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Windows 10 Spring 2018 Creators Update

Windows 10 Spring 2018 Creators Update

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A guide to the biggest changes coming your way

Microsoft® is implementing a flurry of changes in its next big update to Windows 10, also known as the Spring 2018 Creators Update (or Redstone 4 Version 1803 if you want to get technical). Here are some of the biggest, most exciting new features to look for when you install it.


The task view icon will be a little different now, because it’s not just for tasks anymore. This is also how you’ll access Timeline, which lets you go back to apps you’ve used in the past 30 days and pick up where you left off. Timeline is available across your devices as well, which is helpful for cross-device productivity (as long as the app you’re using supports Timeline).


The AI assistant will be getting a stepped-up collections feature: You’ll be able to build lists that sync from any device that uses Cortana—not just Windows PCs. It’ll also play a role in helping you resume apps that you started on other devices.

More Fluent Design Features

The organic, movement-filled design style that debuted with last fall’s update finds its way into even more corners of Windows 10. You’ll notice Acrylic (the translucent layer that lets parts of your background screen peek through an app) and Reveal (which follows your cursor as you hover over certain parts of an app) in lots of new spots.


Like every Windows 10 release before it, this update adds some new features to Edge, including more Fluent Design bells and whistles, as well as some under-the-hood fixes for a smoother browsing experience. You’ll be able to mute sound from specific tabs and use more touchpad gestures, and there’ll be better ebook support.

Nearby Share

This handy little feature does just what its name suggests. You can now share files to nearby devices using Bluetooth without the hassle of email or flash drives. This seems like a natural fit for business meetings—it could be a great way to quickly pass a document to a room full of people.


The People app wasn’t a huge hit when it debuted, but Microsoft seems convinced that users will come around and continues to add new features to it. You can now add 10 contacts (up from 3), spot emoji right on the taskbar, and more.

Faster update times

Having your own PC out of commission during a big update is annoying enough; having to deal with update lags on every PC in your office network can be a real blow to productivity. But things are improving. Last spring’s Creators Update clocked in at about 82 minutes; the Fall Creators Update managed to trim its time to 51 minutes. For this update, you should only be offline for about a half hour.
How is Microsoft pulling this off? Well, the entire updating time isn’t actually getting shorter—just the offline portion. Microsoft is moving to an updating model that’s a little like Google Chrome, which handles things by automatically downloading updates into a temporary folder in the background, then implementing them the next time Chrome is restarted. Similarly, Windows will do a lot of updating silently in the background while you’re working.
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