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The 3 Best HP Lightweight Laptops

The 3 Best HP Lightweight Laptops

Daniel Horowitz
Reading time: 9 minutes
There are many things to keep in mind when purchasing a new laptop, particularly when looking for one that you can take with you wherever you go. While there are numerous options available, you want to be certain that your computer will handle whatever you throw at it.
You’ll need to put some research and thought into finding the right model that gives you the power you need while also being lightweight.
Thankfully, HP® has well-designed and powerful laptops that are also extremely portable. While many of them are light and easy to carry, it’s well worth taking a deep look into your personal needs to figure out which model can offer you the specs you want.
Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the best light laptops.

What to consider when choosing a lightweight laptop


The size of the computer you want can be a major determining factor in its weight. While you can find plenty of tablets that are lightweight, they won’t offer you the same functionality as a larger computer.
Screen size can give you a general idea of how much your computer could weigh. If you are looking for a device that’s 17 inches or more, you’re going to find that it’s much heavier than a model that’s 11 inches.
For the most part, the 13-inch to 15-inch range of laptops will usually have the power you need without weighing too much. Keep in mind that you will be staring at your screen for a long time, too, so get one that you can feel comfortable looking at for hours.


If you need a lot of power in order to accomplish your projects or to play games, then it also may be more difficult to find the perfect computer that can run your programs at less than 13 inches.
Depending on the model, finding the right combination of ability and size can require a little bit of searching. What you choose will probably depend on your highest priority - performance or weight.
Gaming laptops will inherently weigh more because of the size and specs that go into making them run. This can also be the case if you are looking for a laptop made for video editing and other intensive tasks.
However, if you are simply looking for a laptop that can get the job done or allows you to work on the road, then there are some more basic models that are great for portability.

Touch screen capability

You will also want to consider whether a touch screen is a must-have feature. Knowing what you are going to use a new device for can be a big help in narrowing down your options. A touch screen can be helpful for those who like to take notes on-the-go or who may be involved in graphic design.
Touch screen laptops can also be an alternative for those who want the look and feel of a tablet but want more power and capabilities available to them. Again, much of it comes down to what you plan to use your computer for. For example, a touch screen may not be what you want if you’re a gamer or video editor in need of a new laptop.

Keyboard size

Another factor to think about is the type of keyboard you will be using. While a small laptop will certainly be lighter, it can also make typing uncomfortable over long periods if you don’t have a full-size keyboard.
Ideally, you want plenty of room in order to accomplish any tasks that require typing. This can mean that you need to choose a larger-sized screen in order to have a keyboard that works for you.
Once you have determined what you will need from your new computer, you can take a look at what is available and find one that fits in with your ideal specifications. Here are three models from HP® that combine functionality and portability.

1. HP Spectre Folio 13-inch leather laptop

2-in-1 laptops provide users with a number of options for usage. One of the best things about the 13.3-inch HP Spectre Folio laptop, which also comes in a number of other screen sizes, is that you get the benefits of a powerful device with multiple ways to use it.
HP Spectre Folio 13-inch Leather-Encased Laptop
Whether you want to use it as a traditional laptop, detach the screen to take notes, or set it up for viewing content, you can find a way to make it a part of your daily life.
With a design that incorporates 100% genuine leather, this computer is meant to be taken with you no matter where you go. You don’t even need to have access to WiFi because you can connect with built-in 4G LTE, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies or download documents even when you are far away from work or home.
Whether you plan to do photo editing or graphic design, the sensitive touch screen strikes the right balance between creating and enjoying your favorite media.
With up to 2TB of storage, you can keep all of your movies, games, and pictures available to take with you. Plus, the included webcam means you can also connect easily with friends and family through video.
The most impressive feature in this little computer may be its astonishingly long battery life. You can expect up to 19 hours with the Full High Definition (FHD) panel, and 21 hours of video playback.
The full-sized, backlit keyboard makes it possible to finish your work before you choose to play and enjoy the audio from Bang & Olufsen. The Intel UHD Graphics 615 card rounds out a great device, and the 8th Generation Intel Core i5 is a solid processor.
The HP Spectre Folio also includes 8GB of RAM and a Windows 10 Home 64 operating system that can be upgraded to the Windows 10 Pro 64 if you choose. Above all, this premium laptop is available at a reasonable price and can offer hours of entertainment while coming in at a lightweight 3.26 lbs.

