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25 Best Stickers for Your Laptop

25 Best Stickers for Your Laptop

Tom Gerencer
Reading time: 9 minutes
There’s no denying it, stickers make your laptop feel less like a mere piece of the information age and more like an extension of your personality. You need creativity and color and self-expression beyond what the original design of your laptop can provide.
Well, we have some great news, because we’ve done the mind-melting research to find the 25 best stickers on the web. That means you can just sit back and scroll down, without all the headache-inducing Google-searching through dozens of laptop sticker sites. Just feast your eyes on the cute laptop stickers, cool laptop stickers, and funny sticker options below.

25 best laptop stickers

Let’s cut the chit-chat and get straight to the best laptop stickers money can buy. Our list has everything from artistic stickers that show off your creative side to full laptop skins to bulk stickers you can mix and match. Check out the roses, flags, dragons, stars, and fun cartoons below. Happy stickering!

1. Red with almond flowers

This beautiful laptop sticker covers your machine’s back and wrist pads with a magical red background and flowered almond branches. The gorgeous artwork will keep you in your happy place while it shows off your zen side. Plus if you decide you don’t like it later, it’s easy to remove and leaves no residue.

2. No drama llama laptop sticker

If your future’s so bright you’ve gotta wear shades, check out this protective funny laptop sticker on eBay. This vinyl add-on makes you instantly approachable in coffee shops and in the park, so it’s perfect for the young extrovert who likes to strike up a quick chat. It’s inexpensive, but it ships from the UK, so be prepared to wait a bit.

3. Pink butterflies sticker

The color pink symbolizes happiness and joy. Get your cheer on with this pink butterflies & flowers laptop sticker in a range of sizes from 11.6 inches to 15.6 inches. Don’t like pink? Don’t panic. It also comes in 11 other colors and designs. It’s easy on, easy off as well.

4. Shark mode - on

When you’re ready to put your game face on, nothing can stop you. Show that to the world with this funny laptop sticker: Shark mode - on. It’s on Pinterest, but the downside is the higher price tag. On the upside, you can customize it with your name so it says Bob or Sue or Aloysius mode - on.

5. Faded glory laptop sticker

Here’s a cool laptop sticker for the rugged patriots out there. From Amazon, this one shows your true colors run red, white, blue, and tough. Comes in a range of sizes and adds style and protection to your HP laptop in a flash. Like many of the other options on our list, it goes on and off fast and leaves no trace.

6. You are Iron Man

Who doesn’t need a little Tony Stark in their life, especially when it only costs about $3? This is hands-down the most inexpensive sticker for laptops on our list. It looks super cool when it’s applied, and comes in varieties like the Avengers logo and even Pac Man eating dots and chasing ghosts.

7. Superman sticker

While we’re on the superhero kick, why not cross over to the DC universe? This sticker gets your man-of-steel on for around 3 bucks. It also comes in several Batman varieties, too (as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man).

8. Bulk laptop stickers pack

Let’s skip back to Amazon for the bargain-basement sticker-pack to end all sticker-packs. This less-than-$10 pack of 100 stickers has everything from funny laptop stickers to cool stickers, cute stickers, and everything between. You’ll find logos, angry birds, and fuzzy ducks in the mix. Most of these are product logos, but they’re cool product logos.

9. Goldfish with shark fin

Tk You may look cute, but we know who you really are underneath. Err - strike that. Reverse it. This cute & funny laptop skin shows you’re both cuddly and a force to be reckoned with. The plucky little goldfish in the frame has suited up with a full-on shark fin to face the world. It’s an ocean out there, and you’re ready with this sticker. A bit pricey though.

10. Starfield sticker

Space, the final frontier. The possibilities are infinite with this laptop skin sticker that shows a brilliant blue-shifted panoply of stars. It comes in sizes from 12 inches to 15.6 inches and helps protect your silicon-chipped pal from smudges and scratches. Resale value, here we come. It’s easy to take off, too, and the maker says it lasts for years without fading.

11. Flying Tiger with rivets

The Flying Tigers were a no-joke band of hero aviators that helped our ally China during WWII. This cool laptop sticker shows your on-deck spirit with the iconic tiger snarl emblazoned across plates of shank-riveted aircraft skin. You can almost hear your pistons roaring as you gear up to get this baby blazing.

12. M.C. Escher Relativity

Who doesn’t love M.C. Escher? We don’t think we want to know that person. Escher’s mind-bending lithography has been a fan-favorite among art lovers and culture hacks alike for decades. This sticker may be a little on the pricey side, but it comes in tons of shapes and sizes for all varieties of laptops. Check out the rest of the site too, for skins from Afro Samurai to all kinds of other art.

13. Guess what?

Time for more funny laptop skins with the “Guess what?” (with a picture of a chicken and an arrow pointing to the correct part) sticker. In case the joke wears thin after a few months, it’s easy to peel off. All the stickers on this site are made with a special, patented material that rules out wrinkles and bubbles.

