print from phones, social media, email, and more. This printer comes with six free months of HP Instant Ink, too, so you can print as much as you want without ever running to the store for ink.
If your current printer is frustrating you with its jumbled cords and expensive ink cartridges, the HP ENVY 6055e can change all that. It will save you time, money, and printer jams while acclimating nicely into any household.

8. Livefine smart pill dispenser

When keeping track of medications becomes too much of a chore, the Livefine smart pill dispenser can step in to assist. You can organize up to 4 weeks of pills through the 28 high-capacity slots that accommodate all pill sizes.
You’ll receive notifications when it's time to take your meds, and the interchangeable dosage rings prevent accidental double-doses. The pill case comes with a clear lid so you can easily see what's inside, and the large LCD display shows the time, upcoming alerts, battery life, and volume level.
This pill reminder is a breeze to set up for yourself or with a caregiver, plus it comes with a 4-hour battery backup in case of a power outage. It's also small enough to take with you wherever you go.

9. VTech smart baby monitor

VTech is a trusted name in smart household electronics, and its smart baby monitor does not disappoint. It’s easy to set up and provides a 720p true color display during the day, plus HD night vision to check on the baby at night. The accompanying smartphone app lets you tilt, pan, and zoom the camera to check in on your young one.
The 2-way talk feature lets you say "hi" to baby whenever you want, too. You'll receive updates on motion and temperature for safety, and the monitor even comes with music and white noise options for a blissful night’s rest.

10. Petsafe smart pet feeder

Petsafe’s smart pet feeder dispenses food on schedule, even when you're not home. You can use it to provide extra snacks via the app or Alexa voice commands. You can also easily order more food using the Amazon Dash replenishment feature.
If your feeder experiences errors or runs low on food, you'll receive an alert on your phone. It also lets you set the right portion size for your pet, along with a convenient schedule that works for you.

Keeping your “smart home” safe

A connected home can be a happy home, as long as you follow some common-sense security tips. Make sure your network is secure with a password so outsiders can't access and take over your devices. Never share these passwords with anyone else, either. Instead, consider using a password-protected guest network for limited wireless access when people come to visit.
You should also consider changing your passwords frequently while keeping an eye on any accounts associated with your devices. With a bit of precaution, you can make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.
About the Author: Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author, public speaker, and member of the ASJA. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.

Disclosure: Our site may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.