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Mail addressing and postage

High-speed TIJ-based mail addressing and postage solutions. Lower costs, improve up time, and maintain high print quality.

Mail addressing and postage
High-speed TIJ-based mail addressing and postage solutions. Lower costs, improve up time, and maintain high print quality.

HP 2510 Black Pigment Ink Print Cartridge improves optical density and decap time

Does your company need extra long decap for reliable, intermittent printing, and dark, high-density prints on porous substrates? HP 2510 enables immediate start-up and virtually no servicing between jobs.

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Featured mail addressing & postage products

HP OEMs sell reliable, easy-to-use, high-speed TIJ based mail addressing printing systems to end users who print monochrome alpha-numeric text, logos, and barcodes for envelopes and postcards on various types of substrates.

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HP Single Use Aqueous Ink Print Cartridges

  • High resolution readable bar codes, logos, and alphanumeric text
  • Intermittent printing with long decap inks and easy snap in and out design
  • Print superb text and image quality at high speeds across a wide range of substrates
  • Pigment and dye ink options for a variety of applications

HP Single Use Solvent Ink Print Cartridges

  • High quality printing on non-porous substrates from BOPP to PET and Foils
  • Produces crisp, sharp text with fast dry times for a variety of substrates
  • Long decap time (24 hours) for reliable, intermittent printing
  • Outstanding print definition, optical-density, and contrast

HP Bulk Aqueous Ink Cartridges and Printheads

  • Excellent for low-intervention, high-volume applications
  • Wider swath, high speed HP printhead options with new inks
  • Large ink supplies minimize operator interventions
  • Advanced electronic functions enable designers to build in ink level monitors and signals to provide uninterrupted printing during long print runs

Partner Bulk Solvent Ink System

  • Robust flexible solvent bulk ink delivery systems for high volume printing applications on a variety of non-porous substrates
  • A maintenance-free, high-volume solution for high-resolution prints at low cost with simple replacement ability to hot swap both the print and ink cartridge
  • One or an array of print cartridges in both vertical and horizontal positions enable design flexibility to meet production needs

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HP Specialty Printing Solutions

HP TIJ is a viable printing technology enabling numerous applications across various markets. Contact us to learn more about how TIJ can meet your business needs, how to partner with HP, or how to connect with an authorized OEM.



  1. On-time delivery performance percentage based on Specialty Printing Systems division, HP Inc. internal historical data.
  2. Meets GMP standards for food packaging inks, in compliance with applicable regulations and commonly referenced industry standards, when used to print product identification text and bar codes on the external surface of food packaging.