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What is HP plus and its Benefits

What is HP+, How to Get it, and its Benefits

Linsey Knerl
Reading time: 10 minutes
HP+ is a free upgrade available with many HP printers. It links your smart printer with smart ink and a smart app into a single cloud-connected system. It lets you print from any device, anywhere, any time, and keeps itself up to date automatically so you can focus on what matters most1,2.
Imagine a printer that spots and fixes problems by itself so it’s ready whenever you are, and monitors and orders ink so you never run out1,7. And that gives you features like a pro-grade phone scanner so you can scan and copy documents whenever you like². That’s HP+.
You’ll also get an optional 3 months of Instant Ink included3, and can save up to 50% off ink4 for the life of your printer. Plus, you’ll enjoy easy no-fuss cartridge recycling5 and an extra full year of warranty protection6.
Let’s dig into the HP+ benefits, supported printers, and how it can transform your printing.

What is HP+?

HP+ is a modern print solution that comes as a free upgrade with select HP InkJet and LaserJet printers. With HP+, your printer is part of a smart printing ecosystem, with the integrated app², security, automatic updates, and ink monitoring all working together to make printing smarter1.

HP+ pricing

HP+ is free when you opt-in with an eligible HP printer.
You don’t need to subscribe or jump through any hoops to sign up for HP+. All you have to do is buy one of the supported HP+ printers and activate the upgrade when you set up your printer.

Is HP+ worth it?

If you’re considering buying a new printer, the choice to upgrade to HP+ just makes sense. When you opt into HP+, you get access to convenience-adding features like cloud-based tools, an advanced Smart app2, 3 months of HP Instant Ink3, extra-secure printing1, and an extended warranty6.
To learn what you get with the HP+ Smart app and other benefits, see the list below.

Benefits of HP+

benefits of hp plus
  1. Automatically keeps itself up to date1
  2. Identifies and fixes connection issues by itself1
  3. Print from any device, any app, anywhere2
  4. Send mobile faxes from wherever you are2
  5. Pro-grade phone scanner with the Smart app2
  6. Enhanced security1
  7. Never run out of ink with Instant Ink – 3 months included3
  8. Extra year of warranty6
  9. HP plants, protects, or restores forests for every page you print - no matter what brand of paper you use8
Want to find out more about HP+? Read on, or see the HP+ page.

1. Automatically keeps itself up to date1

HP+ checks for new printer drivers in the background, so you never have to troubleshoot those annoying driver out-of-date issues again. The smart system checks regularly for new drivers and firmware, so you can print with peace of mind, knowing your printer is as stable, secure, and smart as possible.

2. Identifies and fixes connection issues by itself1

It’s a headache when the WiFi goes out and you have to fiddle with settings to reconnect everything. But whatever digital glitches your world throws at you, HP+ will zap them in the background and you’ll never even know your network had a hiccup.

3. Print from any device, any app, anywhere1

Forget having to wait until you get back to the house or office to print. The HP Smart app makes printing easier than ever, so you can print from any device no matter what app you’d like to print from. And print from anywhere and it’ll be ready when you get home.

4. Send mobile faxes from wherever you are2

“Oh, no. I need a fax machine!” Our connected world has made faxing almost (but not quite) a thing of the past. Today, sending a fax is often necessary, but it can interrupt your day in a big way. However, with the HP Smart app that’s part of HP+, you’ll send mobile faxes fast, right from your phone or tablet.

5. Pro-grade phone scanner with the Smart app2

Need to share a physical document? No problem. HP+ comes with a pro-grade phone scanner that can capture documents in a snap. Open the HP Smart app to scan and share, print, or fax important documents like contracts and tax forms. The quality is so sharp you’ll swear a high-end scanner made them.

6. Enhanced security1

The smart security technology that comes as part of HP+ keeps your documents secure and fends off dangerous malware attacks in the background. For sensitive documents, enable the Private Pickup option. This feature only releases your printed documents when you’re physically at the printer so no one else sees them first.

7. Never run out of ink with Instant Ink7 – 3 months included3

The smart ink component of HP+ monitors your ink levels for you. Gone are the days of meticulously checking ink levels – or waiting until, surprise, you run out of ink and can’t print until you buy a replacement. With an optional subscription for HP Instant Ink, new Original HP Ink cartridges show up at your door automatically before you run out7.
But don’t worry; with this optional feature, you won’t end up with a bunch of extras. HP only ships replacement cartridges when it knows you’re about to need them. And you’ll save up to 50% with Instant Ink4.
How would you like to print enough documents to equal every page in your favorite book series without buying more ink cartridges? That’s what you get when you opt into HP+. When you activate HP+, you’ll get 3 free months of HP Instant Ink3, and you’ll be able to print up to 700 pages every month for 3 whole months.

8. Extra year of warranty6

You’ll get a full year of additional product warranty when you opt into HP+ at no additional cost. That’s a massive value when you consider that if anything goes wrong with your printer in the first 2 years, it’s covered by HP’s extended 2-year warranty.

9. HP plants and protects forests for every page you print – no matter what brand of paper you use8

With HP+, you’ll play a role in helping forests, as part of the Forest First initiative. It’s part of HP’s commitment to plant trees and protect forests for every page you print with HP+, no matter what brand of paper you use.
The smaller carbon footprint is all thanks to HP’s partnerships and sustainability efforts with International Paper, the World Wildlife Federation, and the Forest Stewardship Council.

