4th of July Sale

The 2023 4th of July Sale might be over, but the spirit of freedom and savings continues.

The most awaited sale event will return on July 4, 2024. Don't miss out on the best deals of the summer!
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Intel® Core™ Processors.


Stay ahead this summer with the latest technology deals on HP laptops, desktop PCs, gaming setups, workstations, monitors, and accessories. Dive into our unbeatable 4th of July sales and discover the best HP has to offer.

man carrying an HP laptop

HP 4th of July Laptop Specials

Experience significant savings this 4th of July Sale! From our top-tier HP Spectre to the versatile HP Pavilion equipped with the latest processors, our July laptop sales are tailored just for you. Don't miss out on these deals.

HP 4th of July Desktop Offers

This 4th of July, redefine your computing experience. Whether for home or business, our deals promise unmatched efficiency and power. Elevate your productivity and take advantage of the season's best.

Family using an HP All-in-one Desktop computer
HP and Poly accessories

Electronics & Accessories: 4th of July Edition

Enhance your tech collection with HP this 4th of July. From brilliant monitors to essential PC accessories, we've got you covered. Plus, enjoy free shipping on select items.

Why Wait for the 4th of July Sale?

Eager to upgrade before the holidays? Dive into HP's deals today. With the 4th of July Sale just around the corner, now's the perfect time to get ahead of your summer shopping.

Any tips for shopping during HP's 4th of July Sale?

Certainly! Here are some pro tips to enhance your shopping experience:

  • Stay Updated: Sign up for our newsletter to receive real-time updates on our best deals.
  • Early Bird Gets the Worm: Some of our best deals might have limited stock. So, it's always a good idea to shop early.
  • Create an HP Account: By setting up an account in advance, you can breeze through the checkout process.

Explore Our Range: From gaming laptops to the HP ENVY laptop series and even AMD Ryzen-powered devices, make sure to explore our diverse range to find the perfect match for your needs.

FAQs for HP's 4th of July Sale

The 4th of July Sale is a major annual sales event, offering customers great deals to celebrate Independence Day in style.
The 4th of July Sale takes place on July 4th, with special deals and offers leading up to and following the holiday.
The sale includes a wide variety of HP products, from laptops and desktops to printers and accessories.
Yes, the sale often features free shipping and easy returns, adding more value for customers.

As American as apple pie

In our modern world, having affordable access to high-quality electronics is integral to success in educational, professional, or creative pursuits. That’s the spirit of our July 4th tech sale. Save big on the best HP products, from laptops to printers to accessories. No matter what your goals are, our top-of-the-line HP devices can help you reach them.
HP® is the embodiment of America’s enterprising spirit. We had humble origins, just like our country. When Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded the company in 1939, they built handmade devices in a small garage in Palo Alto. But through hard work and visionary risks, HP® grew rapidly and would go on to change the electronics industry forever.
We pioneered some of the very first personal computers and mobile devices at HP®. We made home computing and home printing affordable for everyone, and laid the foundation for modern Silicon Valley. Now we’re carrying on the legacy of our founders and breaking new ground in the fields of high-performance computing, 3D printing, and virtual reality (see our History of HP Infographic).

Laptops to liberate your workflow

Enjoy huge savings on new laptop computers during our July 4th laptop sale. We’re offering one-of-a-kind discounts on nearly all HP laptop brands. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual or power PC user, you’re bound to find a laptop model that’s perfect for your needs.
Laptops are one of the most important devices for high school and college. It’s never too early to go back-to-school shopping, especially when you have a summer laptop sale that’s as good as ours. Check out our HP Chromebook laptops, which are perfect for students. These laptops run Chrome OS™ and easily integrate Google applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Use those apps to take notes, budget your time and money, and create professional presentations for class.
If you’re a businessperson, check out our HP ProBook or HP EliteBook laptops. These laptops are equipped with large hard drives so you can store all your work documents and project files. Some of our laptops models are customizable so you can install more RAM and higher-powered processors. This is great if you run large applications or if you run multiple applications separately.
If you do video or photo editing, or if you run complicated calculations on your laptop, you’re going to need one of our HP mobile workstations. These super-powered laptops are equipped with the strongest processors and graphics cards so you’ll get superior performance and top-notch visuals.

Star-spangled savings on desktop computers

You can also save on tower desktops during our July 4th sale. We build our tower desktops to be compact and lightweight so they take up little room at your workspace and you can transport them easily. Some of our tower desktop models are customizable, which enables you to choose your processors, RAM quantity, and even the kinds of ports that are built in.

Not your founding father’s printer

Back in Benjamin Franklin’s day, you would’ve had to use a massive, room-sized printing press to make prints of anything. Thankfully, we have it much easier these days. Our HP printers are the best and most budget-friendly way to do professional-quality printing at home. All HP printers are designed for easy use, with wireless printing and management options.
Do you need to print out stunning brochures for your small business? Or maybe you want to print your favorite photographs to frame in your home. Our HP InkJet printers can quickly produce gorgeous color documents, and they can print on a variety of different paper sizes and mediums.
Look for one of our HP LaserJet printers if you need a printer that’s capable of producing high volumes of documents at fast speeds. Some of these laser printers can print at speeds up to 40 pages per minute (ppm) or higher. Laser printers are also great at producing sharp lines, which is useful for drafting and for printing anything with a business logo or graphic.

Have a gamer’s day

Fourth of July isn’t just about commemoration, it’s also about celebration. Here’s your chance to kick back, barbecue, and play some PC games.
Make sure your gaming rig is ready to go. Look for discounts on one of our HP OMEN gaming computers. Our legendary HP OMEN gaming machines are equipped with only the best processors so you can play the most intensive PC games at high graphics settings without lag. Enjoy unbeatable savings on these state-of-the-art gaming rigs.
The Fourth of July is the best time to revamp your office space with new HP tech. Enjoy the savings and expect fireworks!