Additional HP Spectre Folio features:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • One-year warranty
  • Theft protection from Absolute Home & Office
  • Intel 802.11b/g/n/ac (1x1) WiFi

2. HP ENVY x360 13-inch convertible laptop

For one of the best prices on the market, the HP ENVY x360 can be taken almost anywhere you want to go. It’s incredibly light at 2.87 lbs and can easily be slipped into your favorite backpack or briefcase. You can also choose whether you would like a touch screen while also personalizing your storage and operating system options.
HP ENVY x360 13-inch Convertible Laptop
It includes a full-size keyboard, which allows you to spend several hours typing without strain. Along with that comes 10 hours of battery life when using the FHD panel, so you can spend several hours away from a power source.
Even with the advanced AMD Radeon™ Vega 3 graphics card running at full capacity, you have the opportunity to enjoy your computer for hours before recharging it. Also, the Corning® Gorilla® Glass screen keeps your laptop safe and sound when you’re away from your office.
This HP ENVY is designed for those on-the-go, with a sleek design that lends itself to being carried long distances.
It includes an AMD Ryzen™ 3 processor, which quickly loads videos and applications, while the security features keep you safe even when you are away from your home network. This includes the option of upgrading to Absolute Home & Office, which can lock your device in case you happen to lose it.
For the times you want to spend video chatting with your friends and family, the HP Wide Vision HD camera allows you to see those you love clearly, while the Bang & Olufsen speakers transmits their voices perfectly. HP Audio Boost creates a quality sound for when you plan to immerse yourself in your favorite shows or music.
HP® also offers a McAfee LiveSafe™ trial for 30 days so you can avoid any viruses or malware on your new device. Along with the included one-year warranty, you can rest assured that you have the support you need to enjoy your new laptop for years to come. It’s also ENERGY STAR-certified, so you know you’re doing your part for the environment and cutting costs on your electric bill.

Additional HP ENVY x360 features:

  • 12.07 x 8.45 x 0.59-inch dimensions for easy portability
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Microsoft Office software trial
  • Personalized storage options up to 1TB

3. HP EliteBook x360 13-inch business laptop

The HP EliteBook x360 allows you to take your business to the next level while remaining lightweight and easy to transport. With available sizes starting at 12 inches and going up to 13.3 inches, you have an option for the size and weight that works for you.
HP EliteBook x360 Convertible Laptop
It’s also extremely thin at 13.8 millimeters for the 12-inch model, which weighs a mere 2.5 lbs, while the 13-inch model comes in at just 2.76 lbs.
Whichever size you choose, they come with touch capabilities that you’ll enjoy with the included HP Pen tablet stylus.
It may be small, but you don’t have to compromise on power or which programs you want to run. The default processor is the much-praised 7th Generation Intel Core, and there is the option to upgrade to the 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, both of which run alongside 8GB of RAM.
As the best lightweight business laptop available from HP®, it also comes with added security technology, which tracks visual hacking with HP Sure View and provides a quick restoration of any lost in-memory BIOS.
The fingerprint reader adds an extra layer of security while working with Windows Hello to keep your laptop safe and secure.
This HP EliteBook has five modes of use, which includes a traditional laptop mode for when it’s time to get work done and a tent mode for delivering presentations. And you’ll enjoy them all on the ultra-bright display, which makes sure that anything you present looks its best.
Also, whether you are near WiFi or not, you can send your emails and documents with an optional 4G LTE connection. The included Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card allows you to enjoy gaming or your favorite movies looking their best. Along with Windows 10 Pro 64, you have the capability to accomplish all of your tasks before the day is through.
On top of all that, this laptop simply looks great with its aluminum body and diamond cut accents, but it’s more than just the attractive finish that’s notable here. HP® included a spill-resistant, backlit keyboard so you can count on your laptop to last for years.

Additional HP EliteBook x360 features:

  • Up to 16 hours and 30 minutes of battery life
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • 3-year commercial limited warranty
  • 128GB SATA SSD internal drive

In summary

Finding a computer that helps you accomplish your important tasks while also remaining portable doesn’t have to be difficult. HP® offers a variety of options that can suit any budget and that can make your life easier when you need to bring your work or play along without weighing you down.
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