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HP 17bII+ Financial Calculator

Real Estate; Accounting; Banking; Finance; Business Studies2 lines x 22 characters, 131 x 6 dot matrix + indicators; LCD with Adjustable contrastCertified Financial PlannerOver 250

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Whether you're looking for computer accessories or the tools to get you the highest grade in class, making the right choice just got a whole lot easier. When you're faced with the toughest questions, you don't have to look any further than the great selection of calculators that HP® has to offer. We have scientific calculators, financial calculators, and our powerful graphing calculators that provide more than enough features to tackle the tallest of tasks you may face in the classroom or in the office.

Scientific calculators

If you're looking for the right device to excel in the classroom, a scientific calculator can be just what you need. With the right scientific calculator, you’ll be better prepared to handle subjects like algebra, trigonometry, and statistics. And when you choose a model with 240 built-in functions, you'll have extra help to get your most challenging questions answered in a flash.
Plus, if you opt for a solar-powered model, you'll easily be able to keep your device powered up and charged for many semesters to come. Thanks to the backup battery, you’ll rest easy knowing you'll have the tool you need push through your work.

Graphing calculators

When you need even greater calculation capabilities, consider one of our great graphing calculators. Whether you're taking an engineering, a geometry, or even a physics course, you'll have the power you want for all of your advanced tasks.
For symbolic, numerical, and graphical views, you'll have options with dedicated buttons that let you easily switch between the modes that best suit your subject. You’ll also have the ability to program functions and see your results as you're doing the work so you can stay at the top of the class, semester after semester.
With an HP graphing calculator your accurate results come with the reliability that a school year requires. When you choose a model with a Li-ion rechargeable battery and wireless capabilities, you'll have a tool that can be used anywhere - even during those extra-long study sessions.

Financial calculators

But if you're out of school and have business needs to tend to, we can help with that too. Our financial calculators will help you solve the toughest problems if you're in an accounting, banking, or real estate field that requires some extensive number crunching.
If you want a model with dedicated business and financial features or a responsive device that produces results immediately, you'll have options that can provide it all. Whether you're calculating cash flows, interest rates, or loan payments, you'll have more than enough firepower to get you the right answer at the right time.
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