14. My laptop is made of wood

Don’t you just want everything to be made of cedar? Well, now you can at least make everything look this way with a wood-panels sticker that provides a little old-fashioned charm. The wood looks stunningly real, and you can trim it easily (with included instructions) to fit laptops smaller than the 13-inch to 16.5-inch size range.

15. Sistine Chapel nerd

When Michelangelo painted his famous The Creation of Adam, he had no idea he’d one day be immortalized in stickers. The Sistine chap would be rolling over to see his work retrofitted with an 8-bit cursor pointer on a laptop back. Show your geek streak with this clever, brainy skin. It’s personality galore.

16. Rose and black ink

Roses are red, and so is the part of this cool laptop sticker that’s not splotched with gothic black. The stark white background makes it pop. Fit it to your 13.3-inch up to 16-inch HP, complete with matching, printed wrist-pads. Not only does this one go on and off like a breeze, it’s also reusable so you can change it like you change your clothes.

17. Attempted murder… of crows

Most people won’t get this one, but you and your kindred spirits will eat it up. When you’ve got a big vocabulary, you like to show it off, and this sticker lets you do just that. By the way, did you know ravens have 14 tail feathers, and crows have 13? So the difference between the two is just a matter of opinion. (That’s not true. We saw it on Facebook.)
Need a laptop to put your sticker on? Check out HP’s full line of laptops for every budget, from HP Chromebooks and HP Streambooks to full-on mobile workstations.

18. Batch of 100 assorted laptop stickers for under $10

Like... way under $10. This is the lowest-priced pile of stickers you’ll see out there, with cool culture (and counter-culture) artwork to make you the Banksy of the digital generation. These are like the skateboard stickers of the laptop stickers world. Word of caution - there are so many that you’ll need to read our “how to remove a laptop sticker” section at the bottom, just in case.

19. Bad panda

Very, very bad panda. We don’t know what this guy’s been up to, but it isn’t good. And they didn’t even take his black bandana off. Either way, he’s headed into the county lockup, and you wouldn’t want to mess with him on the inside.

20. Great Wave of Kanagawa

This is a classic image for anyone who loves the water, Japanese art, or both! Rev up your Mt. Fuji and give props to these brave water warriors as they face down the surging ocean outside Tokyo Bay. Like most of the stickers on our list, this one’s easy to take off, and made of auto-grade vinyl.

21. Rainbow butterfly

Another Amazon option, this all-color butterfly waves its artistic paint-splash wings across a field of metal hex. It’s probably stirring up a hurricane somewhere from the look of things. A leading line of stylized bubbles completes the picture, and it comes in several other styles and colors, from a funny cat with sunglasses to three cute owls on a branch.

22. Sarcasm

How about a little sarcasm, defined? People will think twice about interrupting you in the middle of a report when they see this funny laptop sticker. It’s a bit on the high-priced end, but it comes in sizes from as small as 11 inches all the way up to 17 inches. This is just our way of showing that we care. Really.

23. Wizard of Oz ft. Banksy

Who knew Bansky loved Dorothy? Here’s a cute laptop sticker with a Wizard of Oz theme. We can all relate to Banksy's art. It’s high-priced compared to most other options on our list, but it’s also incredibly unique.

24. Composition book

This laptop skin is sure to get a chuckle with its look-of-real-notebook flair. It’s made of bubble-free 3M vinyl with a no-goo removal, and it gets perfect 5-star ratings from hundreds of happy owners. Check out this site’s other options, because they’ve got some stunning nature artwork and fantasy paintings in sticker format as well.

25. Dragon laptop sticker

This white dragon is just about to take flight. Put your imagination on display with this wild fantasy artwork sticker. It comes back off without leaving any goo behind, and boasts simple, bubble-free installation. Plus it’s available in dozens of sizes to fit every kind of laptop under the sun.

How to get stickers off a laptop

We all know the feeling. That great sticker from 2 years ago suddenly makes you facepalm when you see it. To misquote the Nixon administration, “How could I have been so stupid?” We’re in your corner with these quick tips for getting stickers off laptops:
  1. We’re guessing you already tried gently peeling it up by a corner.
  2. Put some mineral oil or cooking oil on a rag, then slap it on the sticker and go watch an episode of Clone Wars. Then come back and try the peeling trick again.
  3. That didn’t work? Buy some Goo Gone. Man, does that stuff work on stickers. It’s safe for surfaces too, so it won’t mess up your computer.
  4. Some super-waterproof stickers don’t let oils soak through to loosen them. For those, try a hair dryer on the lowest setting, moving constantly so you don’t melt your machine.
  5. Don’t use abrasive cleaners. To get the sticker residue off, use Goo Gone or some baby oil or petroleum jelly. Now you’ve got a clean slate for more!


With the list of laptop stickers in this article, your laptop doesn’t have to make you look like a drone. That’s good, because you’re not a carbon copy of every other withered cubicle worker out there grinding through the workday.
Show your personality with the best cute laptop stickers, cool stickers, and funny laptop stickers on the web, with links to buy them. Plus you’ll be glad to have our tips for how to get stickers off laptops when it comes time to switch things up.

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