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Fast performance, smooth video calls, and ample storage.

  • Smooth video calls*
  • Fast web browsing*
  • Ample storage for apps, photos, & movies*
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Best-in-class Chromebooks for multitasking and advanced workloads.

  • Fast multitasking with multiple apps & browser tabs open at the same time*
  • Smooth video calls & fast web browsing*
  • Fast media editing & game launch times*
  • Large storage for apps, photos, & movies*
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Speedy, secure, and simple computing including:

  • • Built-in virus protection
  • • Fast boot-up speed
  • • Automatic updates
  • • Easy setup
tick tick tick
Works with Microsoft® Word, Excel® & PowerPoint®1 tick tick tick
Video calling experience2 Small to medium-sized calls Large calls Large calls with multitasking
Ample storage for apps, photos & movies (>=64 GB)   tick tick
Larger storage for apps, photos & movies (>=128GB)     tick
Recommended for heavy multitasking2     tick
Recommended for advanced tasks like photo/video editing2     tick
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* Tested on representative Chromebooks.

  1. Microsoft, Excel and Powerpoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  2. Tested on representative Chromebooks.

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