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5 AI Technologies in HP Devices

Jessica Childres
Reading time: 7 minutes
AI is quickly becoming a staple in our everyday lives, from virtual reality programs to self-driving cars. Have you considered how you can harness this cutting-edge technology for your own benefit? Laptops can make your life easier or simplify otherwise time-consuming tasks.
Laptops with AI make it easier to set up and manage audio and visual settings, auto-lock and wake settings, and more. Utilizing AI in laptops can save you time and simplify tasks that otherwise seem confusing or daunting. Here’s a closer look at five AI technologies you can use with your HP devices.

Natural Tone and Appearance Filter

Whether you work from home or in an office, chances are you’ve had to participate in virtual meetings or conference calls. Most laptop and desktop webcams are known to produce grainy images that leave you looking blurry, at best. The Natural Tone and Appearance Filter is an AI technology designed to enhance your visual appearance. These programs automatically remove shadows, adjust to appropriate light settings, and even remove blemishes and wrinkles.
These filters can give you the confidence to lead a conference call or attend a virtual interview. It’s perfect for users who work in a room with natural light, as the filters continuously adjust to provide flattering lighting even when the sun goes behind a few clouds. If you’re working in a public place like a local cafe, you can even blur out the background to prevent distractions during virtual meetings.
The sleek and professional ProBook 450 G10 Notebook offers these camera AI options and much more. You can customize the configuration, choosing from options like the operating system, screen size, storage size, memory, and even the graphics card. This AI-equipped laptop is perfect for individuals in any profession, students, and even gamers looking for a more immersive streaming experience. Combining the Natural Tone and Appearance Filter with the ProBook 450 G10 can greatly enhance your experience with virtual meetings, interviews, and presentations.
HP ProBook 450 15.6 inch G10 Notebook.png

AI-based Noise Reduction

Working in tandem with automated visual enhancements, AI-based Noise Reduction is another tool that takes your virtual meetings and conferences to the next level. It automatically evaluates your surroundings and adjusts background noise to help your voice stand out, filtering out sounds like the dog barking or people chatting around you in a cafe.
Innovative AI-based Noise Reduction technologies utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce background noise, facilitate better communication and encourage active listening. Thereby, you can ensure your message gets heard.
This is a great feature because whether you work from home or in an office, there’s almost always a chance of background noise that could distract your coworkers or potential clients. If you’re up for an interview, this technology can help you answer every question confidently, even if you have dogs or children in the house with you. It also aids in maintaining focus during meetings, minimizing distractions and fostering clear communication to prevent misunderstandings.
Laptops like the HP EliteBook 655 G10 Notebook utilize AI-based Noise Reduction technology to enhance users' audio experiences. In addition, this AI-equipped laptop supports other programs like the Natural Tone and Appearance Filter, as well as HP Wolf Security, which safeguards files and important documents from potential threats such as viruses and phishing attacks.
HP EliteBook 655 G10 Notebook.png

Auto Camera Select

Users who frequently host meetings, webinars, or interviews will greatly benefit from HP's Auto Camera Select and Multi-Camera functions. This technology allows you to use multiple cameras while streaming, such as showing your face on one and your whiteboard or handout on the other. You can set up these videos side by side or as a PIP (picture-in-picture), whichever works best for your needs.
You'll no longer have to rearrange your workspace or awkwardly angle your camera to show a printout or visual aid. Auto Camera Select automatically detects the camera you're facing and toggles between the two. This feature is useful if you have to move around during your presentation or interview. It also automatically adjusts the camera angle, ensuring you stay in the frame during the entire call.
This technology, where computers think and react in a human-like way, was termed machine learning at its inception and has evolved into today’s definition of AI technology.
One of the AI laptops that supports this feature is the EliteBook 865 G10. This notebook is a fantastic option for anyone who frequently hosts virtual meetings and presentations, as it also supports audio and visual AI technologies. The sleek frame makes it easy to travel with, and the customization options allow you to choose the settings and specifications you need.
HP EliteBook 865 16 inch G10 Notebook.png

