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10 Best Gaming Computer Desks for 2020

10 Best Gaming Computer Desks for 2024

Tom Gerencer
Reading time: 9 minutes
We’ve done the legwork and science to narrow down the best corner gaming computer desk, best L-shaped, best desk for multiple monitors, and best small gaming desk for you. We spent hours slogging through articles by pro reviewers and thousands of consumer ratings so you don’t have to. You can give yourself a migraine or wind up ganked after looking at a zillion reviews with differing opinions.
The desk you choose matters because you’ll be spending plenty of gaming hours here. And there’s a ton of noise on the internet around which is the desk with the best bang for the buck. So here we go; the best gaming computer desks, uncovered by exhaustive research. Ready? Let’s dive in.

What to look for in the best gaming computer desk

You’ll see details on the best gaming computer desk features below the list, but most gamers focus on price, size, and shape. For instance, L-shaped desks are a fan-favorite for the way they fit most rooms.
You’ll also want to consider storage space, ease-of-assembly, adjustability, office ergonomics, and durability. After all, nobody wants a great desk that falls apart after your first 1v1.

1. Atlantic gaming desk - Best gaming computer desk of all

The Atlantic gaming desk looks like a robot spider from Watch Dogs, but it’s the best gaming computer desk on the market. Why? Because it was so obviously designed by gamers who thought of everything.
What do you do with your headphones when you get up to nab a snack? Where do you put your drink so it doesn’t spill when you bunny hop? Should your speakers dance around the desktop when you drop a Wyvern? Nope.
That’s all solved in the best small computer desk around. Its cord-management channels tame the tangle. Its component racks let you put all the bits and bobs where you want them. It’s also super-sturdy, light, and small enough to fit in a kid’s bedroom while still leaving room for the bed.
  • Game storage
  • Controller stand & hooks
  • Cup holder & headphone hook
  • Can take two monitors
  • Supports 40 lbs
  • Under $100
  • Speaker mounts
  • Durable carbon-fiber laminated desktop
  • Phone & tablet charging stand
  • 43 lbs

2. Walker Edison Furniture X Frame desk - Best corner gaming computer desk

Want a desk with acres of desktop that you can tuck away in a corner? The Walker Edison Furniture X Frame Command Center Gaming Desk Station is a glass-topped wonderland. It’s the best corner gaming computer desk judged by thousands of users and independent reviewers. It’s got more square-footage than our top pick (a key attraction for the L-shaped desks on our list).
It lacks drawers, shelves, and storage, though, which is less-than-ideal for keeping hard copies or homework. That said, it fits in beautifully in a bedroom or living room, and its beveled, tempered safety-glass top will look just as sharp in 10 years as it does the day you buy it. Warning: if you somehow scratch the black paint on the bottom of the glass, you can just touch it up.
  • Just over $100
  • Solid steel frame
  • Sliding keyboard tray
  • CPU stand
  • 57 lbs

3. Arozzi Arena gaming desk - Best small gaming computer desk for multiple monitors

Gamers who like the look of a racing-style gaming setup will backflip for the Arozzi Arena Gaming desk. This is a hands-down crowd-pleaser that gets high marks from thousands of professional reviewers and gamers. It’s super sturdy, with adjustable height for max ergonomics and fewer overuse injuries.
The Arozzi Arena goes together fast, too. Tighten the desk’s feet well, though. If you don’t, you’ll get wobble during play that’ll drive you up a wall as you game. It’s not the desk’s fault though, because it’s all in the assembly.
Pro tip: Use Loctite if the feet won’t stay tight.
Want the best gaming computer to put on that great desk? Check out the latest HP OMEN gaming PCs and laptops for amazing specs at surprisingly affordable prices.
  • Super sturdy
  • Heavy at 85 lbs
  • Hidden cable conduit
  • Adjustable height, but can be hard to adjust
  • Max capacity: 175 lbs
  • Pricey at almost $300
  • Can take 3 large monitors for immersive experience
  • 5 feet 3 inches wide
  • Any color you like
  • Breaks apart for easy storage
  • Mousepads included

