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HP Laptops with AI-Powered Tools

How HP Laptops with AI-Powered Tools Maximize Efficiency

Linsey Knerl
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What do you think of when you hear “AI?” The news is full of stories about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we work, learn, and create. However, how it can affect us individually through our day-to-day tasks is not always apparent.
One area of life in which AI is helping more people is the computing devices they use, like laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones. It's revolutionizing both hardware and software with solutions for consumers, enterprises, and educators alike.
The exciting part is that we are just beginning to see the enhancements that AI offers, and you can find some of it at work in products made by HP.

Understanding HP's AI integration

AI may bring to mind stories of self-driving cars or movie scripts created through algorithms. These concepts are still a long way off from being perfected, however. Some of the most impactful uses of AI are happening right now, more subtly, in the technology powering HP computers. You may have even recently seen it at work!
HP has been hard at work putting AI into more of its laptops and desktops, and it has improved user experience in many ways. Better audio, video, responsiveness, and use of resources are just a few things you can enjoy with these recent computer models.

Benefits of using AI devices

benefits of ai in hp laptops
While not every model of computer uses all the AI available, here are some top perks of using this technology in the consumer electronics industry as a whole.


One of the most popular reasons to embrace AI is that it removes steps in the process and can do things faster than humans can do on their own. Consider how long it takes a human to do a complex math computation and compare it to a computer. There's no competition!
With AI powering some of the more complicated processes on a PC, you can save time and spend more time doing things humans do best, like reasoning and creative work. It also increases speed over time, because machine learning gives it an advantage when doing similar tasks again and again.


People make mistakes. AI can only do what it's programmed to do, making it a reliable helper for routine processes and tasks that can bore humans. Think of all the times you've made a typo or error because you were bored or have been doing the same thing over and over again. AI never grows weary of doing its job and won't make a mistake from fatigue.


Just as AI offers speed and accuracy, it can also complete a series of routine tasks with a simple trigger action. We've already seen it with our home assistant devices, like Alexa, which can order your favorite foods from the store at your ideal pickup time and even pay for them too. With consumers already excitedly using automation for the Internet of Things (IoT), AI in computers is a natural next step.


Do you ever wonder how Netflix can recommend just the right movie for you to watch on a rainy afternoon? It uses AI and predictive analysis to “guess” your preferences before you may even realize them. Gathering data from you, it crunches the information and makes predictions on what you might want to do next. It’s an accepted technology for music services and even budgeting apps.
It just makes sense to let your computer guess how you might use it, too. When your AI-powered laptop has enough data to know your work preferences, it can start offering suggestions or adjust settings based on what you've done in the past.


AI has had an important role in cybersecurity for some time now. It can be used to monitor user behavior, analyze threats, and predict outcomes based on past cyber attacks. Because machine learning helps AI-based technology adapt over time, it can then take action to protect against threats, even if that particular threat hasn’t been seen before.
This is incredibly useful for spyware, malware, and firewall products, as they can see possible threats in real time and often block attacks before they happen. Consumer products equipped with AI can offer guidance to help you be safer online, even as new threats emerge almost daily.

Step-by-step guide to leveraging AI in HP devices

So you know that AI powers your new HP device. What does that mean for your daily workflows? Depending on the capabilities, a lot! Check out some ways you can get the most out of AI immediately.

Boost video performance

A computer without a good processor can deliver a clunky, frustrating experience. That’s why the Intel Movidius VPU AI Accelerator, found in devices like the HP ENVY Laptop (16-h1097nr), is so exciting. It’s a visual processing unit (VPU) designed to create a more responsive video experience. Collaborate with co-workers or chat with family; the AI adjusts many of the settings you would normally do manually.
It can blur backgrounds, frame your face more effectively, and maintain privacy while working in public spaces. Your videos will look professional without you needing to get into the settings. It's also easier on your computer since it helps take resources from the main CPU and GPU components. This offloading is done automatically; you don't need to wait for lag or shaky video to enable it. The AI detects when it should kick in, leaving you to focus on that work presentation.

Get clearer sound

With more work taking place over video, it's important to not only look great but sound great, too. The HP AI Noise Reduction technology, used in the HP Dragonfly G4 and other top models, measures the room around you and adjusts to help your voice stand out. It filters noise, such as your dog or a fan in the background. You'll sound clear even in open spaces, and you won't have to adjust anything manually through your video conferencing software.

Make meetings more personal

AI is one innovative way to make our interactions more human. Are you wondering just how a piece of technology can do that? With innovations like HP Presence powering the HP EliteBook 860 G10, your camera, and microphone help you connect in ways you just couldn’t do as easily on your own.
For example, HP Presence technology enables the 5MP IR camera to track you automatically as you move about the room. An 88-degree wide-viewing angle shows more of what you are doing, whether it’s sharing your feedback at work or a lullaby with your nephew. You’ll stay in frame, even as you adjust your position in your chair or while standing. Three tracking modes include slow, cinema, and fast, so no one on the other side of the screen will miss the action.

Get a smarter antivirus solution

Do you ever worry that your security software isn’t keeping up with the times? Even with frequent updates, it can be impossible to stay ahead of the next big scam or virus. Thankfully, HP Sure Sense has AI as part of its toolkit, making devices like the HP ProBook 450 G10 Notebook more effective against cyberattacks, phishing attempts, and viruses.
HP Sure Sense can use the data from prior attack attempts to recognize possible threats that have never been identified before. It uses deep learning to get more effective over time and protect your computer and networks from the latest dangers.
But don’t worry that all this protection comes with a cost in resources. While it’s working hard in the background, it’s light on your processor and can even work offline. It’s also highly targeted, so you won’t find harmless files or applications being needlessly flagged as suspicious.

Why you can’t afford to pass on AI

Forget what you’ve heard about AI replacing humans. We are definitely here to stay. After all, AI is just a process for doing things better. It can't create truly new things the way a person would.
But by partnering with AI technology, especially in our laptops and desktops, we can do things faster, better, and with more security than before. It gives us assurance that we won’t miss an important detail, such as turning on the noise reduction or avoiding that untested software tool. AI fills in the gaps and frees us to be more engaged with the world around us.


AI's strengths are that it's highly adaptive and can be used in almost limitless applications. That means that, while HP is using AI for things like security software and camera tracking now, it could also help make computers more valuable over time. With AI doing more of the heavy lifting, you can get more for your money and still enjoy a compact, lightweight, and sustainable device that fits your budget.
This technology is helping make computing better for everyone, not just engineers or those with highly technical backgrounds, and it’s doing it at a great price.
See more of what HP has to offer with its complete line of desktops, laptops, and accessories built for the future of AI.

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