Intelligent Hibernate

A unique feature in HP’s AI laptops is Intelligent Hibernate. This setting learns your usage patterns and adjusts accordingly. If you turn your computer on and off around the same time each day, this program will recognize this routine and automatically go into hibernate mode when you’re done with work for the day. This mode saves your battery and prevents your laptop from dying overnight if you forget to plug it in.
It will automatically initiate standby mode for an instant-on experience in the mornings when you typically open your laptop for the day. It's a great technology for those who work in an office setting or even those who use their laptops for gaming or school. Optimizing your battery life with this AI technology can save you the hassle of always sitting next to a plug when you're working or worrying about your computer dying in the middle of a meeting or class.
The Elite 1040 G10 Notebook offers this advanced technology and much more. You can purchase this AI PC with standard configurations or upgrade the processor, memory, storage, or graphics. It weighs under 3 lbs, making it easy to travel with if you work on the go. The long-lasting battery, paired with Intelligent Hibernate, gives you the confidence to work from anywhere.
HP EliteBook 1040 14 inch G10 Notebook.png

Smart Sense

HP Smart Sense is a helpful feature in AI laptops that enhances your PC performance and provides insights into how your device is running. Whether you're experiencing issues with your computer or just want to run a diagnostic test to ensure everything is in working order, Smart Sense is there to help. It will give you specific information like usage patterns, connection strength, battery health, and much more. Maintaining good tech hygiene is important for the longevity of your PC.
This tool can save you time by eliminating hours of internet searches when you're trying to figure out why your PC is running slow or having trouble maintaining a wireless connection. Instead, Smart Sense conducts diagnostic tests and provides real-time results, showing you exactly what the issue is. You can even chat with a live representative to help you if you see a problem and are unsure how to fix it on your own.
The HP Dragonfly G4 Notebook is an AI-powered PC that utilizes this feature. It’s equipped with an efficient processor, tons of storage, and stunning graphics. This notebook is a wonderful option for professionals, gamers, and students alike. It offers many AI tools that will help streamline and automate pesky tasks that take up valuable time during the day.
HP Dragonfly Notebook PC G4.png

Benefits and impact

With many jobs switching to virtual workspaces and meetings, it's important to have the right tools to maintain clear and consistent communication. One of the greatest benefits of AI in laptops is having the tools to sharpen your video and audio settings to optimize communication. It eliminates miscommunications that occur with bad connections or poor audio and gives you the confidence to lead a presentation from the office, home, or the local cafe.
These programs significantly impact the lives of employees in various professions, gamers, and students by reducing the time they spend altering the settings of their devices. They allow you to spend more time on your job, favorite game, or studies, giving you the confidence to look and sound your best during every virtual meeting.

Practical applications

The AI technology provided by HP can greatly enhance a user's experience in many practical ways. Remote workers, for example, can use audio and visual technologies to improve their virtual meetings and interviews. It's a great way to keep them focused on the meeting's content instead of constantly checking their settings to ensure there's no background noise or pesky shadows distracting their coworkers.
Another great example is professional gamers who live-stream their gameplay. They can greatly benefit from HP’s visual and audio AI technology, as well as HP Smart Sense, to ensure their laptops maintain strong connections during crucial moments.


HP is committed to creating AI-powered PCs that increase users' productivity and satisfaction. By incorporating these technologies into their devices, users can enjoy an improved experience and feel confident when leading or attending virtual meetings. With so many careers and schools utilizing remote opportunities, it's imperative to have tools that will keep you up-to-date and available at all times. The AI programs in HP laptops and notebooks will help you stay connected and increase your device’s performance, giving you the confidence to apply for a promotion, lead a team meeting, or present a project to your classmates. Remember, AI is a tool to enhance your work, not take your job!

About the Author

Jessica Childres is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. She is a former PE teacher and currently lives in Panama City, Florida with her husband and two dogs. She loves reading, writing, and spending time on the beach.

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