4. Mr. Ironstone gaming desk - 2nd best small gaming computer desk on a budget

If you’re looking for the #1 small gaming computer desk on a budget, scroll back up to the Atlantic gaming desk. It’s less than $100 and 40 inches wide. That said, the Mr. Ironstone desk is just over $100 and well-loved by users. It’s foldable so you can store it, and it fits small spaces well at 45 inches wide.
What really rocked us about this desk are the user ratings. With most products, a lot of people like them, a few give 2 and 4-star reviews, and a lot give 1-stars. This beast gets almost zero 1-stars out of hundreds of reviews, and its 2 and 3-star ratings are almost nonexistent. If you buy this desk, chances are you’ll like it.
  • 45 inches x 29 inches
  • Cupholder
  • Just over $150
  • Headphone hook
  • The surface is like a big mousepad
  • 2 cable-management holes
  • Waterproof PVC cover
  • Durable metal legs
  • 110 lbs max support
  • Fast assembly

5. Couchmaster CYCON Couch gaming lapboard - Small gaming computer desk lap option

What if the couch is your arena? In that case, you don’t want a gaming desk and chair at all. Welcome to the lap desk to end all lap desks: the Couchmaster CYCON gaming lapboard.
It has side-runners so it doesn’t rest on your lap, but across it, like a padded bridge. Its 14-inch by 33-inch desktop gives you plenty of space to scrimmage like the champ you are.
Plus, the CYCON has all the bells and biomes, including a 4-port high-speed USB 3.0 hub, 16-foot PC extension cord for lag-free gaming, internal cable-management, and handy storage for mouse, controllers, and drinks. Worried about your elbows getting raw during long Fortnite sessions? This baby is tricked out with ergonomic memory-foam arm support.
  • Over $150
  • Can be taken apart and reassembled to fit all body sizes
  • Very light at 9 lbs
  • Best for use with a projector or wall-mounted HDTV

6. Eureka Ergonomic Z1S desk - Stylish & small gaming computer desk

LED lighting in a super-sturdy, small gaming desk is a winning combo. Will it help your standings? Nope. But you can’t deny it makes your gaming space look extra-cool. And the Eureka Ergonomic Z1S’s other features don’t disappoint.
This is a well-designed desk with cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, and all the other goodies you could want.
The Z1S comes with 4 leveling feet so you never need to worry about wobble. It also includes a mousepad and game storage. The one downfall here is price. As cool as the Z1S’s LEDs are, are they worth almost $200? You decide.
  • Over $150
  • 44.5 inches x 24.2 inches
  • Supports one 40-inch monitor
  • Can be used as dual-monitor desk
  • Sturdy z-shape leg design
  • Game storage
  • 40 lbs

7. Vitesse gaming desk - Racing style champ

The Vitesse gaming desk is a classic two-tone racing-style desk with a ton of acreage. It’s a whopping 55 inches wide and 23.6 inches deep, making it an ideal gaming computer desk for multiple monitors. It’s also sturdy as a tank, with a 260 lb max capacity.
The main selling point of this reasonably-priced desk is quality. It has a solid frame and all the holes line up perfectly for easy assembly. If its massive 55-inch span is too big for your space, there’s a smaller version too. A couple of users have complained about wobble, but they’re in the minority. The controller rack has 4 USB ports, which is a nice perk.
  • Cup holder
  • Headphone hook
  • No drawers or shelf storage
  • Free large mouse pad
  • 60 lbs
  • Just over $150

