3 monitor docking stations

Dual HP E24 G5 FHD Monitor + HP USB-C G5 Essential Docking Station Bundle

HP E24 G5 23.8-inch FHD Monitor (6N6E9AA#ABA)HP E24 G5 23.8-inch FHD Monitor (6N6E9AA#ABA)HP USB-C G5 Essential Docking Station (72C71AA#ABA)



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Turn your laptop into your command center

When you need to work on-the-go, mobility is key. But when you’re back in the office, it helps to expand your workspace. With a laptop docking station, you can do just that. When you’re ready to take on that next project at your desk, just lower your laptop onto the one-click-slide lock to instantly connect to power, external displays, storage devices, mice and keyboards, and much more - all without worrying about a single cable.
Connecting one or more external displays to your laptop used to be a hassle. You had to make sure your laptop had the right ports and that they were actually open for use. But with a laptop docking station, you gain the ability to seamlessly connect to all of your monitors simply by docking your laptop. Forget about the days of connecting and disconnecting cables every time you wanted to take a better look at your project.

The right docking station for your HP ENVY

With the HP ENVY docking station, you can easily get a full desktop experience without actually purchasing a desktop computer. That’s because it uses a specialized connection to fully expand your HP ENVY laptop’s capabilities, allowing you to extend the range of your computer. The one-click dock makes it a breeze to connect to any displays, power adapters, and peripherals at the drop of a hat. And when it’s time to hit the road again, it’s just as easy to disconnect without the need to unplug all your cables.
And if you work from multiple locations, a laptop docking station makes it effortless to go from one to the other. Whether you’re moving between desks at your office or going from work to home, when you have more docks, you have more ways to get things done. Just connect to the dock and you’ll have everything you need to take on even the most demanding tasks.

Out of sight, out of mind

What’s more frustrating than being forced to disconnect and reconnect all those pesky cables? That’s the case every time you need to go to a meeting, work on-the-go, or want to collaborate. Without a laptop docking station, you simply can’t avoid dealing with an unsightly mess of cables.
It’s easy to end up with tangled cords if you connect multiple monitors, use an external hard drive, and also need to charge your laptop. Not only that, but you have to connect and disconnect every time you move from one workspace to the next. Dealing with that many cables can really slow you down when you need to get to work fast or leave in a hurry.
A laptop docking station can change all that. It’s an innovative, one-size-fits-all solution to your productivity woes, enabling you to go from mobile to working on that next big project the way you want in no time flat. It does this by changing how you connect to make it as clean and seamless as possible, cutting down on the time it takes to extend your workspace.

Power your HP EliteBook

If you own an HP EliteBook docking station, it’s easy to connect your HP EliteBook to your most-used peripherals and keep your information backed up. Simply connect devices like external monitors, storage, mice, keyboards, and more to the HP EliteBook docking station to turn it into a one-stop means of getting a full desktop experience from your laptop.
If you’re interested in extending your experience to include backup support, simply connect your hard drive to the dock to enable automatic backups. With that feature on your side, your HP EliteBook will back up your important files and settings every time you place it in your dock.

Instant access when you need it most

The next time you need to work on a big project, just connect your laptop to your dock for instant access to all of your large files and any external displays you need to see every detail in crystal clarity. And when you’re done for the day, just remove your laptop from the dock to conveniently disconnect all your peripherals at once, maintaining a clean, efficient workspace.
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