HP+ is free with many HP printers

HP is constantly expanding its range of HP+-supported printers. Here are a few of the printers that include the free HP+ printer upgrade.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e All-in-One printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e All-in-One printer
This is a fan-favorite small business printer for multi-purpose workspaces. You can use it to create professional color documents, perform two-sided printing and copying, connect to WiFi, and use the 500-sheet paper tray to cut down on trips to the closet. This model prints at a zippy 24 pages per minute.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e All-in-One printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e All-in-One Printer
This is a budget-friendly printer that fits exceptionally well into home offices that create professional color documents. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e easily connects via your WiFi and makes short work of two-sided printing. Its Dynamic Security features help keep your network safe and sound, and automatic firmware updates allow you to set it and forget it.

HP ENVY Inspire 7955e All-in-One printer

HP ENVY Inspire 7955e All-in-One Printer
The HP ENVY Inspire 7955e is a premium multi-purpose home printer with everything families need to learn, work, and create. It's great for families that print documents, high-quality borderless photos in multiple sizes, creative projects, and more. Loaded with features to print high-quality photos, homework, office docs, and everything else. With the ENVY Inspire you can print, copy, scan, print vibrant photos with true-to-phone quality prints, and even add custom messages on the back of photos9.

HP ENVY 6455e All-in-One printer

HP ENVY 6455e All-in-One Printer
Ideal for printing home and family documents, the HP ENVY 6455e All-in-One printer makes short work of documents and borderless photos. You can also create scans and two-sided prints with this device with the HP Smart app2. It handles mobile prints with ease, too, and the 35-page auto document feeder saves you time on refilling your printer with paper.


HP+ takes care of a lot of the unseen issues that may happen when you print, like network connectivity and malware attacks, but it also directly improves the way you do your work.
Whether you're snapping a picture of a receipt for expenses, a presentation for a prospective client, photos to hang on the wall, or pages of schoolwork for your child’s classroom project, HP+ is made for the way people print today. It’s designed to flex with you as you meet the challenges of the future.
About the Author: Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author and public speaker. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.
Popular HP printers:

1. HP+ smarter printing system: Utilizing technology in the HP+ system and compared to HP standard consumer printers without HP+. HP+ printers are ready when you are with improved connectivity utilizing Smart Driver and Print/Scan Doctor technology, more secure with Smart Security technology, more productive through HP Smart Advance features included for 2 years, and more sustainable by enabling Forest First printing.

2. HP Smart app: Requires the HP Smart app download. For details on local printing requirements see www.hp.com/go/mobileprinting. Certain features/software are available in English language only, and differ between desktop and mobile applications. Subscription may be required; subscription may not be available in all countries. See details at www.hpsmart.com. Internet access required and must be purchased separately. HP account required for full functionality. List of supported operating systems available in app stores. Fax capabilities are for sending a fax only. HP Smart Advance is not available in all countries. For more information, see www.hpsmart.com.

3. 3 months of Instant Ink: Instant Ink sign up required. Instant Ink not available in all countries. Subject to monthly page limit of plan selected. Must complete Instant Ink signup within 7 days of setting up the printer with the HP-recommended setup process as indicated in the instructions that came with your printer. Unless service is cancelled within the promotional period online at www.hpinstantink.com, a monthly service fee, based on the plan chosen, plus tax and overage fees will be charged to your credit/debit card. Customer will be charged for any overage fees and applicable taxes at the end of each month in the promotional period. Use of in-box ink cartridge is included in period of offer. One offer redeemable per printer. Included months offer with Instant Ink subject to change after 12.31.2023. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. Setup Offer may be combined with other offers; see terms and conditions of the other offer for more details. Requires a valid credit/debit card, an email address, and Internet connection to printer. See additional offer information available during online signup process. For service details, see www.hpinstantink.com.

4. Save up to 50% on ink: Based on monthly subscription cost of HP Instant Ink 700-page plans without purchase of additional sets of pages compared to cost per page to print ISO/IEC 24711 pages on most in-class, traditional A4 color inkjet cartridge printers & MFPs using original standard capacity cartridges priced for: Australia <299 AUD; New Zealand <349 NZD; Canada <=399 CAD & United States <399 USD. Sale prices not considered for this study. HP Ink Advantage printers excluded due to non-standard hardware & supplies model. Buyers Lab July 2020 study commissioned by HP, based on publicly available information as of June 1, 2020. Printers selected by market share in IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker - Final Historical 2020Q1. For details: www.keypointintelligence.com/HPInstantInk.

5. Cartridge recycling: Through the HP Planet Partners program (where available), recycled plastics are used as raw material and combined with other materials to help make new Original HP cartridges and other everyday products. For details: www.hp.com/hprecycle

6. Additional year of HP warranty: Up to 2yrs HP Warranty in total, subject to activation of HP+ at set up. Two years consist of: (1) one year standard HP warranty; (2) one year extra HP warranty through HP+ activation at setup. Refer to the documentation in the printer box for further information on HP warranty.

7. Never run out: Based on plan usage, Internet connection to eligible HP printer, valid credit/debit card, email address, and delivery service in your geographic area.​

8. Forest First: HP works collaboratively with our partners including WWF and Arbor Day Foundation to manage, restore, and protect forests in many countries around the world. With HP+, every print - regardless of paper brand – is addressed through HP’s Forest Positive Framework to counteract risks of deforestation. HP brand paper is sourced only from certified responsibly managed forests or from recycled content.  For other brands of paper, HP invests in forest restoration, protection or management projects in key regions, sufficient to balance any paper used by HP+ customers that may not have been responsibly sourced. To learn more visit www.hp.com/forestfirst.

9. Two-sided 4x6 printing: Requires printing through HP Smart app from a mobile phone.

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