8. Ameriwood Home Genesis desk - Best L-shaped gaming computer desk

The Ameriwood Home Genesis desk could’ve been higher on our list, but it’s not a traditional corner gaming computer desk. Or rather, it is traditional, in that it’s not steel and PVC or glass. This one’s made of the black-painted pressboard that a lot of mid-grade home office furniture is made of. It looks nice, though, and it has lots of storage. Plus it fits in any corner.
The desktop is massive at 28 inches deep and over 50 inches per L-piece. It’s also a nice option if you don’t want your living room or office to look like Ricky Bobby lives there. Its Ikea-like design works just as well for when you need to get some work done.
  • Two big, open shelves for storage
  • Laminated particleboard and MDF
  • 70 lbs
  • Right around $100
  • Cord-management grommets on back

9. ApexDesk Elite Series desk - Best fast change standing & sitting desk

Are ergonomics your driving factor? Then definitely give the ApexDesk Elite desk a look. It’s a given that sitting posed like an action-figure for long hours is a sure path to a repetitive stress injury. This desk will drag you up out of that by letting you change its height at will.
I’m not talking about pulling the desktop up and down with your arms. This monster is memory-controlled with an electric lift that moves at 1.5 inches per second. So if you’re getting stiff, just hit a button and your desktop will go from 29 inches to 48 inches high in seconds.
Now you’ve got a standing desk, even during gameplay. That’s healthy. The big drawback is the $600+ price tag.
  • Massive 71-inch x 33-inch workspace
  • Elegant design
  • “Caved-in” front lets you sit close
  • Steel frame
  • MDF (fiberboard) desktop
  • Some user concerns over lifespan of lift motor

10. GreenForest desk - Another great L-shaped gaming computer desk

This entry is pretty similar to the Walker Edison Sereno desk, with a few small mods. The Greenforest L-Shaped corner gaming computer desk has a bonus movable shelf for your CPU or oxygen-providing plants. It’s got a tough steel frame and stable x-leg design, plus a monitor shelf that rides above the desktop.
It’s also easy to assemble. And while it’s last on our list of the best gaming computer desks, it’s not far behind the others. If you need a budget gaming machine to put on it that still leads the pack, look into the HP Pavilion gaming laptop.
  • Particleboard desktop
  • Stable x-leg design
  • Reversible corner (can be round or square)
  • A massive 58 inches at the longest side
  • 29 inches deep
  • CPU stand
  • Just over $100

Gaming computer desk features

Now that you’ve seen our list of the best gaming computer desks, let’s look at what the best ones have in common.


People aren’t one-size-fits-all, so your gaming desk shouldn’t be either. You’ll want to custom-fit yours with the best office ergonomics.


Do you live and breathe the dual-monitor setup? Your desk will need to accommodate that. Need something for a smaller gaming space? Pay attention to your desk’s dimensions.


How many times can you slam your hands down in frustration after a creeper attack without cracking the thing in half? Look for steel construction, a high max-weight rating, and materials that stand the test of time.


There’s no need to pay more than $150 for even the best gaming desks. Some are down in the sub-$100 price range. Others stack up over $300, but may not be worth the extra cost. Should you go used? Not when you can have the best desk on our list for under $100 new.


Do you want a plain rectangle? A corner gaming computer desk? What about something curved in the middle so you can belly up to the sandbox?


We dug up the 10 best computer gaming desks by an exhaustive survey of thousands of consumer ratings and professional reviews on retailer websites and in high-end tech outlets. We powered through key features and the chief complaints for each desk at several time intervals; after 1 month, 6 months, and 2 years of use.

The best computer gaming desks are worth the money

Hands down, the best gaming computer desk on our list is the Atlantic gaming desk for its sub-$100 price tag and stellar features. If that one’s not for you, then look for a desk that fits your layout and style. Do you need more space? A desk that supports a multiple-monitor setup? Whatever you’re looking for, our list has got you covered.

About the Author

Tom Gerencer is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Tom is an ASJA journalist, career expert at Zety.com, and a regular contributor to Boys' Life and Scouting magazines. His work is featured in Costco Connection, FastCompany, and many more.

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